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Willie and Merle give the weed a whirl in studio…

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Willie Nelson!


Willie’s Tribute To Merle

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Next Up: Willie Nelson – Family Bible (Live at Farm Aid 30) 

Published on Sep 28, 2015
Willie Nelson performs “Family Bible” at Farm Aid’s 30th anniversary concert at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in downtown Chicago, Illinois, on September 19.

Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid’s board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit:

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But Don’t Smoke Weed With Willie Again!

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What Is MindWar?


The Mental Militia is a Mental militia, a militia of the Mind. We are here to fight the MindWar which has been waged against all Americans, with deliberate intent, for about a full Century. The MindWar dates back to the earliest 1900s. It gained a foothold once Madison Avenue bought into the marketing template provided by Edward Bernays, the “Father of Public Relations”, in his book, “Propaganda”, published in 1928.

In that book we find these two little jewels of conspiracy –

page 36:
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.”

page 71:
“The systemic study of mass psychology revealed to students the potentialities of invisible government of society by manipulation of the motives which actuate man in the group. Trotter and Le Bon, who approached the subject in a scientific manner, and Graham Wallas, Walter Lippmann, and others who continued with searching studies of the group mind, established that the group has mental characteristics distinct from those of the individual, and is motivated by impulses and emotions which cannot be explained on the basis of what we know of individual psychology. So the question naturally arose: If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?”

One example of how MindWar can be used was given us by a memo in 1941 –

“If war aims are stated which seem to be solely concerned with Anglo-American imperialism, they will offer little to people in the rest of the world. The interests of other peoples should be stressed. This would have a better propaganda effect.”
Private memo from The Council of Foreign Relations to the US State Department, 1941

TMM shall ask, what might be a “propaganda effect“? Of course, the obvious answer is that propaganda as a tool of statecraft is designed and used to alter the perception of a population or group within a population, in favor of a desired “policy”, such as going to war.

The classic example of that comes from 1962 when the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up a now-infamous document calling for the U.S. government to create a wave of terrorist bombings in Miami and Washington D.C. in order to blame those bombings on Cuba, to justify in the public’s perception a military invasion of Cuba.

This website will focus on a number of surprising antics perpetrated upon the American taxpayer, all of which are directly linked to what the U.S. Army’s 7th Psychological Operations Group dubbed, in 1980, “MindWar”.  That document is appropriately titled “From PSYOP To MindWar”.  I am placing that entire document (it’s relatively short) below on this page, but I would like to first state that there is not, to my knowledge, any outfit or unit of the U.S. Army assigned overtly to executing “MindWar”. Instead, MindWar is a more subtle form of psychic coercion, and all Americans should know that the military is heavily involved in altering what Bernays called “the group mind” (see above) for the benefit of the power structure which has taken over the People’s rightful Constitutional government.

Mentalitians know, or soon shall know by reading at this site, that the individual human mind is under direct attack and that one cannot be free unless one first assumes full ownership of one’s own mind.  That theme will permeate the pages of this site. Self ownership is the opposite of slavery, and self ownership begins with the full and cognizant ownership of one’s individual mind, as opposed to the collectivist mindset held by progressive globalizing socialists who are pursuing a one-world government.

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From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory

– by –
Colonel Paul E. Valley
– with –
Major Michael A. Aquino
PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader
Headquarters, 7th Psychological Operations Group
United States Army Reserve
Presidio of San Francisco, California, 1980

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– by Michael A. Aquino
Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence, USAR-Ret
November 2003

Michael Aquino_TheStrangeLand_dot_comIn the later 1970s, Psychological Operations (PSYOP) doctrine in the U.S. Army had yet to emerge from the disappointment and frustration of the Vietnam War. Thus it was that in 1980 Colonel Paul Vallely1 , Commander of the 7th PSYOP Group, asked me, as his Headquarters PSYOP Research & Analysis (FA) Team Leader, to draft a paper that would encourage some future thought within the PSYOP community. He did not want a Vietnam postmortem, but rather some fresh and innovative ideas concerning PSYOP’s evolution and application.

I prepared an initial draft, which Colonel Vallely reviewed and annotated, which resulted in revised drafts and critiques until he was satisfied, and the result of that was this paper: From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory.2

Colonel Vallely sent copies of it to various governmental offices, agencies, commands, and publications involved or interested in PSYOP. He intended it not as an article for publication, but simply as a “talking paper” to stimulate dialogue. In this it was quite successful, judging by the extensive and lively letters he received concerning it over the next several months.

That should have been the end of MindWar: a minor “staff study” which had done its modest job.

With the arising of the Internet in the 1980s, however, MindWar received an entirely unexpected – and somewhat comic – resurrection. Allusions to it gradually proliferated, with its “sinister” title quickly winning it the most lurid, conspiracy-theory reputation. The rumor mill soon had it transformed into an Orwellian blueprint for Manchurian Candidate mind control and world domination. My own image as an occult personality added fuel to the wildfire: MindWar was now touted by the lunatic fringe as conclusive proof that the Pentagon was awash in Black Magic and Devil-worship.

Now that this absurdly comic opera has at least somewhat subsided, I thought that it might be interesting to make a complete and accurate copy of the paper available, together with an Introduction and some historical-hindsight annotations to place it in reasonable context. After all it did – and perhaps still does – have something worthwhile to say.

Within the U.S. military, PSYOP has habitually been relegated to a back-seat as a “force multiplier”. The principal strategic decisions are made in consideration of traditional political and military interests and goals. Only then is PSYOP invited to the table, to help achieve already-agreed-upon missions more efficiently.

MindWar reverses this sequence. Psychological means for achieving victory – essentially through convincing the enemy that he really wants to bring his national policies into harmony with ours – are fashioned in support of basic political goals. The use of “ordinary” military force (bombs, bullets, etc.) is regarded as a “last resort” in circumstances wherein MindWar by itself fails.

1 Later Major General, USAR.
2 The term “MindWar” was coined by another PSYOP officer, Colonel Richard Sutter, and myself in 1977. After seeing the
recent film Star Wars, we played with a modification of its name as a futuristic replacement for the somewhat bland Army
designation “Psychological Operations”. An avowedly science-fictional treatment of MindWar, complete with a caricature of
Sutter at its helm, appears in my Star Wars story The Dark Side, available at

– 2 –

The advantage of MindWar is that it conducts wars in nonlethal, noninjurious, and nondestructive ways. Essentially you overwhelm your enemy with argument. You seize control of all of the means by which his government and populace process information to make up their minds, and you adjust it so that those minds are made up as you desire.

Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt or killed, and nothing is destroyed.

Ordinary warfare, on the other hand, is characterized by its lack of reason. The antagonists just maim or kill each other’s people, and steal or destroy each other’s land, until one side is hurt so badly that it gives up [or both sides are hurt so badly that they agree to stop short of victory]. After such a war there is lasting misery, hate, and suffering.
The only loser in MindWar are the war profiteers: companies and corporations which grow fat on orders for helicopters, tanks, guns, munitions, etc. Consequently what President Dwight Eisenhower referred to as the “military/industrial complex” can be counted upon to resist implementation of MindWar as the governing strategic conflict

That’s the MindWar prospectus in its most simplified form.

While in the 1980s I had no reason to think that this paper had had any official effect upon U.S. PSYOP doctrine within or beyond the Army, it was with some fascination that I saw specific of its prescriptions applied during the first Gulf War, and recently even more obviously during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In both instances extreme PSYOP was directed both against the object of the attack and upon U.S. domestic public perception and opinion, in 2003 to the extent of “embedding” journalists with military units to inevitably channel their perspectives and perceptions.

The impact of even these minor techniques of MindWar was remarkable. A psychological climate of inexorable U.S. victory was created and sustained in both the United States and Iraq, which accelerated that victory on the ground.

Somewhat less positively, the failure of MindWar in this instance to be guided by only the most rigorous principles of truth and ethics has just as inexorably led to a substantial post-victory evaporation of that euphoric climate. Therein lies the Achilles’ heel of MindWar. Invoking as it does the most intense emotions and commitments of its audiences, it must deliver the goods as they are judged by the target audiences. If the
ethical values of those audiences are not respected – if MindWar is used only in the service of ulterior motives and objectives – the resulting “disintoxication”can be socially shattering.

In 1987 I wrote a more extensive research paper for the National Defense University concerning the ethics of PSYOP. Particularly if MindWar is actually to be employed as a feature of U.S. foreign policy, I cannot stress too strongly the need for its subordination to the strictest and most enlightened principles of humanity as discussed in that paper.
Psychological Operations: The Ethical Dimension is also available for download at

Now let’s take a look at the 1980 MindWar paper itself. In addition to its original footnotes (which generally identify quote-sources), I have added a few new ones to highlight/critique some of its themes. These new footnotes are identified by “[MA2003]” at their beginning.

-3-[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”vista_blue” align=”align_center” border_width=”4″ el_width=”80″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory


LTC John Alexander’s Military Review article in support of “psychotronics” – intelligence and operational employment of ESP – was decidedly provocative.3 Criticism of research in this area, based as it is on existing frontiers of scientific law, brings to mind the laughter that greeted the Italian scientist Spallanzani in 1794 when he suggested that bats navigate in the dark means of what we now call sonar. “If they see with their ears, then do they hear with their eyes?” went the joke, but I suspect that the U.S. Navy is glad someone took the idea seriously enough to pursue it.4

Psychotronic research is in its infancy, but the U.S. Army already possesses an operational weapons systems designed to do what LTC Alexander would like ESP to do – except that this weapons system uses existing communications media. It seeks to map the minds of neutral and enemy individuals and then to change them in accordance with U.S.
national interests. It does this on a wide scale, embracing military units, regions, nations, and blocs. In its present form it is called Psychological Operations (PSYOP).

Does PSYOP work, or is it a merely a cosmetic with which field commanders would rather not be bothered? Had the question been asked in 1970, the answer would have been that PSYOP works very well indeed. In 1967 and 1968 alone, a total of 29,276 armed Viet Cong/NVA
(the equivalent of 95 enemy infantry battalions) surrendered to ARVN or MACV forces under the Chieu Hoi amnesty program – the major PSYOP effort in the Vietnam War. At the time MACV estimated that the elimination of that same number of troops in combat would of cost us 6,000 dead.5

On the other hand, we lost the war – not because we were out-fought, but because we were out-PSYOPed. Our national will to victory was attacked more effectively than we attacked that of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, and perception of this fact encouraged the enemy to hang on until the United States finally broke and ran for home. So our PSYOP failed. It failed not because its principles were unsound, but rather
because it was outmatched by the PSYOP of the enemy. The Army’s efforts enjoyed some impressive successes, but our own PSYOP did not really change the minds of the enemy populace, nor did it defend the U.S. populace at home against the propaganda of the enemy.

Furthermore the enemy’s PSYOP was so strong that it – not bigger armies or better weapons – overcame all of the Cobras and Spookys and ACAVs and B52s we fielded. The lesson is not to ignore our own PSYOP capability, but rather to change it and strengthen it so that it can do precisely that kind of thing to our enemy in the next war. Better hardware is nice, but by itself it will change nothing if we do not win the war for the mind.

The first thing it is necessary to overcome is a view of PSYOP that limits it to routine, predictable, over-obvious, and hence marginally effective “leaflet and loudspeaker” applications. Battlefield devices of this sort have their place, but it should be that of a accessory to the main effort. That main effort cannot begin at the company or division level; it must originate at the national level. It must strengthen our national will to victory,

3 Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel John B., “The New Mental Battlefield: Beam me up, Spock” in Military
Review, Vol LX, No. 12 December 1980.
4 [MA2003] Alexander (later Colonel) was involved with “parapsychological” ideas and experiments such
as ESP and “remote viewing”. These have no connection whatever with either traditional PSYOP or
MindWar. Cf. my paper Project Star Gate: $20 Million up in Smoke [and Mirrors] at
5 “ Chieu Hoi: The Winning Ticket”. MACV Command Information Pamphlet 6-69, March 1969.

