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Freedom and Property Rally: The Cliven Bundy Story


The Mental Militia joined forces with Wendy Blanks of The Sleuth Journal on January 20 2018 at the very small and aptly named community in western Montana called Paradise. We went there to cover one of the first out-of-State presentations by recently victorious Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada. Wendy Blanks, (see her landing page at TMM), volunteered to assist with video coverage, so we got some really good footage of various speakers.

Being the original “Unemployed Poet”, I of course needed TMM support to make the trip, so I put out the call for help and you wonderful people responded so well that I was able to operate smoothly and with confidence. I will list the names of all who donated so TMM could capture the moment.    (Did I leave anyone out?)

Paul Stramer of Lincoln County Watch

Cynthia McKinney of All Things Cynthia McKinney

Nacona of Mind Mix Radio

Michael Bashore (TMM Montana)

Nancy Oakley (TMM Idaho)

James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment

Kostas as Himself

Lone Star Hog (TMM Texas)

Gunslinger (Location Unknown)

John Roloff (TMM Montana)

Jim and Starr Farley of  SOS General Store

Anonymous (TMM Arizona)

Steve Wagner of Truth In Living

John Oetken (TMM California)

Carol Asher (TMM Idaho)

Hope Hendricks (TMM California)

Wendy Blanks of The Sleuth Journal

Janet Lane (TMM New Mexico)

Lauralee & Elaine of This West Is Our West

Vendy Depina (TMM Boston, MA)

It was very encouraging for me to see the great response to my call for travel expense money. As many of you know, I was at Bundy Ranch on April 18 and 19, 2014, and I am a firm believer in States’ Rights. The Bundy family and the Finicum family are present-day heroes in my opinion, and I was frantic when I learned that the Bundys would be at Paradise, Montana and I realized I had no travel money.  OMG! I was desperate to get there, so I put out the call, and many wonderful friends in TMM responded generously. Indeed, supporters sent in more money than I needed for the event, so it was a pleasure to write checks with the surplus abundance. The Mental Militia wrote checks to Shawna Cox and to the Bundy family, and we also wrote a check to the Ryan family who organized and hosted the event. Additionally, I helped get five people from up north in Montana down to the event, (about a hundred-fifty miles), so TMM helped fill that school gymnasium to overflowing. But once there, I was pleased to see that there were more than twelve TMM members in the crowd who did not need assistance to get there, so TMM was well represented in the audience. It was a triumph, and TMM supporters made it possible for me to get some good footage of great liberty fighters. Wendy Blanks furnished this list of awesome speakers —

Cliven Bundy
Ryan Bundy
Andrea Parker
Billy Hill
Chris Briels
Sen. Jennifer Fielder
Shawna Cox
Dan Ryan
Roxsanna Ryan

Now I will share with you the prose I wrote for The Sleuth Journal, an initial few lines which came to me right after I got back home from the trip. As time goes by I will of course have more to say, lol! (I am a master of verbosity, as readers at TMM know!) But while my head is still reeling from the excitement a week ago, suffice to give these few words before posting the videos below.


As several federal agencies, several governmental offices, and the U.S. Department of Justice are reeling in the aftershock of the Bundy case “dismissal with prejudice”, which I suggested almost a month before it happened, the Bundys have busted out of the gate with vividly renewed spirit. They have stampeded all the way north to Paradise, Montana, a small — really small — community west by northwest of Missoula to deliver a rousing message of Constitutional respect graced by human love and celebration. The crowd roared approval as Ryan Bundy laid down the true line to Constitutional restoration like a well-thrown lasso, denoting that the fifty sovereign nations *are the union, and the federal government is but their creation.


While Ryan did not say it, he demonstrated something — there is no signature on the Constitution representing the federal government. I do not know that I’ve ever heard it put more clearly than Ryan Bundy revealed it on January 20 2018. It’s foolish for me to try to approximate in words the spirit which filled that building in Paradise, so I’ll let it go after meekly saying that an uplifting momentum is growing around the Bundy movement and all of their family members and friends are like solid gold nuggets in the American lands; a gold of the human soul which shines brightly around their faces like a blessed aura, a radiance of innocent beauty.

The Mental Militia salutes the Bundy family and their friends, like Shawna Cox, the Hammonds, Jeanette Finicum, Dan and Roxsanna Ryan, et al. Their faith is indomitable and is inspiring.


Elias Alias



Thanks again to all who contributed to make the following videos possible.  I will only post the crowd’s applause as the Bundys arrived in the building (a one-minute film) and the speeches by Ryan Bundy and Cliven Bundy. (Carol Bundy is also in the second part of Cliven’s address, so be sure to watch both sections of his speech.) For all of the videos I filmed, here is the PlayList at my YouTube channel.

A warm welcome as the Bundys enter the building…

Ryan Bundy’s Presentation — Part One

Ryan Bundy — Part Two

Cliven Bundy — Part One

Cliven Bundy — Part Two