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Seeding The Consciousness Revolution For Self-Ownership!


An exciting new line of sterling silver earrings for freedom loving women is named “Silver Seeds of Liberty“. This line features wax-modeled marijuana seeds duplicated in solid sterling silver as design appointments for ear hoops, ear wires, and ear posts.  Pictured here is a pair of our “Lotus Petal” ear hoops with dangling Silver Seeds of Liberty.

Each silver seed has a lovingly hand crafted Florentine finish which lets the silver vibrate in the frequencies of freedom.

Our line of Silver Seeds of Liberty earrings is on display at “Miss Julia’s Attic“, an upscale clothing and jewelry consignment boutique in Eureka, Montana.

Our online store is open for business at


If you want to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  — Nikola Tesla

And Quoting Silver Seeds of Liberty Meme:

“Silver Seeds of Liberty Vibrate In The Frequencies of Freedom!”


Freedom may be said to be complete “self-ownership”. Self-ownership is the opposite of Slavery. Nowhere in the highest law of the land in America, the Constitution for the united States of America, is any authority given, enumerated, granted, bestowed, or mandated for the government to own the bodies of the citizenry.  Yet government has steadily encroached into the sovereignty of each naturally-born American citizen by asserting an unlawful ownership over our bodies in so far as government acts as if it has authority to dictate what we may or may not ingest, drink, eat, or smoke. Next thing we’ll likely see is government’s insistence that it has some right to force unwilling citizens to take government-issued vaccines!  The erosion of our individual sovereignty as lawfully protected citizens has been accelerating for a long time, and now its momentum has given birth to a damned military police state in which 700,000 Americans per year are busted for marijuana “law” violations. Many of those arrests follow door-smashing gun-shooting enforcement agents doing what they fondly call “dynamic entries” into our very homes.  View this brief news clip from the distant past —


(You’ll get a kick out of the smiles on the bustee’s faces. I mean, they were obviously blitzed beyond normal cares, as high as a three-tailed Chinese kite wind-tossed above a Minnesota lake full of Loons! Smiling at the whole situation, as if from “afar”. In Hippy lingo, back in the day, being “afar” on really good weed, as these bustees obviously were, is likely to have spawned the vernacular,  “Like, Far Out, Man!” — which would generally be accompanied by generously pleasing smiles.  But of course, such inner spaces of peace and joy may be transient, may be somewhat dampened when the cops bust one for that ‘crime’ and the high wears off in jail, yes?)


Read more about the Silver Seeds of Liberty Project!


Sterling Silver Ear Wires With Yellow Gold-filled Beads and Coils and Sterling Silver Pot Leaves

Read below, but also take time to read more about how the philosophy of individual freedom and self-ownership gave birth to the idea of casting Silver Seeds of Liberty as decorations on earrings at this link — >


Freedom-loving Women understand naturally, intuitively, that the opposite of slavery is Self-Ownership. Silver Seeds of Liberty are popular with freedom-loving women because the silver seeds symbolize a woman’s self-ownership over her own mind and her own body.

The Freedom-loving Woman has learned that no man-made government has proper authority to own her body, and she understands that when any government would tell her what she can or cannot put into her body, such as telling her that she cannot smoke her marijuana, or telling her that she must allow the state to inject her with vaccines against her will, that government is asserting ownership over her body. Smoking marijuana is helping millions of Americans figure that out, and, as Bob Dylan put it a half-century ago,

The Times They Are A Changin’.”

Select your pair of Silver Seeds of Liberty today and help spread the meme of self-ownership, self-determination, and personal Liberty!

Above Photo: Sterling Silver “Endless Hoops” with Silver Stardust Beads, 14 Karat Yellow Gold Beads, Sterling Silver Spacers, and Sterling Silver Seeds of Liberty  — Freedom That Shines!


To quote David Gilmour,  in his famous concert at Pompeii, Italy in 2016,

“Rattle that lock; lose those chains!”


Above Photo: Former 12-Year Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Enjoyed Her Silver Seeds of Liberty Earrings At The 2018 Red Pill Expo in Spokane!

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