– 4 –

and it must attack and ultimately destroy that of our enemy. It both causes and is affected by physical combat, but it is a type of war which is fought on a far more subtle basis as well – in the minds of the national populations involved.

So let us begin with a simple name change. We shall rid ourselves of the selfconscious, almost “embarrassed” concept of “psychological operations”. In its place we shall create MindWar. The term is harsh and fear-inspiring, and so it should be: It is a term of attack and victory – not one of the rationalization and coaxing and conciliation. The enemy may be offended by it; that is quite all right as long as he is defeated by it. A
definition is offered:

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war. It is deliberate in that it is planned, systematic, and comprehensive effort involving all levels of activity from the strategic to the tactical. It is aggressive because opinions and
attitudes must be actively changed from those antagonistic to us to those supportive of us if we are to achieve victory. We will not win if we content ourselves with countering opinions and attitudes instilled by enemy governments. We must reach the people before they resolve to support their armies, and we must reach those armies before our combat
troops ever see them on battlefields.

Compare this definition with that of psychological warfare as first offered by General William Donovan of the OSS in his World War II-era “Basic Estimate of Psychological Warfare”:

Psychological warfare is the coordination and use of all means, including moral and physical, by which the end is attained – other than those of recognized military operations, but including the psychological exploitation of the result of those recognized military actions – which tend to destroy the will of the enemy to achieve victory and to damage his political or economic capacity to do so; which tend to deprive the enemy of the support, assistance, or sympathy of his allies or associates or of neutrals, or to prevent his acquisition of such support, assistance, or sympathy; or which tend to create, maintain, or increase the will to victory of our own people and allies and to acquire, maintain, or to increase the support, assistance, and sympathy of neutrals.6

If the euphemism “psychological operations” resulted from, as one general officer put it in a 1917 letter, “a great need for a synonym which would be used in peacetime that would not shock the sensibilities of a citizen of democracy”, then it may have succeeded domestically.7 On the other hand it does not seem to have reassured the sensibilities of the
Soviets, who in 1980 described the U.S. Army PSYOP as including:

… unpardonable methods of ideological sabotage including not just blackmail, provocation, and terror.8

6 Roosevelt, Kermit (Ed.) War Report of the OSS. New York: Walker and Company, 1976, Volume I, page 99.
7 Letter, Major General W.C. Wyman to Major General Lauris Norsted, 22 July 1947, quoted to Paddock, Colonel Alfred H., “Psychological and Unconventional Warfare, 1941-1952: Origins of a ‘Special Warfare’ Capability for the United States Army”. Carlisle Barracks: U.S. Army War College.
8 Belashchenko, T., “‘Black Propaganda’ from Fort Bragg” in Sovetskiy Voin. Moscow, June 1980, pages

– 5 –

The reluctance with which the Army has accepted even an “antiseptic” PSYOP component is well-documented in Colonel Alfred Paddock’s brilliant treatise on the history of PSYOP establishment. Again and again efforts to forge this weapon into its most effective configuration were frustrated by leaders who could not or should not see that wars are fought and won or lost not on battlefields but in the minds of men. As Colonel Paddock so aptly concludes:

In a real sense, the manner in which psychological and unconventional warfare evolved from 1941 until their union as a formal Army capability in 1952 suggests a theme that runs throughout the history of special warfare: the story of a hesitant and reluctant Army attempting to cope with concepts and organizations of an unconventional nature.9

According to the present doctrine, PSYOP is considered an accessory to the main effort of winning battles and wars; the term usually used is “force multiplier”. It is certainly not considered a precondition to command decisions. Thus PSYOP cannot predetermine the political or psychological effectiveness of a given military action. It can only be used to point that action in the best possible colors as it is taken.

MindWar cannot be so relegated. It is, in fact, the strategy to which tactical warfare must conform if it is to achieve maximum effectiveness. The MindWar scenario must be preeminent in the mind of the commander and must be the principal factor in his every field decision. Otherwise he sacrifices measures which actually contribute to winning the war to measures of immediate, tangible satisfaction. [Consider the rational for “body counts” in Vietnam.]

Accordingly PSYOP “combat support” units as we now know them must become a thing of the past. MindWar teams must offer technical expertise to the commander from the onset of the planning process, and at all levels down to that of the battalion. Such teams cannot be composed – as they are now – of branch-immaterial officers and NCOs
who know simply the basics of tactical propaganda operations. They must be composed of full-time experts who strive to translate the strategy of national MindWar into tactical goals maximize the effective winning of the war and minimize loss of life. Such MindWar teams
will win commanders respect only if they can deliver on their promises.10

What the Army now considers to be the most effective PSYOP – tactical PSYOP – is actually the most limited and primitive effort, due to the difficulties of formulating and delivering messages under battlefield constraints. Such efforts must continue, but they are properly seen as reinforcement of the main MindWar effort. If we do not attack the
enemy’s will until he reaches the battlefield, his nation will have strengthened it as best it can. We must attack that will before it is thus locked in place. We must instill in it a predisposition to inevitable defeat.

Strategic MindWar must begin the moment war is considered to be inevitable. It must seek out the attention of the enemy nation through every available medium, and it must strike at the nation’s potential soldiers before they put on their uniforms. It is in their homes and their communities that they are most vulnerable to MindWar. Was the United
States defeated in the jungles of Vietnam, or was it defeated in the streets of American cities?

9 Paddock, op. cit., page 258.
10 [MA2003] In 1980 neither PSYOP nor Special Forces were career branches in the Army. Rather they were “branch-immaterial”, meaning that assignments to them were relatively brief and at the long-term risk of promotion within one’s basic branch. Later SF would become both an officer and an enlisted branch, and PSYOP would gain an enlisted branch, but PSYOP does not yet have an officer career branch.

– 6 –

To this end MindWar must be strategic in emphasis, with tactical applications playing a reinforcing, supplementary role. In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies, and neutrals alike across the globe – neither through primitive “battlefield” leaflets and loudspeakers of PSYOP nor through the weak, imprecise, and narrow effort of psychotronics11 – but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth.

These media are, of course, the electronic media – television and radio. State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Like the sword Excalibur, we have but to reach out and seize this tool; and it can transform the world for us if we have the courage and the integrity to enhance civilization with it. If we do not accept Excalibur, then we relinquish our ability to inspire foreign cultures with our morality. If they then
desire moralities unsatisfactory to us, we have no choice but to fight them on a more brutish level.

MindWar must target all participants if it is to be effective. It must not only weaken the enemy; it must strengthen the United States. It strengthens the United States by denying enemy propaganda access to our people, and by explaining and emphasizing to our people the rationale for our national interest in a specific war.

Under existing United States law, PSYOP units may not target American citizens.12 That prohibition is based upon the presumption that “propaganda” is necessarily a lie or at least a misleading half-truth, and that the government has no right to lie to the people. The Propaganda Ministry of Goebbels must not be a part of the American way of life.

Quite right, and so it must be axiomatic of MindWar that it always speaks the truth. Its power lies in its ability to focus recipients’ attention on the truth of the future as well as that of the present. MindWar thus involves the stated promise of the truth that the United States has resolved to make real if it is not already so.

MindWar is not new. Nations’ greatest – and least costly – victories have resulted from it, both in time of actual combat and in time of threatened combat. Consider the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The physical destruction of those two cities did not destroy Japan’s ability to continue fighting. Rather the psychological shock of the weapons destroyed what remained of Japan’s national will to fight. Surrender followed; a long and costly ground invasion was averted.13

MindWar’s effectiveness is a function of its own skillful use of communications media, but no greater error could be made than to confuse MindWar with merely a greater and more unprincipled propaganda effort. “Propaganda” as defined by Harold Lasswell, is:

11 [MA2003] “Psychotronics” was a term applied to concepts such as ESP and “remote viewing” by
some government agencies in the 1970s-80s, possibly to make them sound more “scientific”.
12 [MA2003] This law was established after World War II, purportedly both out of distaste for the extreme domestic propaganda of the fascist powers and because of misgivings about American domestic propaganda, particularly during World War I. At the time of this paper (1980), the law was so strict that, for example, printing presses of Army PSYOP units were prohibited from being used to run off posters for local military recruiting stations.
13 [MA2003] Nevertheless Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not very good examples of MindWar, because – despite their psychological impact – they involved the killing and injuring of a great many people.  MindWar is perfect when no one is physically harmed.

– 7 –

… the expression of opinions or actions carried out deliberately by individuals or groups with a view to influence the opinions or actions of other individuals or groups for predetermined ends and through psychological manipulations.14

Propaganda, when it is recognized as such – and anything produced by a “PSYOP” unit is so recognized – is automatically assumed to be a lie or at least a distortion of the truth. Therefore it works only to the extent that a militarily-pressed enemy is willing to do what we want him to. It does not work because we have convinced him to see the truth as we see it.

If his “Conclusions” chapter to the Army’s exhaustive 1976 case-study of PSYOP techniques, L. John Martin affirms this coldly and bluntly:

What this all boils down to is that if our persuasive communication ends up with a near positive effect, we must attribute it to luck, not science… The effectiveness of propaganda may be even less predictable and controllable than the effectiveness of mere persuasive communication.15

Correspondingly propagandists are assumed to be liars and hypocrites, willing to paint anything attractive colors to dupe the gullible. As Jacques Ellul puts it:

The propagandist is not, and cannot be, a “believer”. Moreover he cannot believe in the ideology he must use in his propaganda. He is merely a man at the service of a party, a state, or some other organization, and his task is to insure the efficiency of that organization … If the propagandist has any political conviction he must put it aside in order to be able to use some popular mass ideology. He cannot even share that ideology, for he must use it as an object and manipulate it without the respect that he would have for it if he believed in it. He quickly acquires contempt for these popular images and beliefs…16

Unlike PSYOP, MindWar has nothing to do with deception or even with “selected” – and therefore misleading – truth. Rather it states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States. The examples of Kennedy’s ultimatum to Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Hitler’s stance at
Munich might be cited.

A MindWar message does not have to fit conditions of abstract credibility as do PSYOP themes; its source makes it credible. As Livy once said:

The terror of the Roman name will be such that the world shall know that, once a Roman army has laid siege to a city, nothing will move it – not the rigors or winter nor the weariness of months and years – that it knows no end but victory and is ready, if a swift and sudden stroke will not serve, to preserve until that victory is achieved.17

Unlike Ellul’s cynical propagandist, the MindWar operative must know that he speaks the truth, and he must be personally committed to it. What he says is only a part of MindWar; the rest – and the test of its effectiveness – lies in the conviction he projects to his…

14 Lasswell, Harold D. in Ellul, Jacques, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. New York:
Random House, 1965, pages xi-xii.
15 Martin, L. John, “Effectiveness of International Propaganda” in Department of the Army Pamphlet 525-
7-2 The Art and Science of Psychological Operations: Case Studies of Military Application, Volume Two.
Washington, D.C.: American Institutes for Research, 1976, page 1020.
16 Ellul, Jacques, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. New York: Random House, 1965, pages
17 Keller, Werner, The Etruscans. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1974, page 262.

– 8 –

audience, in the rapport he establishes with it.

And this is nothing that can be easily faked, if in fact it can be faked at all. “Rapport”, which the Comprehensive Dictionary of Psychological and Psychoanalytical Terms defines as “unconstrained relations of mutual confidence”, approaches the subliminal; some researchers have suggested that it is itself a subconscious and even perhaps even  ESP-based “accent” to an overt exchange of information.

