Allen Dulles: Secrecy In Statecraft

– Allen Dulles SuperSpy Head of CIA, Operations PaperClip and MK-ULTRA, Fired by President Kennedy, Worked on Warren Commission to coverup truth of JFK’s assassination; CFR big shot: Read this whole article. Allen Dulles: 20th Century Secrecy In Statecraft Written by Elias Alias in 2005, updated January 2015 _______________ Let’s […]

Grateful Slave

–   GRATEFUL SLAVE by Paine’s Torch copyright 1993 – ZENO Press – All Rights Reserved   I am a grateful slave. My master is a good man. He gives me food, shelter, work and other things. All he requires in return is that I obey him. I am told […]

JADE HELM 2015: MindWar And PSYOP: Part Four

JADE HELM 2015: MindWar And PSYOP: Part Four This article was first published at Oath Keepers on June 17 2015. This version is mildly edited  from original.  — ________________________   Editor’s Note: I am both pleased and grateful that The Sullen Bell has spared me the task of outlining […]

JADE HELM 2015: MindWar and PSYOP: Part Three

– Parts <one> and <two> touched upon these basics:   1) The fact that JADE HELM 2015 is an Unconventional Warfare exercise; 2) The fact that UW includes PSYOP and Civil Affairs activity; 3) The fact that Civil Affairs involves cultural anthropology and social study; 4) The Army’s Unconventional Warfare […]