Blanket Trip

Blanket Trip

Above photo: 18 Karat yellow gold casting on a Drusy Calcite base from which a massive single crystal of Calcite is erupting. The gold and Calcite are held in a six-ounce Troy Sterling Silver base cast in two pieces and assembled by torch. The silver base is fixed to a Walnut base, and a name plaque (not visible in photo) is on front of the completed sculpture. (Private collection)


She arose quickly as the door across the room opened suddenly. She held the blanket in front of herself, but as she was standing up her feet remained on part of the blanket, causing her knees to bend in a tension something like tripping over one’s cat in the dark. I caught her in just that pose, without knowing why I was making the small sculpture.

She is one in a limited edition of five castings on this mold.

Black and White on Amalgam Dish

On Lapis

On Afghani Lapis

Pinned On Drusy

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