Why does one believe one television newsman more than another, even though both may report the same headlines? The answer is that there is rapport in the former case; and it is a rapport which has been recognized and cultivated by the most successful broadcasters.

We have covered the statement of inevitable truth and the conviction behind that statement; these are qualities of the MindWar operative himself. The recipient of the statement will judge such messages not only by his conscious understanding of them, but also by the mental conditions under which he receives them. The theory behind “brainwashing” was that physical torture and deprivation would weaken the mind’s resistance to suggestion, and this was true to a point. But in the long run brainwashing does not work, because intelligent minds later realize their suggestibility under such conditions and therefore discount impressions and options inculcated accordingly.18

For the mind to believe in its own decisions, it must feel that it made those decisions without coercion. Coercive measures used by the  operative, consequently, must not be detectable by ordinary means. There is no need to resort to mind-weakening drugs such as those explored by the CIA; in fact the exposure of a single such method would do unacceptable damage to MindWar’s reputation for truth.

Existing PSYOP identifies purely-sociological factors which suggest appropriate idioms for messages. Doctrine in this area is highly developed, and the task is basically one of assembling and maintaining individuals and teams with enough expertise and experience to apply the doctrine effectively. This, however, is only the sociological dimension of target receptiveness measures. There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive to ideas, and MindWar should take full advantage of such…

18 Cf. John Marks, The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”. New York: Times Books, 1979.

– 9 –

…phenomena as atmospheric electromagnetic activity19 , air ionization20 , and extremely low frequency waves21 .

At the root of any decision to institute MindWar in the U.S. defense establishment is a very simple question: Do we wish to win the next war in which we choose to become involved, and do we wish to do so with minimum loss of human life, at minimum expense, and in the least amount of time? If the answer is yes, then MindWar is a necessity. If we
wish to trade that kind of victory for more American lives, economic disaster, and negotiated stalemates, then MindWar is inappropriate, and if used superficially will actually contribute to our defeat.

In MindWar there is no substitute for victory.22

19 Atmospheric electromagnetic (EM) activity: The Human body communicates internally by EM and electrochemical impulses. The EM field displayed in Kirlian photographs, the effectiveness of  acupuncture, and the body’s physical responses to various types of EM radiation (X-rays, infrared radiation, visible light spectra, etc.) are all examples of human sensitivity to EM forces and fields. Atmospheric EM activity is regularly altered by such phenomena as sunspot eruptions and gravitational stresses which distort the Earth’s magnetic field. Under varying external EM conditions, humans are more or less disposed to the consideration of new ideas. MindWar should be timed accordingly. Per Dr. L.J. Ravitz: Electromagnetic field constructs add fuel to the assumption unifying living matter harmoniously with the operations of nature, the expression of an electromagnetic field no less
than non-living systems; and that as points on spectrums, these two entities may at last take their positions in the organization of the universe in a way both explicable and rational … A tenable theory has been provided for emergence of the nervous system, developing not from functional demands, but instead deriving as a result of dynamic forces imposed on cell groups by the total field pattern. Living matter on has a definition of state based on relativity field physics, through
which it has been possible to detect a measurable property of total state functions. (Ravitz, State- Function, Including Hypnotic States” in Journal of American Society of Psychosomatic  Dentistry and Medicine, Vol. 17, No. 4, 1970.)
20 Ionization of the air: An abundance of negative condensation nuclei (“air ions”) in ingested air  enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess of positive ions enhances drowsiness and depression.  Calculation of the ionic balance of a target audience’s atmospheric environment will be correspondingly useful. Again this is a naturally-occurring condition – caused by such varying agents as solar  ultraviolet light, lightning, and rapidly-moving water – rather than one which most be artificially created. (Detonation of nuclear weapons, however, will alter atmospheric ionization levels.) Cf. Soyke, Fred and Edmonds, Alan, The Ion Effect. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1977.
21 Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves: ELF waves up to 100 Hz are once more naturally occurring, but they can also be produced artificially (such as for the Navy’s Project Sanguine for submarine
communication). ELF-waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion. Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF-waves endure for great distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well. See Playfair, Guy L. and Hill, Scott, The Cycles of Heaven. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1978, pages 130-140.
22 [MA2003] After General of the Army Douglas MacArthur’s famous aphorism: “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

– 10 –


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Moving To Hardyville

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Moving To Hardyville


by Claire Wolfe

To reach Hardyville, you must grind your way up to Lonelyheart Pass, then slither on ice into the Great Brown Valley. If you know where to look, you’ll find the ghost town of Lost Fortune crouched at the foot of the grade. But this time of year, it’s best not to stop. From Lost Fortune, count 4,387,004 sagebrush bushes and you’ll find yourself at the one-and-only stoplight in the middle of nowhere — Hardyville.

Half a block north, drop in at Hardyville’s center of hot cuisine, the Hog Trough Grill and Feed. That’s where, on this gray and snowy day, I found Dora-the-Exile-from-Yale staring in consternation at a menu.

“Is this chicken or steak?” she grimaced.


“This.” Pointing. “It says chicken fried steak. Well, which is it? Chicken or steak?”

“Mystery food,” I shrugged. “Try it. You’ll hate it.”

She gave me that east-coast-martyr-to-hummus-and-arugula look, then turned back to the menu in search of something edible by her standards. She wouldn’t find it. In Hardyville, you adapt to chicken fried steak or stick to your own kitchen.

Pretty soon Nat-the-rancher ambled in from the feed side of the operation, plopped some horse wormer on the table, and folded himself into one of the Hog Trough’s slightly uncertain chairs. Nat’s old and pretty grizzled. But he wears a cowboy hat even older and more weathered than he. The hat is the wonder of Hardy County and it stays firmly on his head through all waking hours of the day. I even once saw him keep the hat on as he took a back flip off a green horse and landed in cactus.

“Hey,” he greeted me. “There’s the lady who’s making Hardyville famous in that newspaper column. Not too famous, I hope. Don’t want a lot of strangers movin’ in.”

“Don’t worry. I’m telling everyone that Hardyville and all you guys are imaginary.”

“I feel imaginary sometimes,” sighed Dora, still scanning the menu in hopes of locating a vegetable.

“Imaginary, huh?” Nat mused.

“Yeah, but strange thing; I still get a lot of requests from people who think they want to live here.”

“You think they really do? Want to live here, I mean?” Nat scratched his whiskers.

“No. They just think they do. Most of ’em would run screaming bonkers out of here if they stayed more than a week. They imagine they want a picturesque life in some picturesque town filled with rugged individualists. But not many want to be rugged individualists, or even slightly inconvenienced individualists. Soon as they really understood in their bones that the nearest Wal-Mart is 93 miles away … that they have to fix their own radiators … that they might make $10,000 a year here if they’re lucky … and that the Hardyville One-Plex is going to play Anastasia clear into the next century — pfft! gone!”

“And once they realize there’s nothing to eat except … um … Rocky Mountain oysters,” added Dora. “By the way, what are Rocky. …?”

“You don’t want to know,” Nat and I rushed to assure her.

“Well, you two are both born city girls,” Nat went on. “And you’re doin’ okay here.”

“Yeah, but in my case, it’s simple. I’m stubborn enough to put up with anything for the sake of being left alone and having some breathing space. Hardyville’s about as good as it gets for that. End of story.”

“Well, I miss concerts and libraries and … oh, a lot of things,” sighed Dora. “I even miss freeway gridlock, sometimes. But I’m getting used to it.”

“You already got used to the snow plowing,” I agreed.

Dora blushed. When she first moved to Hardyville she famously violated the modern Code of the West. She moved onto a scenic little acreage half a mile past the sign that said, “Road not plowed beyond this point.” Then, come the first snowstorm, she went howling into the county commissioners’ office, reminding them that since she lived there now, they’d darn well better not “forget” to plow for her.

True, they weren’t plowing her road. Just like the sign says, M’am. And they couldn’t see any reason to deplete their tiny road maintenance budget now, just because some snooty college girl from Connecticut never learned how to read.

Unlike many notorious California folks — or New York folks — or Denver folks, for that matter, Dora got it. She shut up and started trading with a local rancher — Nat. He plows, she delivers home baked bread. Dora learned. But too many transplant folks would just sit and whine about the lack of services until they finally got what they wanted — and got our taxes launched into the sky. Or they’d leave, sniveling all the way to the coast about how we benighted rubes failed to appreciate their Bountiful Efforts to Improve Our Community.

Claire WolfeYou see, that’s what I mean when I say Hardyville is a state of mind. It’s not where Hardyville is that matters. It’s how Hardyville is. If you honestly want Hardyville, and all the cranky, troublesome, but spirit-filling independence it implies, then don’t bring your dependencies to Hardyville. Don’t bring them anywhere else you go, for that matter.

You want to live in Hardyville? I tell you the secret, then, that Hardyville is as real as it is imaginary. It’s at least as real, and as much a part of twentieth-century America, as Atlanta or Minneapolis. More real than Los Angeles, Washington, DC or Aspen, Colorado.

How do you get there? If you can’t find Lonelyheart Pass, you can start in the direction of Hardyville by thinking about the way you’re living now. Are you racing like a little maze-rat, just to keep yourself in fancy toys? Do you fantasize about independence while tying yourself to every tax-funded service available? Are you living vicariously, via television? Do you choose to spend your days in a little gray cube? Is your mind in a little gray cube? Are you giving your freedom away to every diktat spewed by some gov-o-crat, because you’re too risk-averse to declare that your life belongs to you? Have you put your kids in day care, soccer and gymnastics, more than in your life? Do you hate your life, but somehow never manage to take real steps to fix it? Are you using people — or being used by them — instead of having honest relationships? When it comes right down to it, do you choose convenience over independence? Do you choose the status quo over the uncertainties of happiness? Do your deeds fail to match your words, your hopes and your ideals?

Then you’re not on the road to Hardyville. If you want to be on the road to Hardyville, then turn around.

Oh yes, Hardyville exists. And no, it isn’t a quaint throwback to the past. It isn’t some nostalgic remnant of nineteenth-century Americana. It’s as modern and accessible as any other place, in its own way. But it’s too inconvenient for contemporary tastes.

Most people will never make it anywhere near Hardyville. Even — maybe especially — most people who say they want to. Hardyville, like freedom, will remain the province of a few who give enough of a damn to put up with the inconveniences, or who care enough to change their hearts and lives for a more fulfilling, but somewhat risky, life.

And so we sit around the table at the Hog Trough — Nat who got born here, Dora who’s a refugee, and me who’s too plain stubborn for what elsewhere passes for the good life. Just the three of us and a few more hardy Hardyvillians.

The Hog Trough is kind of empty, truth to tell, now that winter has driven the outsiders away from Hardyville’s one unattractive tourist attraction. And the food … well, I’d rather suck on horse wormer. As the snow drives down from Lonelyheart Pass, shutting us off even more tightly from the outside, I know Dora and I are thinking of all the advantages we lack.

No stock exchanges, sushi bars, Furbys, frequent fliers or FBI agents. No bureaus, block grants or Friends of Bill Clinton. No major leagues, no Junior League, no malls, boutiques, department stores or mega-corps. No Red Robin, Red Lobster or Whoppers. No rush hour with choppers reporting traffic-on-the-nines. No Versace, Gucci, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. No personal trainers, credit jewelers, street gangs, liposuckers, homeowners associations, post-modern architecture, deconstructivist intellectuals, PC committees or Lexus dealers. No arbitragers, executive producers, multinational millionaires, multi-level marketers or media stars. Ronald McDonald, Bill Gates, Bill Bennett, Ralph Nader, Martha Stewart, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Laura are all somewhere, far away, beyond the forbidding hills. We are on our own here.

It’s a bleak life. But somehow we will survive.


