Mark Rossetti: Individualists Declaration of Moral Separation And Independence

The Individualists Declaration of Moral Separation And Independence


by Mark Rossetti


Mark Rossetti PortraitWith effect for the fair heart of all humans, time eternal,
These Truths Be Stated:

Since the admission and affirmation of the Original Declaration of Independence our nation has grown, prospered and been, until very recently, a beacon of hope for the entire world.

Because as individuals, each one and all of humankind is born with a God given presence, an Essence of Life or
a Living Spirit that all may recognize as the illuminated essence embraced within our flesh,
which we own, regard and cherish;
And because this sacred embodiment empowers our unalienable rights of and to life, self defense, bodily and personal property, liberty, happiness, due and equal shared fairness, freedom to act and create, and our freedom of thought, beliefs, travel, assembly, speech and deed;
We have endeavored, by using our own mental, physical and spiritual faculties, to create a lifestyle built upon a foundation of mutual trust and an individual faith in one another, which the results thereof have been exhibited by the genuine proofs of a relative happiness, efficiency, security and comfort.

We have left behind the hemp laden masts of the wind powered sailing vessel, the whale oil lamp and candle, the Cooper’s oak staves and forged metal rings, the yoked plow, the fireplace and ax, the carriage, cart, horse and the smithy. We have left behind the outdated forms of quack medicine, unhealthy healing methods and the amputee’s saw. We have left behind the lack of education for any child, hand printed media, the simple hand carried letter, and the untimely modes of those antiquated forms of correspondence; and we had “left behind” all tyrannical forms of rule and control,
And by it all, we have been educated.

We concede that:
We, as a people have evolved positively, though our government has not,
but since its inception has devolved in a constant direction backward, standing evermore defiantly against the Will
and Good of the Public.

Over the many years it has come to light as a nation that by following our government’s deceptive, false and propagated illusions, those of a misdirected course and agenda, we have seriously erred.
By our duped choices while electing the government officials of the aforementioned government;
along with the self indulgent operations of their official capacities, and while teamed up with, and in unison with their corporate, banking and secret societal partners, together all, each and as one; they seek collectively and by coercive force to harness an absolute power over, and, profits thereupon, the best
welfare, security and good of
this republic.
More so, with a total disregard for our vitality, and by the many intolerable, deliberate actions of these officials, whilst abusing the privileges granted them by their constituents, they have fallen deeply and dangerously into immoral, non-virtuous and Constitutional disrepute. Therefore, and by their own hand, they bear unto themselves, less “diplomatic immunities” or “plausible denial,” to surrender at once, be fairly tried, and be accepting of the punitive consequences thereof;
This shall be done.

Therefore, we now resolve,
that when the goals of dominion, self indulgent profit, invasions of privacy, deceptions, and the purposeful fear mongering by the usage of false flag events
waged upon innocents,
that these aggressions and secrecy have become their only forms of truth,
all, in lieu of their sacred oaths;
Natural Law dictates that these acts are
seditious, treasonous and in many cases heinous;
therefore, the legitimacy of their privileges to govern us
has invariably,
and by their own hands
“Come to an end.”
Pragmatism has shown that a people, vulnerable to collective despotism
suffer most when a veil of secrecy is cast upon them; because it is in this deception
that the crimes and transgressions of leadership against the peoples’ lives, properties and liberties are historically carried out in the names of liberty, the poor, the war torn or wrongfully suffering foreign humanities, national security, personal security
and the public good.

Forthwith, We Proclaim:

By the derived sentiments of the people so governed, and from their most solemn declarations, we hold these truths to be self-evident; that all human beings are by nature free and equal.
Hence, no one man, or any class or secret society of men has a right by the law of nature, or of any God, to usurp, assume or exercise unjust authority of any form
over their fellows.

May it be espoused amongst all humankind, from the highest mountaintops to the lowest valleys,
and across the seas, the Earth entire, that:
In this eternal moment,
And in concrete reality, fully conscious of, and accepting, that we are of, and belong to, this Earth,
And not it to us;
And in the spirit of the powers of our living essence, our unalienable rights forthwith;
And by nature’s natural laws, and in the interest of all mankind;
Let it be known to and by all of humankind, that in solemn truth, we do declare that our vitality is at stake, each and all, and that we will remain ever vigilant, upholding our highest virtues, our moral obligations, values, and our individual integrity,
or die defending them.
Our dignity eternally intact, and as the Original Declaration of Independence clearly states, and upholds, our mission as follows, that;

We resolve immediately,

The necessity of our dissolution from, and the severing of all affiliations to the political, corporate and financial bands that affect to enslave, shackle and bind, or kill us; and that by the dictates of this instrument, and by the force of our Original Declaration of Independence,

We do, one and all, here and now, effective immediately,
Declare a Moral Separation and Independence
from this government, and from it’s tyrannical atmosphere at once being forced upon us.

