Unspun Newz


is Adam Ruff and Greg Jednack

aka The Dirt Hounds


Can You Dig It?

Editor’s Note:  There is a vivid story about this dirty business, as shown in the above video. The U.S. federal government felt very humiliated, offended, and violated that some creative-minded dudes thought up the idea of traveling around the country collecting dirt from interesting places, then bottling it and selling it as mementos of national treasures.

So the danged government raided Adam and Greg’s dirt business. Adam has related it to me over the phone, and I loved the tale of armed Feds coming into his home to confiscate the evidence. It’s a story at which readers will marvel. I’ll work with Adam to get that into print.

Adam and Greg produced the trailer for The Mental Militia’s “ernie movie project”.

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