Originally published at WorldNet Daily:….RTICLE_ID=14079

© 1998 Claire Wolfe [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator border_width=”3″ el_width=”90″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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Claire Wolfe Landing Page at The Mental Militia

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Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World

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Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World


Let’s look at a few choice examples of Govlish excerpted from Secretary of Defense Cohen’s speech of July, 1999, and translated by Elias Alias.
Cohen speaking:
Govlish: Welcome to the grave New World of terrorism — a world in which traditional notions of deterrence and counter-response no longer apply. Perpetrators may leave no postmark or return address — no tell-tale signs of a missile launch, no residue of TNT that can be traced to a construction site, no rental truck receipts leading to the foolhardy suspects. In fact, their place of business may be a number of countries that are conducting bioengineering under the guise of pharmaceutical research. Penicillin for the poor, or ebola for the enemy? Who is to say, and with what deterrent is America left?


Translation:  Ladies and Gentlemen, as the Secretary of Defense it is my responsibility to inform you that, owing largely to US Corporate imperialism around the planet for most of the twentieth century, and our Statist policy of deploying the US Military globally to help insure that our corporate trade lanes remain in a state of safe expansion, the good old USA has inadvertently made a few enemies.


As we Americans have grown in power to become the dominant military/industrial force on the planet we have found it necessary in many instances to utilize the CIA’s unique manipulation talents in many lesser nations’ political climates. While it is true that we’ve been guilty of assassinations of numerous political leaders in many foreign lands, and that we have launched countless propaganda coups and programs, all of our CIA’s activities have been in the best interests of our nation. The CIA works for us.


However, regarding a few disgruntled foreigners who have objected to our corporate expansionism and cultural imperialism, I must inform you now that these people are terrorists. As America has the most powerful military presence in the world, upon which the sun never sets nor pixel percolates, we’ve made it obvious that no rogue nation can expect to exist in defiance of US policy for world peace. (You do understand, I trust, that “world peace” means American profitability, right?)


Consequently, a number of lesser nations, insignificant and under-developed as they might be, are now suspected of harboring terrorists who would like to see all Americans dead. We just can’t seem to please all the people all the time. As such centers of unrest and hatred don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of opposing us militarily, they are now resorting to tactics which our conventional military knowledge finds difficult to anticipate.


We do admit that our CIA gave Saddam Hussein, back in the late 1980′s, Anthrax, with hopes he would use it against Iran.


And we do acknowledge that Saddam may have sold some of that stuff to some other minor governments, so that we now have no idea who might pop up with Anthrax next. We know how things work, don’t we? Same as with China, to whom we’ve recently sold some rather interesting satellite technology, and who may have already dispersed that technology outwardly to several other agitated governments such as North Korea.


However, terrorism is not fair, and I am afraid that we may have to destroy American freedom in order to save America from unwarranted terrorist attacks. Lord knows we have no intention of slacking off regarding continued corporate expansionism, but don’t worry. Just because our aggressive nature as The American Government has raised a few eyebrows here and there, I am here to assure you that the US Military can defend America. And defend America we must, no matter what we have to destroy about our antiquated founding documents. Which would we prefer, old papers or the terrorist plunder and plague of death? It all comes down to that, you see. You DO pay us to be here and do these things, you know.


We will defend you. But do be assured that tempers out there in the terrorist community are at fever pitch, if unjustifiably so, and that Disneyland, our children’s sacred icon, is not safe. Therefore, you must accept the Defense Department’s assessment of our eminent danger and agree to cooperate with our national effort to combat this threat of terrorism. After all, as it now appears that we are losing the War on Drugs, which we’ve been successfully using to vent our nation’s economy for so long, and as it’s getting ever-increasingly more difficult to get away with starting a handy little war in third-world nations, we already see the need to promote the ushering into our lives of this War on Terrorism as the new substitute for the failing War on Drugs.


And by the way, that aspirin factory in Sudan? Well, I have reason to believe that they were making more than aspirin there! Why else would they have wanted to build a pharmaceuticals plant, since they could have bought drugs from our own Global Pharmaceuticals Giants like everybody else does, right? Never mind that the Carter Foundation has an office there, and that Jimmy Carter had toured that plant several times before we blew it to smitherines. Those Sudanese tricksters probably lied to Jimmy Carter while they made new wares for the terrorist market. Just like them to welcome an ex-US President during several visits over time, share with him their pride in the creation of their nation’s own pharmaceuticals plant and invite him to openly tour it, crowd about his every move offering praises and appreciation for what his Foundation there was doing for them. Then do a dump on American Corporate interests behind his back.


Govlish: Preparation is itself a deterrent. By minimizing the death and destruction would-be terrorists hope to spawn, we reduce the likelihood they will even try. Yet a chemical or biological strike on American soil could quickly surpass any community’s ability to cope.


Translation: As a result of our global dominance and the resultant affluency, we are now wisely anticipating that somebody out there has a bad attitude about our good fortune. Sour grapes, dollar-envy, and all that, you know. Therefore, we have concocted some rather drastic defense measures which I have been asked by Clinton to explain for your general understanding.


A prime objective in my delivering this speech to America today is to legitimize a strong fear within the nation’s collective consciousness. I must whip up a great mountain of fear about terrorism within the population here, because it will take something as dire as the threat of domestic mass-death for the people of this country to buy the installation of a military/industrial police state and the martial law under which that police state will protect this nation.


Uncle Sam has deep pockets, and we’re bound to be more effective in the wake of a terrorist attack than your local service agencies or the Red Cross. We in the Defense Department are always thinking, and we’re thinking about you the people first! We are prepared. Never mind that it took us ten years to catch Bin Laden, and that we never could catch the Unibomber until his family snitched him off. Never mind that we had no idea about the upcoming bombing of those two US embassies in Africa last year even though one of the master-minds who planned the bombings chanced to be an FBI informant who also worked for the CIA. Never mind that we can’t catch John Doe II. Never mind Flight 800. Good citizens with developed sentiments of loyalty will not focus on our shortcomings. Things are not always as they seem, you know. Same goes for John Doe II and the Birmingham Bomber. For all you know they both work for the CIA and were supposed to plant those bombs. How else could we get in place so many laws against personal freedom? How else could we cause you to see the need for more governmental control and intrusiveness. Uncle Sam needs you to believe in the severity of the Terrorist Threat. And, bottom line, your bank accounts and portfolios need this War on Terrorism.


Govlish: As part of a federal interagency effort launched last year by President Clinton and led by the National Security Council, the Defense Department is doing its part to prepare the nation for the catastrophic consequences of an attack that unleashes these horrific weapons. Because it has long prepared to face this grim possibility on the battlefield, the military has unique capabilities to offer in the domestic arena as well.


Translation: I am sure that you know already that Clinton’s “executive orders” and “presidential decision directives” have provided for the federal government’s empowerment in times of national emergency. It is now legal to confiscate all transportation, food distribution, housing, civil enforcement, communications, and many other logistically-related functions of society. To implement this governmental grab, Clinton has wisely foreseen the need to consolidate all governmental powers into an hierarchy headed up by the Pentagon itself. The National Security Council and Federal Emergency Management Agency are the two work-horses created to pull the Defense Department’s plow down the dangerous furrows of the future.


To insure their complete power over the vital organs of America, our president has arranged for all other governmental agencies, federal, state, county, and local, to become assimilated into an appropriate collage of unified force. This is necessary for our protection, of course. But because of the great expenditures made on the behalf of the US Military’s research programs involving nuke/chem/bio warfare, we here at the Defense Department know better than you how devastating such a terrorist deployment against our homeland could be. The Pentagon therefore is the right power to put in charge of the NSC and FEMA.


Naturally, all other agencies, such as the Justice Department, HUD, DOT, IRS, FDA, and etc., etc. ad infinitum, shall receive their directives from the Pentagon through those two primary agencies. When I say “interagency effort”, I definitely mean “interagency effort”. We can all be thankful that the Defense Department has time to assist with the prevention of terrorism in America. Never mind the radiation experiments of the fifties which used thousands of our troops as guinea pigs in our atomic bomb test programs. Never mind the Agent Orange with which we bathed our troops in Viet Nam, or the Gulf War Syndrome inflicted upon our troops in Desert Storm. Those quirks of imperfection are not valid indicators of our Military Wisdom regarding chemical/nuclear/biological phenomena. We do, no matter what anybody thinks, know what we’re doing! You can trust the Pentagon. God does, as the message on your money implies.


Govlish: Several core principles are guiding our efforts. First, any military assistance in the wake of a domestic attack must be in support of the appropriate federal civilian authority — either the Department of Justice or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Second, an unequivocal and unambiguous chain of responsibility, authority and accountability for that support must exist. Third, military assistance should not come at the expense of our primary mission — fighting and winning our nation’s wars. A special Task Force for Civil Support is being created to ensure that we have the military assets necessary to help respond domestically while still meeting our foremost mission.


Translation:  While you are not looking, I’m gonna sneak a little concept into your head here. The “appropriate federal civilian authority” phrase in the first sentence of the paragraph immediately above should, if our speech-writers are correct, insert into your subconscious the erasure of whatever division you’ve previously held that caused you to think that “federal” is not the same thing as “civilian”. It is important that all Americans relinquish their sleepy notions about fifty sovereign states bound by mutual agreement into an effective union. That notion is just more gibberish from the distant past and can’t possibly serve our government’s present needs. I want you to practice saying and thinking, “federal-civilian” as if they were one word instead of two. In fact, in the tradition of Orwell’s “newspeak”, let’s just coin the new word for it, “fedciv”. There now, it has a nice ring to it.


Despite the fact that FEMA uses less than thirty per cent of its allocated budget in assisting stricken communities around the nation, FEMA is doing admirably well in spending over seventy per cent of its budget in defending today’s national government from people who still believe in the Second Amendment and the Second Coming of Christ. < >


FEMA, better than most government agencies nowadays, understands that there is a real and present hatred among the citizenry for the metamorphosis the federal government has undergone in the past half-century, and consequently FEMA was selected as the proper first-option for the dispersion of Military Rule from the Pentagon outward to all communities in the country.


Of course, the Military is big on “command”. Everything has its proper place in the structure of our man-made world. Generals have no value to this nation if they do not have large numbers of privates to command. The private looks up to the Private First Class, who in turn looks up to the lance-corporal, who takes his medicine from the corporal, who obeys the sergeant, who obeys the Staff-Sergeant, and on and on it goes right up to the top. All US soldiers and military personnel are under the command of Clinton. Clinton is my (Cohen’s) boss. I (Cohen) run the Pentagon. The Pentagon now runs FEMA, the NSA, the Justice Department, and indeed, all lower aspects of enforcement right down to your local cop on the beat. You have noticed, I trust, that your local police force has been gradually militarized, so that today all police forces are extensions of Pentagonal policy, capable of enacting military-styled operations against child-pornographers, 2nd Amendment nuts, religious zealots, and drug abusers. All those sorts of people are potential terrorists, so it is a good thing that your police forces are now extensions of federal policies.


Since you the people would probably react negatively were I to say that we now have a “chain of command” in place which is designed to extend federal mandates all the way from the Pentagon down to every local police department, with all local, state and federal agencies sandwiched into that chain of command, I will not call it a “chain of command”. That could tend to let a nasty cat out of the bag, eh? So I will just say that we now have an “unequivocal and unambiguous chain of responsibility, authority, and accountability”. Of course, that is exactly what a chain of command is and does, but I’m banking on the fact that most voting Americans today will not pause to reflect on that.


This is a great and grand moment in American history, a moment in which the federal powers can truly see the end of their struggle to establish a totalitarian military-industrial corporate police-state with an unbroken and uncontested chain of command over the entire nation. This progress is bound to improve our standing in the United Nations. It is a proud moment for the “establishment”. Much useless and frivolous freedom has been allowed to exist in America in the past, but now we have hope of finally containing that nonsense. Now we are poised to get down to business!