After frequent and constant redress
we have been left incarcerated, slandered, silenced or ignored without recourse or righteous representation,
times unending.

We plainly, openly and without bias, shall now enumerate the crimes of our full and total State and Federal Administrations, all, selected or elected, and their corporate, financial and secret societal partners;
By whom, and now we solemnly state, have, against their good conscience, and against the Constitution, and with injury to and against the very people they are supposed to guard, as well as innumerable other innocents harmed by their hands, worldwide,
and, whom have flagrantly and entirely disregarded their solemn and sacred oaths;
and who have abused the “public trustees or servant’s” privileges granted them;
and who have conspired against the public for personal benefits,
And of those whom most importantly have carelessly and willfully violated the public’s trust;
That we, and humanity in Toto, have by those aforementioned, been egregiously
mislead, injured, and irrevocably wronged.

Now, may be it witnessed and owned by all of humankind, that those understanding of our Constitution, and being of high virtues, high moral character and clarity of judgment, selected from and by our citizens; fully intend the pursuit of, and a rendering of the punitive consequences to those in any way connected to, or, with the criminal behaviors,
misdeeds and acts hereby


These factual acts, mostly criminal, speak for themselves, and they stand as follows:

1. Many elected officials have, without regard for, and with other intentions, constantly voted against the will of their constituents. Deflecting any criticisms, dodging any form of query from the so governed, and by not disclosing their agendas truthfully and publicly, and then by voting opposite the constituents’ will, they obstruct and violate their oaths and the privilege of office that has been granted them, by those constituents. (Article VI, U.S Constitution)
2. Our “Government Incorporated” “United States” has allowed corporations, banks, and other outside forces to manipulate through special interests the regulation of our elected officials, thereby influencing the due course of those officials’ voting choices. This benefits the special interests and not those of the citizens, who historically pay more, or are left to suffer without the necessities thence taken away, by the lost benefit of those votes.
3. By collusion, the works of this Government’s laws enacted for and used for the benefit of the Federal Reserve and the largest Banking Institutions are intent on removal of our natural rights to hold and own property. By deceptions, indeed they hold the Allodial Titles to our property, and in its stead, sell to the duped citizen taxable Real Estate. (Amendment XIV)
4. Whom by conspiring and voting bailouts through, careless of the effects, losses and costs borne by the homeowners and taxpayers, who should have been the ones bailed out, these actions were partaken for the benefit of the banks that caused the financial crisis. This arrangement was and is aimed at the forced procurement of the property of the citizens; hence their unalienable rights of property ownership are violated, abused, erased, or stolen. Businesses who fail are bankrupt, and in one form or another are to be dissolved; and not at the expenses of the public should they be dissolved or bailed out. Failure to operate a business properly is the fault of the operator, not of the public.
5. By excluding specie and printing fiat money, one goes into debt and not out. Americans have faith in a publicly owned gold standard of currency, but not in Federal Reserve notes, which are truly private bank debt notes and can be inflated. Debt notes lower one into debt and abscond with his treasures; gold standard hard currency raises one out of debt and cannot suffer inflation or devaluations in public holdings and worth. Without true gold backing, printing private fiat creates debt. (Article I, section 10)
6. Whom has for more than a century allowed “Joint Stock Trusts” be grandfathered to a select couple of banks situated within our territory, giving them extreme power, leverage and monopoly over all other banks and their interests. This form of usury is dangerous, repugnant and un-ethical. In a country based on equality, honor and fair business practice, these activities are not justifiable and must doubtlessly be repealed or nullified in Toto.
7. By using perception management via the media for propagandizing the public, by seeding false ideals and untruths, and by perpetuating unproven theories meant to promote increased taxation and fear based effects or sales, all aimed at corporate gains; public trust in your actions, past, present and future has been thoroughly destroyed. (I.E. Global Warming, Cap and Trade, Common Core Public Education, Healthcare Reform, Flu Fraud, Terrorism, Global Unrest, RFID, NDAA, GMO’s, Agenda 21, etc. etc.)
8. If all of humankind are created as equals, it follows that; “Corporate Personhood” does not truly constitute or equal a mortal life, but as an entity unto itself, affords the protection of the corporate officer[s],from damages that another, one not from a corporation, would have consequence to suffer. The corporation suffers the losses for the wrongs done, but suffers not the officer[s] of the corporation perpetrating those wrongs. This is a blatant form of irresponsibility protection. “Government Incorporation” and “Government in Business” are not constitutionally recognized, and neither may be the base foundation on which our founding documents, founding fathers, or our current citizens ever wanted, or ever intended.
9. The government has failed in business every time it has indulged in such activities. At its formation, the Powers of Federal Government were extremely limited, and with good reason. The follies of Government involvement in the Free Markets or Banking is not equitable to the citizens’ welfare, but rather, in fact damages those of whom it is supposed to guard welfare and security. Federal Government’s powers are only for inter-state regulation, and not the assumed “Corporate” control thereof.
10. The Governments “self appropriation” of powers, for the take-over of any business, in any form and by whatever means, and against the public will; is not with respect to the proprietary rights of the owners, and is without respect to the free market, but is repugnant, is unfair, and is not authorized constitutionally. (Amendments I, & X)
