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Above: DJ of Level 9 News with John B. Wells on Caravan To Midnight

Caravan To Midnight with John B. Wells

From Their Website:

Caravan to Midnight (CTM) has the best talk and best guests every week on real, hard-hitting, alternative news stories and opinions on far-ranging topics and events from conspiracy theories and current events, to paranormal, world news, health & nutrition, science, politics, religion, entertainment, music and pop-culture.

There are many reasons why The Mental Militia enjoys supporting Caravan To Midnight. One good reason has to do with reciprocity, as you’ll notice below on this page. Mr. Wells knows how things work, and how to play well with others.

But John B. Wells also has his mental prowess. Alert at all times, the man sees as clearly as anyone in the nation. His visionary understanding of things behind the scenes lends credence to the authority carried naturally in his rich bass voice. John B. Wells is a force for freedom and is building a powerful psychological operation, which, of course, is the central reason why I decided to induct him into The Mental Militia — the man is a one-man Psy-Op Army with a radio/TV presence that is impressing countless new listeners each week across America.

So here is what I would remind all TMMers about. John B Wells is a listener-supported operation, so I would hope as many TMMers as can will register as dues-paying members at the Caravan To Midnight website.  I’m into supporting those organizations and individuals who are into supporting TMM, right? Let’s help John, who will help us here by the way.

Be sure to learn about: ARK MIDNIGHT


John B. Wells has featured several organizations which we’ve listed in our Allied Camps. That is because John B. Wells and his Caravan To Midnight are right on the same wavelength as is The Mental Militia.  Here are some examples of John B. Wells’ style of showcasing his guests to everyone’s advantage —

In this first video John B. Wells hosts TMMer “DJ” of Level 9 News

In this next video John B. Wells Knights Patrick Wood at the end of a marathon of info laid out by Mr. Wood. (Both men were together during G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo in June of 2017.)

Knight Elias Alias?


I am honored to have been inducted into the Ark Knights at Caravan To Midnight. For my page at John B. Wells’ site click HERE

To listen to my show at Caravan To Midnight from 07/11/17 click HERE

Ah, Yes! To view the video of John B. Wells hosting Elias Alias, one must be a dues-paying subscriber to Caravan To Midnight. Because CTM is a subscriber-supported operation, I’m encouraging TMMers to join the Caravan To Midnight family by registering as a member. Let ’em know you’re with The Mental Militia!  CTM reaches a large audience, so your support has a great outreach effect. To subscribe now, click HERE



Mr. Wells is one fearless man.  I will add more soon. Meanwhile, do check out his website for Caravan To Midnight and also his Ark Midnight show on Saturday nights. Let’s get behind this guy. Spread the word, eh?

See John B. Wells’ Page At The Red Pill Expo Site


See the Masfaith video of John B. Wells at the Red Pill Expo


 Four minutes of Joan Stanley’s interview with John B. Wells at the Red Pill Expo  HERE

Elias footage of John B. Wells at Red Pill Expo

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