Of course, as we would rightly expect, if the Pentagon is going to fulfill its obligations as the top seat of power in this national chain of command, it has to have some say about how it’s policies and directives are lived up to by subordinate agencies. Clinton has outlined the Pentagon’s authority with his near-genius reinterpretation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. He has further fortified the Pentagon’s authority to manage civil planes of life in America with a series of significant executive orders, not to mention the genius of “Presidential Decision Directive-25″, which gave the Pentagon authority to show up at Waco and turn tanks, helicopters, and Delta Force military sharpshooters against those rebellious Christian constitutionalists.


Never mind that McCaffrey claims the Justice Department doesn’t work for the Pentagon. That is false info. All government, be it local, state, or federal, now has a proper place in the structure of the national military/police state, and that State is paying the Pentagon nicely to preserve it’s glorious reign and rule.


Govlish: Fourth, our military response efforts will be grounded primarily in the National Guard and Reserve. In contrast to their more familiar role of reinforcing active-duty forces overseas, our guard and reserve are the forward-deployed forces here at home. Special National Guard teams are being positioned around the nation to advise and assist communities upon request.


Translation: We will not, however, be sending in the Marines just yet. Our hope is to use the Military simply to back up the National Guard and Reserve, who in turn will reinforce local and state enforcement agencies as they attempt to carry out their directives from the Pentagon. We are presently indoctrinating portions of the National Guard with the proper Govlish interpretations on Military directives. However, should enough people resist the National Guard, the State Patrol, the State Bureaus of Investigation, the Sheriff’s offices and Police Departments, well, by God, we just might have to send in the Marines. It’s up to you the people.


Govlish: Finally, we must not and trample on American lives and liberties in the name of preserving them. Fears about the military’s role in domestic affairs are unfounded, as evidenced by a long history of reasonable and successful military support to communities ravaged by natural disasters, such as fire and flood.


Translation:  Of course you all know what this means, but just for the record and for the sake of appearances, when a combat boot slams down upon your burning neck and a rifle butt jabs your prone rib-cage, you may take heart in the knowledge that your own Secretary of Defense has sworn publicly that the US Military will not interfere with domestic affairs. After all, has not the Military been helpful in the restoration of order following hurricanes and other acts of natural disaster? Of course it has. You have no valid reason to resist the Military presence and command in your hometown or county. Remember, we are the good guys.


Riot police stand watch near a protest demonstration outside the Republican National Convention in downtown TampaHowever, I would just like to note in passing that it is a little unfair that I would even have to address your fears about the Military’s presence in your hometowns. You’ll hurt my feelings if such rumors persist! Please feel ashamed for bringing that up.


Govlish: As in the past, any military support will be precisely that — support. Both legal and practical considerations demand it. The Posse Comitatus Act and the Defense Department’s implementing policies are clear — the military is not to conduct domestic law enforcement without explicit statutory authority, and we strongly believe no changes should be made to Posse Comitatus. Also clear is that the military’s unique assets are most valuable when used to supplement — not supplant — continuing federal, state or local efforts. This is one of the reasons we are helping to train the local emergency “first responders” in 120 cities under a program mandated by Congress and now being transferred to the Justice Department.


Translation: The US Military has never taken over this country before, so why should you worry that it wishes to do so now? (Aside, to the speech-writer…..”hehehe!”) Despite the fact that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was specifically made a part of federal law to prevent the sort of horror which happened at Waco, under Klinton’s reinterpretation of “The Law”, there is now seen to exist a perfect bypass around Posse Comitatus.
< >


Therefore, we can smugly say that there is no need to alter or violate the Posse Comitatus Act. Under today’s structure of Statist totalitarianism the Pentagon can simply do as the President orders. It is our hope that you will not be alarmed by our establishing a hundred and twenty military logistics and command centers in a hundred and twenty American cities and townships. We shall make every endeavor to keep you from having to actually see military troops in your communities. Toward that end we have militarized your police forces and established their subserviency to federal/Pentagonal mandates and policies, that they, instead of front-line troops, can enforce our government’s laws.


Of course, eventually we will have to use troops to meet the additional needs for manpower as we draw the net on those terrorists. It is not out of the question to imagine military checkpoints at all state lines and school zones. Having to submit to body searches in grocery-store parking lots should not really disturb your wives to any great degree. Just remember, any of your neighbors could be a child-pornographer, a doper, a 2nd Amendment advocate, or a far-right Christian. One never knows! We may have to inspect everyone to sort out the potential terrorists. But don’t forget, it’s for the children.


End translation of Secretary of Defense William Cohen’s “Grave New World” Govlish speech.


So there we have a prime example of Govlish in action, a twin to the Govlish speech by Barry McCaffrey. The Drug Czar was faced with admitting publicly that all the billions of dollars spent, and all the millions of citizens who were jailed and otherwise deprived of their freedoms, rights, properties, and Constitutionally-protected status as citizens, and even all the Americans who were murdered by enforcement agencies over this insane War On Drugs, all were spent/abused/murdered for nothing, as the national government now knows that it has lost the War On Drugs. McCaffrey’s Govlish speech-writers found a palatable (for him and his statist ilk) way to change the rules of the game and simply say that it was not, after all, a “War” On Drugs.


When Cohen was forced to take the heat of announcing the underwriting of all law enforcement agencies at all levels of American government by none other than the US Military, his Govlish speech-writers came up with an incredible mis-representation of the truth of that government move, claiming it was necessary for the Pentagon to run this country in the event of a state of “national emergency”, which as current national law presently stands can be issued and proclaimed to be in effect by the commander in chief of all Armed Forces, say, someone like the sex-addict, Bill Clinton.


Briefly, let’s look at what we’ve learned about Govlish. Here is a list which comes to mind.


Nature and characteristics of Govlish:


A.  Govlish always says less than it really means. Therefore, anyone speaking Govlish around you knows something which he feels it would be better not to tell you.


B. Govlish makes use of cultural-shock catchwords and psycho-stun phrases as a means of bypassing the common mental defense systems of normal people. Cohen’s use of a disfigured variation on Aldous Huxley’s title, “Brave New World”, was an attempt to sub-consciously establish in our minds an association of the State with a revered and famous writer, thus silently encouraging us to feel that the Government is on our side. The fact that Huxley wrote “The Doors of Perception“, which contradicts intelligently and completely the entire platform of Govlish’s War On Drugs is countered effectively by inserting that unconscious association into our minds.


C. Govlish operates on the presumption that if something is true, it should not be said. (Govlish was invented to displace truth, not herald it.)


D. Govlish is only used successfully when citizens have super-imposed a degree of blind faith and trust over their mental image of their government. Advanced students of Govlish explore new ways in which Govlish can assist in the debunking of the traditional views on peace, prosperity, freedom, self-governance, responsibility, goodness, morality and truth, to name just a few key areas targeted by Govlish. The disintegration of previously known truths, the sorts of things which our founders considered to be apparent and self-evident, is a key objective of Govlish.


E. Govlish makes use of your words to convey its will.


F. Govlish has no inherent definition for the word “is”.


Photo Salon Magazine
Photo Salon Magazine

I’m sure each reader has more characteristics to add to that list already.
I hope that readers have found that deciphering Govlish can be a fun and educational habit. It is easy to find plenty of Govlish to work with. You can get about fifty-million dollars’ worth of Govlish for fifty cents at any newspaper vendor, and of course the national television networks keep a steady stream of Govlish rolling constantly. You’ll find that regularly scheduled radio news broadcasts are also troves of Govlish. In fact, once a person gains a bit of momentum in looking for Govlish, surprisingly, one finds that it is everywhere.


Both speeches used here are available in their entirety. Cohen’s speech was published by the Washington Post Company, at….



Infringement and assault upon the copyrighted article by the Washington Post Company furnished unabashedly by The Mental Militia. Said infringement un-©-ed by Elias Alias, 2000AD.

Copyright Elias Alias 2000 and 2011 AD.


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Barry McCaffrey Govlish Speech

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by Elias Alias, editor * originally published at The Mental Militia forums in 2003 * Updated in April 2016.



Govlish: (McCaffrey) From my perspective, the struggle against illegal drugs is not a “war.” Misplaced battle imagery leads people to expect a conclusive victory. Wars have an end, but drug education–like all schooling–is a continuous process. To reduce the demand for drugs, prevention must be ongoing. Addicted individuals are to be helped, not defeated. They must be held accountable for their actions and offered drug treatment to help change destructive behavior.

English translation: (Elias Alias) We think that you the people will have no trouble at all understanding that the War On Drugs was never an actual war, despite the fact that for half a century the government itself has been calling it a war, and also despite the fact that it has created more than three-quarters of a million political prisoners each year. Americans arrested for violation of anti-marijuana laws alone total more than five million nation-wide just since President Clinton took office. And it is true that our goon-thugs have managed to shoot dead and/or burn to death a goodly number of citizens. It is also true that we have taken at gunpoint countless properties from such people as would defy our Law. But we categorically deny that we have been running a “War”.


We are aware that due to a slight oversight at some of our think-tanks, the media was long ago unwisely asked to bill our aggression out to the public as a “War On Drugs”. The pure, the morally present, the conscientious American, and that American’s elected public officials have all been struggling legally, morally, objectively, but vainly, to turn this tide of popular piddling with illegal drugs. As we have stormed houses, sank boats, shot down aircraft, shot suspects to death, burned homes and property, beat and interrogated countless “enemy” operatives, conducted “Sting” operations on citizens everywhere, flirted with snitches as if they were counter-spies and heroes of our War effort, we really expect you to understand all that for what it is, which is simple federal-level policing in an attempt to enforce The Law. Our only goal has been the peace of drug offenders.

But despite the Army’s involvement at Waco, despite all the armaments and defensive equipage of goon-squads, despite the militarization of civil police forces everywhere, it’s really not been a “War On Drugs”, but merely a social-improvement exercise benevolently bestowed upon the American public as a graceful and tangible benefit returned to the tax-payers. Surely everyone can see this.

SWAT_iiThe DEA has absolutely nothing to do with the Pentagon or the US Military community. (That the DEA wrongfully helped the ATF falsely accuse that strange little church in Texas of drug manufacturing while requesting over a million dollars’ worth of military equipment, armed helicopters and tanks, communications facilities, and Delta Force “advisors” from the Pentagon, was an isolated quirk of miscommunication, a mere aberration of procedure for which no one should rightfully be punished.)

What we used to call the War On Drugs is most certainly not to be seen as the concerted efforts of divisions and regiments of militarily-armed goon squads sent out across the land by competing agencies of intrusive aggression policies against the average tax-paying citizen.

We know and understand that for half a century we have called the situation a “War On Drugs”. But. That is beside the point now.

We simply cannot admit that we lost that “War”. We fear that if we admit defeat we will lose countless government thug-jobs, maybe even entire agencies, as well as a trillion dollars’ worth of covert governmental creative financing. Of course all this could negatively effect the national economy, and thus lead to a state of national emergency, from which only FEMA and the National Security Agency, in lock-step with the Pentagon and the Oval Office, could save us.

We now, in failure’s denial, realize that we cannot possibly win that “War”, so we naturally need to update you on our shifts in perspective here at the top. The War On Drugs will continue as it has since it’s earliest beginnings, expanding in strength and scope daily, but we are going to call it something different. But please do not be concerned. We’re still going to spend billions each year on having our troops stake out, lay siege to, invade and conquer the homes of the omni-present drug offenders, but we’re adding a subtle twist which we hope you understand will be a dandy refinement that can help us spend even more billions of dollars in state-sponsored behavior-modification “treatment centers” for our captured, er, ‘arrested’ POWs, er, ‘criminals’.