11. Bills not fully passing through the Congress or Senate, tabled, but not enacted; cannot be implemented by any means, in any shape, way, or form, until passed and enacted, thereby becoming law. (I.E. “Patriot Act,” Mandated “Health Care.”)
12. Any attempts to make Judges Dependant on the will of the administration, banking or corporate forces, is un-ethical, repugnant, and is not documented in, or authorized, constitutionally. (Article III) Judicial power is vested solely unto itself. (Article VI, paragraph two) Judges are bound to the Constitution, and nothing other… than it.
13. The uses of “Substantive Due Process” or any Thing other than “Common Law” in our courts are not constitutional. Judges are under oath to uphold and prescribe the original constitutional law and none otherwise. (I.E. U.S. Courts and Admiralty Law.)
14. Voting fraud has been proven times unending, corrupting the election and seating corrupt officials where they would not otherwise be, further corrupting processes of law.(Disenfranchises Voters)
15. Officials certainly and frequently vote on laws they have not read.
16. Officials hold covertly planned, secret after hour voting sessions, passing bills with a small amount of legislators in attendance, to affect their passing without dissent or opposition. This corrupts and destroys the processes inherent in our Republican form of governance and if not ceased will destroy all vestiges of freedom forthcoming.
17. Attempts to assert the right as a government to force vaccines or unfair Health care upon society violates all personal and bodily property rights of consent, and are not constitutional or humane. (Amendments X, & XIV, section 1)
18. Although the bribery of elected officials is not discovered with any regularity, they are bribed frequently and found out less, and when found out are rarely penalized to the extent of the law for their criminal misdeeds. This is by no means equal justice for all, but a selective tyranny based in the workings of collectivism.
19. By the “Executives” act of signing into law, secret laws or treaties in foreign lands or offshore, without the consent of the Senate or the public, and by weight of their secrecy, the likelihood exists that these signified acts may be, or are against the public good and welfare of all citizens, or not to the detriment thereof. History holds this fact true throughout all times past. (Article II, section 2, paragraph two)
20. Our Elected government officials, of past and current Administrative office, both, have while seated in their official capacities refused accountability to, or have spurned assent to the Constitutional Laws that they do swear, by a sacred and solemn oath to uphold.
21. “Plausible Denial” and “Diplomatic Immunities” are not equal to or in balance with the laws of the governed, and by them officials live above the laws they create, by giving themselves self-license, when in fact they were granted the privilege of their positions and empowered by the public they serve. “Plausible Denial” and “Diplomatic Immunities” are not specified in the constitution, and therefore are not constitutional.
22. Executive Orders were not authorized by or written into the Constitution, and are therefore not constitutional. Any Law that does not accord fully with the Constitution is at once null and void, as if it had never been written or brought into existence.
23. Private armies or any groups intended for use as armies, held by an administration separate from congressional or Senatorial scrutiny or consent of the public; and maintained or paid for by such administrations, or with tax dollars, are not authorized by the constitution or the knowing public. (I.E. DHS)-(DOD Directive number 1404.10, Dated: 23 January,2009)
24. Engaging us in foreign wars, without congressional approval, is not constitutional. (The “War Powers Act” is not constitutional. It is legal, but not lawful.)
25. Implementing Government positions otherwise not written of, or referred to in our Constitution is not constitutional; therefore, a Czar is not constitutional, but powerless.
26. Any violation of Posse Comitatus is not constitutional, and any acts in violation of it must and will provoke the proactive, protective actions and force of the county, instantaneously and unquestionably, by our local arms, bodies and souls.
27. You have obstructed and violated Habeas Corpus with impunity. These actions are unconstitutional, benefit only the corrections business and legal system, and are shamefully pointless, unnecessary and immoral arbitrary state actions.(Article I, section 9)
28. By creating laws that unconstitutionally allow the FBI or any other agencies to enter our homes is in disregard of the home inhabitant’s privacy and the Constitution. Added to this insult, the person invaded must sign a gag order and not speak of the criminal invasion, and the criminal invasion is not to be in any way considered as admissible evidence in a court. These criminal invasions of privacy are not under proper warrant, and therefore are unwarranted. (Amendment IV)
29. Have blatantly, frequently and with increased acceleration, violated the First and Second Amendment rights of the citizens.
30. Moreover, by way of profit not benefiting the individual or community, in whole, this and many past administrations have steadily and increasingly enforced requirements by the mandated usage of permits, blocking in many cases the activities of which a free human must of right be able to do. Inherently free activities, such as to defend ones self, or be afforded proper redress of his elected authorities, or to attend the assemblies of his choice unfettered, and to marry or to travel at will. Or to have purposeful fires ,or to build upon, or to raise, or to dig in, or upon the ground as deemed by necessary profit and common sense judgments, and finally, of the most high import, is to verily enjoy the freedom of speech and of print, and by these aforementioned mandates, all such actions are affected. The effect, waste and abuse caused by these enforced requirements, and as such, these requirements standing, are blatantly unconstitutional, and therefore the permits required for these acts must naturally be unjust and not lawful. (Amendment I)
31. The Constitution does not allude to, authorize or in any way discuss banks, in any form, governmental or otherwise, nor wishes to be any part of, or stand in defense thereof, of a “Federal Reserve,” which is a privately owned bank. The Federal Reserve is not operated under the Original Constitutional auspices, but works against them.
