Ron Paul Institute Hosts Marijuana Expert

Ron Paul Institute Conference In Houston, Texas, Hosts NORML Spokesman

Outstanding Presentation Favoring Marijuana Freedom!

Readers who actually read articles at The Mental Militia are aware that I have created a line of Sterling Silver earrings for ladies. You also know that the earring line is titledSilver Seeds of Liberty“.  I am the only jeweler in America at present time casting marijuana seeds into solid Sterling Silver and using those silver seeds as design appointments in the line of earrings.

Additionally, you know that I supported the Ron Paul campaign for the Presidency in 2008 and that I continue to support Ron Paul’s message of personal liberty. I have consistently endorsed the Constitution for the united States of America, and have consistently voiced my opinion regarding the federal government’s requirement to act in accordance with its founding legal charter (which it today clearly ignores).

Knowing that, we all can rejoice in the fact that the Ron Paul Institute hosted in Houston, Texas, Mr. Paul Armentano, who is Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Please join me in enjoying Mr. Armentano’s presentation.

NORML Presentation At Ron Paul Institute Conference

More Info

Our good friends over at Redoubt News have posted an outstanding article which may serve readers who prefer to read the facts instead of listening to a video presentation.

What Happened To Hemp In Idaho

And for those who did not click the embedded links in my paragraphs above the video, here are two articles at TMM to help learn more.

TMM’s Silver Seeds of Liberty Article of May 12, 2019

TMM’s Psy-Op Article of June 04, 2019

Additionally, one more link to TMM’s online store for Silver Seeds of Liberty —

Finally, I would like to invite everyone reading here to help Old Elias get this project off the ground by purchasing a pair of Silver Seeds of Liberty earrings for a wife, girlfriend, or associate who would love to let her own “Self-Ownership” shine with quality, tastefully discreet pot-seed jewelry.  TMM’s online store is open for business, and I need sales to continue to develop this line and expand it to include hat pins, hair pins, pendants, lapel pins, and other items, including items for gentlemen.  Join in the fun, help end the unlawful War on Drugs, put a dent in the armor of the burgeoning police state, and return our Federal government to its tight little box called Article 1, Section 8. Otherwise, the statists who are presently destroying our American way of life will soon enough overpower traditional American values and merge our free country into the United Nations’ “New World Order” — which will eradicate Christianity with a globalist iron fist. If you don’t believe that, check this article —

World religion, the last piece needed to establish a World Order


Elias Alias, Founder 20 years ago in 1999 of The Mental Militia

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