There is no reason to fear that the national prison industry will have to suffer a downturn in prison population and a resultant dip in profitability. We realize how costly to business such a problem would be. So our game-plan calls for stepping up the tactical-area-of-responsibility (TAOR) for all Drug War agencies.

However, we will bill this out to the press as “recruitment efforts” (conducted with the persuasive force of gun-bearing troops, naturally, if only to keep up appearances) for the benefit of miserable workers and students who may have succumbed to the temptations of the illegal drug world, the nefarious underground, or the undisciplined counter-culture.

We will have the press stress that the re-education centers project is a free service provided to drug offenders, who qualify for the program by simply being a convicted ex-con. We are preparing already a massive fleet of permanently-moving mobile prison units for some of these “guests of the State”, in addition to “live-in” dorms with the militaristic quaintness and outdoors scenery as available on a number of closed, un-used military bases.

Though it will cost us, we will spare no expense in seeing that prisoners get de-briefed correctly by government guidelines and then get re-implanted psychologically with a value system which would be in greater harmony with the needs and desires of the Corporate Dynasty. We shall not “defeat” those arrogant violators of our sacred law, but instead we shall merely brainwash them in prisons of various types which we shall call “re-education and treatment centers”.

This of course is for society’s own good. The government is a good guy after all. Of course, our prisoners have to be taught a little respect for their loving government, so we will have to confiscate their real worth when we induct them into our program, and we will have to bleed them dry financially as we fatten the coffers of the lawyer population, but we will call that: “teaching responsibility”.

We the State will show you the people that you can always rely upon us to be more powerful than you are. Bow, and know the State’s greatness; submit your error-prone ‘free-will’ to the wisdom of the State. Uncle Sam cares. And yes, please do be willing to go the extra mile when your legislators beseech you to accept a slight increase in taxes to fund our new Drug War POW Re-Education Programs. We must all shoulder the responsibility together. If you find this to be uncomfortable for some reason, just remember, it’s the fault of all those potheads, and NOT your government.
Govlish: Cancer, rather than war, is the more appropriate metaphor for the nation’s drug problem. The key to reducing both is prevention coupled with treatment and research. Slashing drug-use rates will require a sustained effort to change individual and social attitudes. It also will demand fundamental shifts in the way our public health and criminal justice systems deal with chronic addicts. We cannot arrest our way out of the problem. Neither can we make unrealistic promises to solve the drug problem in just a few years or rid the world of drugs entirely. We must be serious and get organized with long-term prevention and treatment programs that work.


Translation: Drug use has spread more inclusively into all levels of American society than we ever anticipated, and as each person has discovered that the government has been lying about marijuana during all these years, it is as if that person were to become by virtue of knowledge a single, mis-shaped “cell” which has gone awry in its behavior in the body of America .


From the clinical, technically-correct view of mass disrespect for the mystique and power-facade of the State, we today prefer to educate the public toward believing that this War On Drugs shall be terminal for the patient, which is you the people. Drug-users’ presence in our society is as malignant and unacceptable as a cancer in your mother’s breast. Under the “Prevention” phase of our program, we can continue to fund huge anti-drug advertising campaigns and reinforce that message by stepping up our Narco Squad militations, our lucrative informant programs, and our DEA invasion tactics. As our arrest numbers have assured you that we’re tirelessly and relentlessly packing the jails and prisons of the nation with fresh Prisoners of War, we acknowledge that we can do even more.


Instead of allowing the offenders to merely pay their debt to society by doing their time, we now can involve them, once released from prison, in re-education programs which can feed untold millions of dollars directly into the private-sector economy. It will, in keeping with the State’s tradition, create an abundance of new jobs for unwitting citizens who see “government jobs” as a sure bet for security, thusly cementing the wreckage brought down upon the lives of the would-be “individual” rebels who would defy our laws.

You may have confidence that your government will not stop until there is a supervisor/counselor/healer assigned to every citizen to help that citizen make of his life a success, (by US Government-recommended standards of course), as an auto-modified person of compliance and subserviency. As you can readily see, this approach will insure that fedgov can continue to vent the economy while redistributing created wealth back into the deserving hands of State employees. We’re sure that even the unions will support this approach.

Of course, while your tax dollars are being wasted by the billions in all this, remember the economic lessons of George Orwell’s little bombshell book, 1984, and know that we are tirelessly committed to keeping the money-pumps running smoothly. And of course, we do not want to guarantee you anything besides the fact that we can stretch this undeclared War On Drugs into eternity. We’ve got a lot of arresting and re-educating to do!

Govlish: The government’s response is only a small part of the national effort to counter illegal drugs. The drug problem is in essence a collection of local epidemics that can best be addressed at the  community level by coalitions of parents, coaches, health professionals and teachers. Our children are most influenced by people they love and admire, rather than by rock stars, celebrities and other remote figures. An adult involved with mentoring can change a child’s life.

Translation: Of course, as we need to fan the flames of ignorance within the ember-beds of American society, we the state shall continue to furnish more ways in which everyone can participate. We fully intend to empower all students to snitch on their parents, who otherwise might escape capture by our excellent covert operatives. We will continue to establish national and local hot lines for snitches, and we can offer added budgetary blessings to athletic departments in schools for random drug testing, to socialist clinicians who are keen on altering people’s mentality in favor of Statist values, and to teachers unions.

The State’s aim is to achieve universal allegiance from each member of every American generation, and our quest begins in the school systems. We also will continue to insure that plot-lines on popular television programs are salted heavily with anti-drug messages. We are asking for adult assistance in the training of a generation’s minds against any predisposition toward experimentation with any substance which might alert a young person to the reality behind the facade of socialized government. We want you to do our job for us, but we want you to keep paying us since we were the ones who wised you up to how this works. You can feel important in helping us keep people off marijuana. Let’s all get that “feel-good-together” feeling in our hearts, and take pride in being involved in the destruction of half of this nation’s lives.
Govlish: Much of the work that needs to be done against drug dependence will take place within the criminal justice system. Drug courts are able to offer treatment in lieu of prison for nonviolent offenders. Drug treatment must be married to legal coercion if America’s 5 million hard-core users are to be stopped from ruining their lives at great cost to our country in terms of overcrowded courts and prisons, spiraling health-care costs and violent criminal behavior. Strict law enforcement, combined with humane and intelligent policy, is the answer to the enormous public safety problem posed by drug dependence.

Translation: The government is leading the way for all of us. The criminal justice system is still a growing industry, so we will continue to hire more cops and oath-breaking thugs and further develop our powers over the average citizen, as you would want us to do. But we can create a side-industry called loosely, “drug treatment centers”, and that industry will also be doubly important as it generates new jobs and also provides another area wherein many citizens can blindly promote the State’s power. The neo-con Christian Right should love this. People like working for the government, as we offer a good bennies package. Such people also like to play their self-righteous games of one-up-man-ship over their neighbors, which helps them feel that they are contributing to the greatness of America. These workers will justly feel in some way as if they were extensions of the real govgoon squads, and will enjoy their dedicated efforts in forcing loyalty to the State upon all resistors, while impeccably caring for their fates as individuals.

We shall continue to feed the prison industry in this country and others, as it benefits the economy of the Corporate Dynasty. However, just when we thought we were out of ideas, it now occurs to us that we can pick up on drug-law convicts as they are released from prison following the serving of their “time”, and can, at great public cost, enroll them in a new system of “re-education” camps, er, *centers*. This program will doubtless create many new jobs in the private sector, as each *center* will need State-made doctors and psychologists, nurses, clinicians, admin personnel, clerks and communications specialists as well as additional guards and a host of related jobs.

In the absence of War, we can vent this economy domestically by simply continuing to pour more billions into the expansion and diversification of all sectors in the War on Drugs. The fact that such approach strengthens the centralization of fedgov powers is merely a benign coincidence. The enrolled ex-convict drug-law offenders will be treated with as much respect as the Geneva Convention suggests would befit any Prisoner Of War. Our mental programming will treat each “after-prison prisoner” in an officially humane and intelligent manner.

As the Justice Department has already ruined their lives by incarceration and confiscation and withdrawal of “rights”, our excuse to further detain these hapless citizens lies embodied in the greater good they can do society by their participation in a multi-billion dollar re-education experiment, which will be completely government-funded and destined for future privatization, and which will be created in liaison with the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA. The object is to make them subject and keep them subject, and if that takes a part of every earned dollar in America, so be it. It is a small price to pay for influencing affluency.

[Elias Alias note: The paragraph by McCaffrey, above contains a Govlish “boo-boo”. It is a violation of the Govlish ethic that McCaffrey let slip the two-word phrase, “legal coercion”. Govlish almost never says what it truly means. This sort of error is very rare.]


Govlish: The indirect campaign to legalize drugs has tried to manipulate the issues of “medical marijuana” and “harm reduction.” This approach should offend America’s sense of integrity. The welfare of children must come first. Reducing drug abuse is in our country’s most fundamental interest.

Translation: Any system of leverage which might appear friendly to libertarian and “individualist” or “sovereign” ideology must be denied the citizenry, no matter how ridiculous it appears to be. What is the suffering of a few terminal cancer and aids patients compared to an entire generation of American children? Hey, so you got cancer and you say it hurts and you mistakenly believe that smoking a joint helps you gain some temporary relief from the symptomatic pains of cancer. Listen, life is hard, you know?

Surely you must understand why the State cannot possibly be reasonable about medical marijuana. It has nothing to do with the fact that nobody dies from smoking marijuana, or that marijuana has been smoked with no ill effects around this planet for countless centuries by a huge percentage of the earth’s population, or that the plant itself might have a Natural right to inclusion in this Universal garden, if some God did indeed create this earth and everything therein, or even if it’s genetic struggle through carbonated stardust and eons of quantum warp space simply mathematically configured its existence on this planet as a grace of time itself. This can only demonstrate the fact that the national government is asserting ownership of each citizen’s mind and body and intrusion-rights into both, in seeking to control drug-related choices among the biological citizenry.

The point is that the very concept of “medical marijuana” flies in the face of everything Govlish has been preaching to the public for over a half a century, and it is not profitable for this government to subscribe to any truth which would cost our economy the countless jobs and governmental power-structures we stand to lose should Uncle Sam cease and desist with the War on Drugs. Just think of yourselves as making a noble sacrifice for your government, and take the pain.

We’ve by God been swearing for over half a century that marijuana is bad for people, and no matter what the doctor-patient relationship reveals in reality, that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it. To the lily-livered overly-sensitized and misled crusaders who suggest that the criminal damage wrought upon the lives of all students busted for marijuana, or upon the working folk so busted, is actually a greater harm to those individuals’ lives than a few tokes on a joint, I would simply say that you need to learn how to restore your faith in your elected leadership and the great American way. Your government cares about the slightest threats to your health and happiness. Your government forbids to you the use of certain drugs because your government loves you.

Reducing drug abuse will automatically save the children. As you know children rank a close “second” just below the economy in governmental priority.

We also know that it is an impediment toward the successful indoctrination of Statist principles to permit our students to presume any far-fetched “right” to alter their minds. Those minds belong to the State, as they constitute the State’s “citizenry”. It is absurd to imagine a State without its citizenry, and marijuana is known to undo years’ worth of dedicated conditioning and programming of young minds in the State’s educational systems. Marijuana advocates are trying to make the American national government look like a big, unjust bully. America is really the best friend any citizen has. Even though I’ve said we cannot arrest our way out of the drug problem, I swear to you that we will spare no expense to make the best dent in popular cultural mores that money can buy.
~ ~ ~

End translation of Drug Czar McCaffrey’s Govlish speech.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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State Sovereignty

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State Sovereignty


by Elias Alias  May 08 2013; updated April 05 2016



In our writings here at The Mental Militia the reader will encounter the word “state” used with different meanings. When the word uses a lower-case “s”, as in “state”, we are denoting, generally, a “government”. When the word uses a capital “S”, as in “State”, we are denoting a political entity, such as any of the “several States”. Michigan is a State; the government of Michigan (and any or all other States) is the “state”.