32. By, and with frequency, increasingly imposing taxes without the public or constituents consent and coercing with force the collections thereof, you seek to enslave the public while usurping the human output energy of those unwitting enough, or those knowing, but forced to pay those fees imposed. It is not natural that it should cost anything for a human to exist, although this ugly mandated process has gone on time eternal. A voluntary society is a healthy and charitable one, but a society so mandated, is not.
33. The allowance of “public servants” to be official members of secret societies poses extreme dangers. If by the will, missions, or intent of those societies the “member-public servant” is “sworn to uphold” an allegiance, and it sways them from their official duties or conflicts with the interests of their official capacities, they by default are not, and by truth cannot, be upholding their oaths of office. A house divided cannot stand, and two masters cannot in truth, be served at one time.
34. On United States territory, the setting up or implementation or mechanization of any power foreign, international, or of the united nations, is not authorized in, or alluded to in our Constitution; and therefore is not constitutional. In addition, the setting up or implementation or mechanization of any power foreign, international or of the united-nations may be viewed as a possible and likely aggressor, and increasingly so, at some point, their actions may be viewed as an act of war upon the lives and liberty of those so intruded upon.
35. You have attempted to introduce laws foreign and of other dominations into our system, and at all points they are not recognized or are not validated in our Constitution.
36. The assignment of Non-constitutional zones or Gun Free Zones within the boundaries of our territory in essence, ironically makes, by itself, a statement of the power of the Constitution, standing by and of itself; but nowhere in the Constitution does any wording allude to, or justify the fixture of, or the assignment of Constitutional zones or Gun Free Zones. Therefore, all laws cloaked in this spirit are void, and not constitutional, and would act to hinder or prohibit the defense and security, of a free state.
37. You have endeavored to corrupt, obstruct, and abuse the immigration laws set forth in the Constitution creating extremely dangerous and potentially damaging possibilities detrimental to national security, the safety, and the general welfare of the public. This violates in the most egregious ways, our Constitutional rights, while acutely burdening our system of governance. (Article I, section 9 and Amendment XIV, section 1)
38. Have endeavored to and devised profiling techniques, spying techniques, high definition cameras and all other forms of spying technologies, including intentional snooping tools used to track all various types of personal traits, records and movements including: camera and facial profiling, all online information, telecommunications, GPS, credit card, insurance, medical records and spending habits of the public. These are extremely serious violations of the public trust, and invariably do by and of themselves exhibit the serious erosion of our personal privacy and rights. (Amendment IV)
39. The “Department of Homeland Security” released false light information citing veterans, citizens and others as being possible “Right Wing Extremists.” This is slander and libel and may be viewed as an aggressive act upon our rightful freedoms.
40. The attempts to “indoctrinate” our children with collectivist ideals through public schools, texts and by any other forums; are the exclusive rights of the parent[s] or guardian[s] to discern, and not the governments. These “indoctrination” tactics are reminiscent of past governments that have failed, and show an inclination to the fact that there is a private agenda at hand, and; which has commenced in operation.
41. For writing and enacting laws not detrimental to, but damaging to our bodies proper. Air, Water, Food, Fire and good Health are all necessary elements for sustaining life, and bills are currently in Congress to give Federal Government full control over these essential elements. They are the: “Climate bill,” “The Food Safety Act,” “The Health Care Bill,” and there are various others to regulate and control the Nations water supplies, which are in clear violation of the Tenth Amendment. One thing is clear; any Government who wills to control these five essentials doubtlessly wills to forcefully control its people.
42. You have with constancy willed and worked toward the disarming of the public at large, and this is in flagrant violation of our Second Amendment rights. Self-defense is a law natural, just as is the right to assemble with those of like minds in Militia groups formed locally for security against any force foreign to their communities’ vital survival.
43. The U.S. Military are for the protection of our security interests at home and not meant to be spread world wide as if to dominate or uphold an empire; historically, empires building and policing actions have always failed, moreover, historically those actions carry consequences detrimentally opposed to a free state ,and, do always come home to roost.
44. The stench left by our Government created impediments on foreign trade, industries sent offshore, illegal migration and the rising unemployment because of it, is repugnant. Ironically, these activities enumerated above are intentionally done against our society, showing your intent toward our financial ruin, suffering and our Countries destruction, as a unit whole.
45. By the abuse of attorneys who are sworn to uphold an oath to the “British Accreditation Regency” instead of an Oath and firm allegiance to our Constitution, our society is in distress, which points directly at the Constitutional abuses that must cease.
46. The “Executive” administration has created and unlawfully used bureaucratically operated institutions, which treat the common man, woman and child as criminals, and sees them as guilty first, and innocent only after harsh, rigorous, stressful and unnecessary treatments and abuses. These activities are not natural, nor do they conform to the Constitution, but are the slavish deeds of an out of control tyranny, which must be ceased.
47. There are an extremely large number of crimes, actions and acts not enumerated here. Because they are not listed; let it not be not implied or misconstrued by this document’s silence: or in lieu of any further tyrannical, harmful or unnatural government directives; that we may comply, or not comply with those items not enumerated, but that they will be judged by the natural persons of this world, henceforth.

