Ammon Bundy, Jeanette Finicum on New Code of West DVD Set!

    Lauralee O'Neil is the founder/owner of the grassroots organization named “This West Is Our West”. I subscribe to their newsletter, and recommend it to all my friends. The website is < > Lauralee and her close associates produced a landmark conference at the elegant Grouse Mountain Lodge [...]

5G Background Info-Intel

In our previous TMM email I posted part of, and linked to, an article explaining why some believe we should oppose the roll=out of "5G".  A goodly number of people have responded to that email, with varying perspectives about it.  Some readers already knew about this problem called "5G", while [...]

TMM Psy-Op: Silver Seeds Of Liberty!

  New TMM Psy-Op: Silver Seeds of Liberty! ____________   Greetings!    Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia. This writing shall be an open letter to The Mental Militia, as well as an announcement of a personal “Psy-Op” which is intended to put a polite and peaceful “dent” in […]