Here we want to note that in a transition made through revolution, Colonies became States. Each Colony, in becoming a State, created its own Constitution, created its own system of law, of weights and measures, system of autonomous infrastructure, monetary system, and indeed all the systems of governance properly belonging to a nation-State Republic.


The thirteen Colonies became thirteen sovereign nation-States and acted as such under the Articles of Confederation until the ratification of the Constitution for the united States of America. That is the basis for what we call “the Union”, as in the United States.


Under the Articles of Confederation each confederate State possessed its own sovereignty. Each State may be described as being at that time a “sovereign nation-State Republic”. It was a confederation of nation-State Republics. Those nation-State Republics were duly empowered by their peoples’ own respective autonomy and sovereignty to delegate representatives to the convention which became the Constitutional Convention. Their delegates are the signers of the Constitution.


As such, the States’ delegates acted on the authority which derived from the sovereignty of their respective States. As such, said delegates were “authorized” to sign onto the Compact which we now call the Constitution for the united States of America.


Bearing that in mind, let us now look at something from a speech given by John C. Calhoun, a Southern statesman and the fifth Vice-President of the United States, who authored the Fort Hill Address in 1831.


In that speech Calhoun notes –


The error is in the assumption that the General government was party to the compact.


He is saying that the General (Federal) government was not a party with the several States in the actual compact which the States signed. And when we look into the matter, we notice that indeed no one signed the Constitution on behalf of the General (Federal) government. That is history, and it is huge.


I say it is huge because it shows clearly that the several States created the General (Federal) government. That means that the Federal government, despite its modern-day attitude toward the States, did not create the States, was not present when the Colonies became States, was not present at the Constitutional Convention, and, finally, did not have a representative within the compact’s delegate pool sent forth by the States.


No one from, or representing, the General government signed the U.S. Constitution – because the General government did not exist until the States signed it into being.


Much has been, and shall yet be, said on the subject of State sovereignty. It is pleasing to note that our friend, “Sheriff Richard Mack” of the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association), won a law suit against the Federal government in a 1997 Supreme Court decision which stands today as a major States rights decision.


In Mack/Printz vs USA (Bill Clinton administration) 1997 Justice Scalia wrote for the majority opinion. A synopsis of that writing is in a pamphlet distributed by Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). Here are some highlights from Sheriff Mack’s pamphlet –


(Justice Scalia, writing)


It is incontestable that the Constitution established a system of “dual sovereignty” Gregory v Ashcroft, 501 U.S. 452, 457 (1991); Tuflin v Levitt, 493 U.S. 455, 458 (1990). Although the States surrendered many of their powers to the new Federal Government, they retained “a residuary and inviolable sovereignty.” The Federalist No. 39, at 245 (J. Madison).

Residual state sovereignty was also implicit, of course, in the Constitution’s conferral upon Congress of not all governmental powers, but only discrete, enumerated ones, Article I, Section 8, which implication was rendered express by the Tenth Amendment’s assertion that “[t]he powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Framers’ experience under the Articles of Confederation had persuaded them that using the States as the instruments of federal governance was both ineffectual and provocative of federal state conflict.

The Framers rejected the concept of a central government that would act upon and through the States, and instead designed a system in which the state and federal governments would exercise concurrent authority over the people.

The great innovation of this design was that our citizens would have two political capacities, one state and one federal, each protected from incursion by the other “- – “a legal system unprecedented in form and design, establishing two orders of government, each with its own direct relationship, its own privity, its own set of mutual rights and obligations to the people who sustain it and are governed by it.” U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v Thornton, 514 U.S. 779, 838 (1995) (Kennedy, J., concurring). The Constitution thus contemplates that a State’s government will represent and remain accountable to its own citizens.

As Madison expressed it: “[T]he local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the supremacy, no more subject, within their respective spheres, to the general authority than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.” The Federalist No. 39, at 245.

This separation of the two spheres is one of the “Constitution’s structural protections of liberty. “Just as the separation and independence of the coordinate branches of the Federal Government serve to prevent the accumulation of excessive power in any one branch, a healthy balance of power between the States and the Federal Government will reduce the risk of tyranny and abuse from either front.”

Hence a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that eachwill be controlled by itself. The Federalist No. 51, at 323.

The power of the Federal Government would be augmented immeasurably if it were able to impress into its service – and at no cost to itself – the police officers of the 50 States.


(end, Justice Scalia writing in majority opinion, Mack/Printz v USA 1997)


So there we see a Supreme Court landmark decision clearly stating that there is to be a proper balance between the sovereignty of the newly-created General government and the reserved sovereignty of the respective several States which created the General government.


At the bottom of any argument regarding States’ rights vs Federal supremacy, the most important thing is an understanding of what the word sovereignty means.


The word sovereignty indicates the supreme authority.  In matters of political and/or governmental power it was, in olden times, the authority of the King, over which no power within his realm could stand in opposition. The King’s word was the law of the land, and no one held any higher power or authority. Down through the Centuries various titles of sovereignty have existed, and by the time of the 18th Century a King of England ruled with undisputed sovereignty over the British Empire. The King we are most concerned with was King George, against whom the thirteen Colonies rebelled and revolted.


The successful American Revolution displaced any authority of the King of England and supplanted it with a brand new concept — the concept of individual sovereignty, in which, for the first time in history, the individual soul enmeshed in a human body and born with unalienable rights was seen to be the ultimate source of sovereignty. It is called “Freedom”. It is called “Liberty”.  It harbors the source of dignity. It harbors potential inherent in every individual born. And, less often than it should be, it is called “Personal Responsibility”. It is also called “Self-governance”.


All of those concepts — mental abstractions — are inextricably associated with what our Founders called “Unalienable Rights”. The principle was based on a perception of a “Creator”, referred to as “Nature or Nature’s God”. The idea held that the Creator endowed mankind with “unalienable rights”, and as such those rights were not to be subjected to any man-made government. That goes straight to the Original Intent of this nation’s Founders.


So the sequence of sovereignty originated with “Nature or Nature’s God” and moved immediately without interruption into the Soul of Man at the individual level. This sovereignty could be extended outward from each individual who wished to participate in the creation of a state or state-government, which the Colonists did during the Revolution, into a collective agreement or contract which would empower that collective to become a “State”. The Colonies became States by this process as individuals extended a small portion of each one’s personal sovereignty into the collective pool of sovereignty, which empowered and authorized and legitimized for most practical purposes a State’s autonomy as a governing body.


Finally, the several sovereign States delegated representatives who would create and ratify the Constitution for the united States of America, thusly creating, by extension of personal sovereignty and State sovereignty, a General government which we today call the Federal Government. The sovereignty which would empower and authorize the General government originated in “We The People” and came through their States. The sovereignty of the States in compact represented the sovereignty of each State’s individual citizen, who thereupon, as Justice Scalia has noted, then had two governmental protections, a system of “dual sovereignty”.


Let’s close this article with a brief video presentation on the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions which will show clearly how this system of dual sovereignty protects all individual Americans today, using their States as their rightful interposition between Federal mischief and “We The People”.

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(This article was first posted at the Oath Keepers national website.)


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Jordan Page Music

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Jordan Page!

The Mental Militia is pleased to recommend Jordan Page as a strong minstrel for the Mental Revolution. Here is just one reason why —

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]That video above has been re-mastered and perfected professionally and is available in its best version for just $2.00 at Jordan’s website. When we buy his song, we’re helping fund the work of a great patriot who wields his guitar like a weapon for our side in the MindWar.

In April, 2016, Jordan, a strong supporter of The Mental Militia, is busy doing a fund-raising project to secure production of the video for Arm Yourselves/Act III as well as the Ballad of LaVoy Finicum. Jordan has designed three sharp “Arm Yourselves” shirts, one each for his own triptych —

Spirit * Resistance * Truth

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This is the first of three limited edition Arm Yourselves shirt designs!  Take a stand for what you believe in and rock this shirt proudly.  All proceeds will go toward the upcoming video for Arm Yourselves, Jordan Page’s explosive new gun rights anthem, and for recording costs for The Ballad of Lavoy Finicum and subsequent video as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”]


This is the second of three limited edition Arm Yourselves shirt designs!  Flex your right to keep and bear arms and rock this shirt proudly.  All proceeds will go toward the upcoming video for Arm Yourselves, Jordan Page’s explosive new gun rights anthem, and for recording costs for The Ballad of Lavoy Finicum and subsequent video as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text css_animation=”right-to-left”]


This is the last of three limited edition Arm Yourselves shirt designs!  All you Infowarriors out there, this one is for you. A truth remembered is a battle won. All proceeds will go toward the upcoming video for Arm Yourselves, Jordan Page’s explosive new gun rights anthem, and for recording costs for The Ballad of Lavoy Finicum and subsequent video as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top”]These shirts are available at the following dedicated links, where you can also see the lyrics from his song “Arm Yourselves” on the backs of the shirts, there being different lyrics on each of the three shirt styles, a line for Spirit, for Resistance, and for Truth. Awesome!

Let’s give Jordan some clicks, and send him some bucks. Our thanks to all who help Jordan produce masterful work for the cause of freedom.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Jordan Page is a multi-faceted activist, working in the Ron Paul Revolution and also lending his talent to Oath Keepers.

This video is from an original article written by Jason Van Tatenhove and posted at Oath Keepers on September 13, 2015.

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Jordan Page is now on Patreon!

To learn about that click

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All TMM Intel News Readers Regiment


April 1, 2016.  The outline and notes produced by Quintus Dias from research on the subject for online radio presentation.  The planned show is scheduled to air live April 4th, 2016 at The Microeffect Radio Network 9am – 11am MST, hosts Cyrellys and Victor of Manticore Group and The Mental Militia.

(Click angled double arrow icon at bottom right to jump this to full screen for easier reading.)

Lessons from the syrian war from Cyrellys Geibhendach


Quintus Dias grew up in Europe and holds five academic degrees.  He has a a BA in Law and Justice, and MAs in Criminal Justice and Government/International Relations and Security Issues.  His career includes stints as a professional aircraft pilot, law officer, criminal investigator, and criminal intelligence agent/analyst.  He has also served as a nuclear security officer, business executive, chief of police, as a college professor in criminology, international security affairs, and as the director of an emergency services training academy.  He is currently retired and resides in New Mexico.  His research work and commentary is regularly featured as a member of Manticore Group, a private research and analysis group.

Hidden History Language Loves Thought System MindWar PSYOP Readers Regiment Spirit Soul Psyche

Random Bibliography

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2157″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”bottom-to-top”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”]Editor’s Note: Here is a starting lineup of books from my personal stash. These are in no particular order, except that several have been moved to the top of this list to help ensure they are not overlooked. This collection, and others I’ve yet to type in here, speak to the formation of my personal perspective, and I want to share the titles with all Mentalitians. Some are source books, others are glimpses into the mysteries of life; all are of some import to someone, as they have been to me. Some titles listed below are found in  more than one category.




Ammo For The Readers’ Regiment


A Random Bibliography in No Particular Order

Political and Governmental


Pieces Of Eight: The Monetary Powers And Disabilities Of The United States Constitution, Volumes One and Two; by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., A.B. Harvard College, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), J.D. (Harvard Law School);  copyright 2002 by Edwin Vieira, Jr.; GoldMoney Foundation Special Edition 2011;  printed in USA by RR Donnelley & Sons, Inc., Chicago, Illinois; ISBN: 0-9671759-1-7; LCCCN: 2001126515. (Vol. 1 and 2 combined total 1,722 pages in hard-cover.)