As we have petitioned for redress in humble terms, answered only by repeated injury, a Government thus marked by every act that may define a tyranny, is unfit to be the ruler of any human or human society.
We have warned them of their attempts to extend unwarrantable jurisdiction over us, though these warnings fall upon deaf ears.
We must therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Declaration, and hold them, as we hold the rest of Humankind, as Honorable, Intelligent Friends in Peace; or by their will, decisions or actions total, be Pointless and Ill-Considered Enemies in War.
In the summing up, We who were born here, or who are here lawfully, with standing as the Humans existing and Being rightfully of this land, Assembled, are hereby and willingly representative of the United States of America.
By the Supreme God who breathed the spirit of life into us by giving us our living essences, we do solemnly declare and publish for all to see, this instrument, as we proclaim the following.

We proclaim

that these many States are, and, of right ought to be, Free and Independent States,
and, that We are hereby Absolved from All Allegiance to any power or force either foreign or domestic, which Stands in Opposition to our Constitution, or to our Individual Rights, or against the Independence of our many States. And, that all corporate, political and financial connections to these powers or forces, foreign or domestic, ought to be, and shall be totally dissolved.
And, that as Free and Independent States, We have the Full and Indivisible Power to Levy War, Conclude Peace, Contract Alliances, Establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which “Individuals-Independent,” and Independent States may of Right, do.

And for the Support of this “Individualists Declaration of Moral Separation and Independence,”
With a Spirited and firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Spirited Honor, for our posterity’s well being, till death does us part.

Be these truths hailed to humankind all; that because I live, and I am humankind, so it is with you.
~ Just as you are, I am also. ~

Be it hereby submitted that all of humankind bear witness to this instrument in its entirety.

Authored by: Mark Anthony Rossetti I, of Manchester, New Hampshire,

09/09/09. Revised, 09/20 – 23/13.



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  1. Beautifully worded Mark​​. Being that there is a Constitution in existence in this country, I have not found anything in this Declaration with which I disagree. This government in its current form is detrimental to all free people’s human rights and to all living things and must be thoroughly opposed lest the erosion of even having expectation of freedom and sovereignty in this country continue until we are all too far along the path to total enslavement for any hope of recovery.

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