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Editor’s Note:  We will be editing in dated excerpts and articles in a chronological order from time to time. This page is a start for collecting data on all that transpired at Burns, Oregon in and since January, 2016.


This page is dedicated in appreciative memory to LaVoy Finicum who was killed in a joint task force ambush in Oregon under extremely questionable circumstances on January 26, 2016.

How to turn a flood? That is a good question. Cyrellys, Medicine Hawk, and I will collect and (try to!) organize in proper sequence the events of January, 2016, in, near to, and related to Burns, Oregon. Our intent is to make of all the jumbled news items a cohesive story which can bring an orderly understanding of the real issues which the government and the mainstream media are deliberately hiding from the American people.

Before even beginning this massive task, we think that a direct message from LaVoy Finicum is in order. Everything which follows will not be fully grasped by the reader unless one takes time to view this important video. This is an American rancher speaking from the heart, and speaking with the authority which comes with understanding the Constitution:

The official opinion of The Mental Militia, as of February 02, 2016, holds that LaVoy Finicum knew exactly what he was talking about, and we think that LaVoy’s message should rightly be spread far and wide. The conflict between the States and the Federal government should be laid to rest for once and all, and TMM will stand with LaVoy on the Original Intent, spirit, and wording of the highest law of the land, which is the Constitution for the united States of America.

I have posted a page about LaVoy Finicum’s remarkable novel here at TMM. I did not know until I met Jeanette Finicum at a rally in Plains, Montana, that LaVoy had written and published a novel. I bought a copy from her and read it and was stunned by the masterful way LaVoy wrote the book. I urge every reader to get your copy of the book while reading this page, where you will find the link for purchasing the book.

Independence In LaVoy Finicum’s Vision

However, as we write this the public at large is in a state of confusion which itself is marked by denial and poorly-stated lawful remedies to a problem which has been exposed, first at the Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada, and now at Burns, Oregon.

The question is: Who owns public lands and/or has authority to manage public lands within a State’s borders? Do the States in which the public lands exist own the public lands, or does the Federal government? That is the question. That question has been brought to the forefront in all western States. Federal treachery is apparent in misuse and abuse of a presumed authority by various Federal agencies, most of which have no lawful authority to even exist in this country, according to the Constitution.

[Editing this breaking news into this article on September 17, 2016]

The 9th Circuit has just dropped a bombshell in the Federal government’s lap, and this important ruling is very damaging to the prosecution of the Bundys and their friends who are to stand trial on Federal charges. I will mount a stand-alone page here at TMM shortly, but want to immediately add the links to this new information — a video and a pdf.

Ammon was right, and the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the lack of Federal jurisdiction over Malheur Wildlife Refuge. I would invite all readers here to view this pdf and listen to Tim Brown’s interview with Mrs.B Stacy (about an hour and a half), which, though tedious, will stun Federal prosecutors and the judge.

The article at Freedom Outpost, with audio/YouTube interview — Emergency Motion Filed to Dismiss Oregon Bundy Case
By Tim Brown – September 16, 2016

The pdf (for anyone who wants to download this baby) — http://freedomoutpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/323789256-Mumford-Emergency-Motion.pdf

(I will link to the stand-alone page for this as soon as I build that page.)

In the spotlight presently stands the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an alleged Federal agency which has a cruel history of shutting down American farmers and ranchers, taking their lands, bankrupting them, persecuting them, and even killing them, as the events of January 26, 2016, clearly demonstrate. But the BLM doesn’t restrict their merciless marauding to ranchers and farmers. Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and other Federal agencies have interdicted mining rights, logging/timber activities, milling businesses, and other vital aspects of respective States’ economies. All of this activity is a part of a much larger “plan”, an “agenda”, being proffered upon the American people by an international coterie of malicious would-be “world controllers”, headquartered in the same shadowy, obscure councils which gave the world the United Nations (UN).

The Mental Militia shall show this with clarity and documentation which we think shall defy rebuttal. But as the old occultists saw things, “As above, so below.”  What happens up at the top of the chain of command always rolls downhill to the bottom of that chain. In this case, global governance motives, working through NGOs and local government agreements, have reached down into the lives of the good folks at Burns, Oregon. Having viewed the above video of LaVoy Finicum “holding class” on his ranch, let us now witness a powerful presentation to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Gregg Walden of Oregon:

So Representative Walden informed the Congress in early January that his district, which includes the town of Burns, Oregon, has serious complaints regarding Federal “management” of public lands. It is not just a few malcontents, but is instead a large number of American ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, etc. who resent Federal heavy-handedness.

That resentment has resulted in a unifying network of ranchers in particular, who have decided to force the issue by openly defying the BLM. We saw it in the Hage situation in Nye County Nevada, where Sheriff Tony DeMeo, a “Constitutional” Sheriff stood up for Rancher Hage to the extent that Sheriff DeMeo threatened the BLM with his Sheriff’s department SWAT team after the BLM told him they would bring out their guns to have their way with Rancher Hage. Sheriff DeMeo is a calm and deliberate advocate of the American heritage of personal freedom and the Constitution which is supposed to protect that freedom. Readers will enjoy his explanatory recounting of his dealings with the BLM from back in 2010.

So we ask, was Rancher Hage in touch with rancher Cliven Bundy? And is Cliven Bundy


Additionally, here is another twist to keep in mind. This from the Ron Paul Institute:


J. B. Wells and Caravan To Midnight Hosts The Bundy Women

On April 04 2016 John B. Wells gave the mic to the women of the Bundy family. The Mental Militia salues John B. Wells for excellent public service.

Before viewing the following video, please take a moment to go HERE and listen to the Finicum daughters singing their challenge to Americans.

Ammon Bundy

August 09 2016

Multnomah County Jail

Portland, Oregon


Editing in on October 29 2016: The Hammonds Speak Out About Government Threats

Paul Preston of Agenda 21 News Interviews Jeanette Finicum

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