How To Dethrone The Imperial Judiciary by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; Copyright 2004-2005 Vision Forum Ministries; Content Copyright 2004-2005 The Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis, and Education Foundation and Dr. Edwin Vieira; Vision Forum Ministries, 4719 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78212,
ISBN: 10 0-9755264-1-3; ISBN: 13 078-0-9755264-1-5.

Constitutional “Homeland Security”: Volume 1: The Nation In Arms
by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copyright 2007 by Edwin Vieira, Jr.; Bookmasters, Inc., 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, Ohio 44805; International Standard Book Number (10): 0-9671759-2-5; International Standard Book Number (13): 978-0-9671759-2-8.

The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of “the Militia of the Several States” (Constitutional Homeland Security, Volume 2) Multimedia CD – 2012;  by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copyright 2012 by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. (This is a pdf on a disc; has not been printed as a book yet.) Buy your copy at Amazon  <Here>

BY TYRANNY OUT OF NECESSITY: The Bastardy Of ‘Martial Law’ (Constitutional Homeland Security, Volume 3); by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copyright 2014 by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; printed in the United States of America by BookMasters, Inc., 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, Ohio 44805; ISBN (10): 0-9671759-7-6; ISBN (13): 978-0-9671759-7-3

THREE RIGHTS by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copyright 2013 by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; printed by BookMasters, Inc., Ashland, Ohio; ISBN: (10) 0-9671759-6-8; ISBN: (13) 978-0-9671759-6-6

THIRTEEN WORDS by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; copyright 2013 by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; printed in USA by BookMasters, Inc., Ashland, Ohio; ISBN (10): 0-9671759-5-X; ISBN (13): 978-0-9671759-5-9.

TECHNOCRACY RISING: THE TROJAN HORSE OF GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION by Patrick M. Wood; copyright 2015 by Patrick M. Wood; Coherent Publishing, P.O. Box 21269, Mesa, Arizona 85277; ; ISBN: 978-0-9863739-0-9.

THE AMERICAN DEEP STATE:  Wall Street, big oil, and the attack on U.S. democracy; by Peter Dale Scott; copyright 2015 by Peter Dale Scott; published by Rowman & Littlefield, 4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, Maryland 20706; ISBN: 978-1-4422-1424-8


by Michael E. LeMieux; copyright 2007 by Michael E. LeMieux; published by PublishAmerica, LLLP,; Baltimore; ISBN: 1-60441-785-4.

by G. Edward Griffin; copyright 1998, 1995, 1994 by G. Edward Griffin; ninth printing September 1999; published by American Media, P.O. Box 4646, Westlake Village, California 19349-1646; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 95-80322; ISBN softcover: 0-912986-21-2; ISBN hardcover: 0-912986-32-8.


by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano; copyright 2006 by Andrew P. Napolitano; published by Nelson Current, a division of a wholly owned subsidiary (Nelson Communications, Inc.) of Thomas Nelson, Inc., in Nashville, Tennessee; email:

by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano; foreword by Ron Paul; copyright 2010 by Andrew P. Napolitano; published in Nashville, Tennessee by Thomas Nelson, a trademark of Thomas Nelson, Inc.; ISBN: 978-1-59555-266-2.

by Sheriff Richard Mack; copyright by Richard Mack 2009;; published by Sheriff Mack, P.O. Box 971, Pima, Arizona 85543.

ARE YOU A DAVID? AMERICA’S LAST HOPE VOLUME II by Sheriff Richard Mack; copyright 2014 by Richard Mack; printed in USA by MC Printing, Provo, Utah; ISBN: 978-0-9848856-1-9.

by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; copyright 2010 by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; published by Regenery Publishing, Inc., One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001,; ISBN: 978-1-59698-149-2.

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The Anti-Federalist Papers: And The Constitutional Convention Debates
edited by Ralph Ketcham; copyright 1986 by Ralph Ketcham; published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Putnam, Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY, 10014; LCCCN: 86-61331.

THE INQUIRY: THE HISTORY OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR) by Peter Grose; published on the CFR website in the History section at

by Daniel Ellsberg; copyright 2002 by Daniel Ellsberg; published by the Penguin Group, Penguin Putnam Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, USA; ISBN: 0-670-03030-9.

The Pentagon Papers
As leaked to and published by the New York Times in 1971; copyright 1971 by the New York Times; cloth edition available Quadrangle Books, Inc., 12 E. Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois 60611; published by Bantam Books, Inc., 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin; Executive Intelligence Review; Washington, D.C.; 1992.Fascimile Edition – Reprinted and copyrighted 2004 by, an imprint of “Tree of Life Books”; P.O. Box 126; Joshua Tree, CA 92252; Second printing February 2005; ISBN: 0-930852-92-3. Original edition 1992: ISBN: k0-943235-05-7; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 91-78005; EIB 92-002; Executive Intelligence Review, P.O. Box 17390, Washington, D.C. 20041-0390. Note: This book is presently available online for free reading and downloading at:

Treason In America: From Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman,
by Anton Chaitkin; publisher: Executive Intelligence Review, P.O. Box 17390, Washington, DC, 20041-0390; ISBN: 0-943235-00-6 (Previoius ISBN: 0-933488-32-7; copyright 1984 and 1985 by New Benjamin Franklin House; copyright 1998 by Executive Intelligence Review.

The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis
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by Zbigniew Brzezinski; copyright 1997 by Zbigniew K. Brzezinski; published by Basic Books, a division of Perseus Books Group; ISBN: (cloth: 0-465-02725-3) (paper: 0-465-02726-1).

Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era
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ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand; copyright 1957 by Ayn Rand; introduction copyright 1992 by Leonard Peikoff; published by Penguin Group, (SIGNET), Penguin Books USA, Inc.,375 Hudson Street, New York, New York, 10014; No ISBN in my paperback copy.


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Brave New World
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Dreaming War: Blood For Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta
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by Gore Vidal; copyright 2002 by Gore Vidal; published by Thunder’s Mouth Press / Nation Books, 161 William Street., 16th Floor, New York, New York 10038; ISBN: 1-56025-405-X.


The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power
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The Agenda: Inside The Clinton White House
by Bob Woodward; copyright 1994 by Bob Woodward; Simon And Schuster, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, New York 10020; ISBN: 0-671-86486-6.



THE OMINOUS PARALLELS by Leonard Peikoff; copyright 1982 by Leonard Peikoff; published by The Penguin Group, Penguin Putnam, Inc., 275 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014; foreword by Ayn Rand; no isbn in my paperback copy; Library of Congress Number: 83-60247.




False Flags, Conspiracy, and 9/11 Truth


by Michael C. Ruppert; foreword by Catherine Austin Fitts; copyright 2004 by Michael C. Ruppert; New Society Publishers, P.O. Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC VOR 1XO, Canada, 1-800-567-6772 FREE.




Second Amendment


GUN LAWS OF MONTANA by Gary Marbut; copyright 2003 by Gary Marbut; published by Montana Publishing, P.O. Box 16106, Missoula, Montana 59808; ISBN: 0-9747798-0-6; First printing December 2003. Gary Marbut is President of Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA;






WITH NO APOLOGIES by Senator Barry Goldwater; copyright 1979 by Barry Goldwater; published by William Morrow And Company, Inc.; 105 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016; ISBN: 0-688-03547-7.

Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles
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GANDHI: His Life and Message for the World
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by Walter Isaacson; copyright 2003 by Walter Isaacson; published by Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020; ISBN: 0-684-80761-0 and 0-7432-5807-X (paperback). Walter Isaacson is the president of the Aspen Institute and has been the chairman and CEO of CNN and managing editor of Time Magazine. He also authored Kissinger: A Biography.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
copyright 1961 by L. Jesse Lemisch; from The Collection of Biography and Autobiography; published by New American Library, 1633 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 10019; First printing 1985; No ISBN in my copy.











Holy Bible, King James Version


by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1966 by Carroll Quigley; first published by Macmillan, New York; current publisher: GSG and Associates, Post Office Box 590, San Pedro, California, 90733; phone – 310-548-3455; Library of Congress catalog card member: 65-13589.

The Anglo-American Establishment
by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1981 by Books In Focus, Inc., P.O. Box 3481, Grand Central Station, New York, New York 10163; published by Books In Focus, Inc.; ISBN: 0-916728-50-1.



by W. Cleon Skousen; copyright 1970 by W. Cleon Skousen; published by W. Cleon Skousen, Salt Lake City, Utah; No ISBN. This book is a review of Professor Carroll Quigley’s “TRAGEDY AND HOPE”. [EA Note: W. Cleon Skousen also wrote the book “The Naked Communist” which reached the national Best Seller List in 1961. Skousen spent sixteen years with the FBI, four years as Chief of Police in Salt Lake City, and ten years editorial director of the nation’s leading police magazine, “Law And Order”, and seven years as a University professor, BYU. He received his LLB (Law) degree from George Washington University in Washington D.C. and was admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia.]

THE SHADOWS OF POWER: THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE AMERICAN DECLINE by James Perloff; copyright 1988 by James Perloff ; Western Islands Publishers, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912 920-749-3780, ; ISBN: 0-88279-134-6.

America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
by Antony C. Sutton; copyright 1983, 1986, 2002 by Antony C. Sutton; published by Trine Day * P.O. Box 577 * Walterville, Oregon 97489, telephone: 1-800-556-2012 FREE * ; ISBN: 0-9720207-4-8 (paper) and 0-9720207-0-5 (hardcover). Note: Antony C. Sutton was a research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, from 1968 to 1973. He is a former economics professor at California State University at Los Angeles. He was educated at the University of London, the University of Gottingen, and the University of California. He obtained his D.Sc. degree from the University of Southampton, England.








Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed The World
by Margaret MacMillan; foreword by Richard Holbrooke; copyright 2001 by Margaret MacMillan; foreword copyright 2002 by Richard Holbrooke; maps copyright 2002 by Jaffrey L. Ward; published by Random House Trade Paperbacks, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York; ISBN: 0-375-76052-0.


A People’s History Of The United States: 1492 To Present
by Howard Zinn; copyright 1980, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2003 by Howard Zinn; published by: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022; ISBN: 978-0-06-083865-2 (pbk).

LEO STRAUSS AND THE POLITICS OF AMERICAN EMPIRE by Anne Norton; Yale University Press, New Haven and London; copyright 2004 by Anne Norton; ISBN: (Hardbound 0-300-104367); (Paperback 0-300-10973-3).


Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor
by Robert B. Stinnett; TOUCHSTONE, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020; Simon & Schuster, Inc.; copyright in 2000 by Robert B. Stinnett; ISBN: 0-684-85339-6; paperback ISBN: 0-7432-0129-9.


The Soong Dynasty by Sterling Seagrave; copyright 1985 by Sterling Seagrave; Harper And Rowe, New York; ISBN: 0-06-015308-3.

by Gore Vidal; copyright 1973; Ballentine Books, with Random House; ISBN: 0-345-33921-5.


by Henry Ford, Sr.; “Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles Appearing in The Dearborn Independent From May 22 to October 2, 1920″. Reprinted 2004 by Liberty Bell Productions, PO Box 890, York, SC, 29745; ; 803-684-4408; ISBN: 1-59364-018-8.  Elias Alias Note: TMM does not recommend anyone buy this book. I only bought it to verify that Henry Ford did indeed write the thing. I could not read it for the vitriolic depravity which spilled out of Henry Ford’s mind into the wording of the book. It is an embarrassment to the human race, a volume of bigotry unleashed. As such, it is merely a reference book.

Mark Twain On The Damned Human Race
copyright 1962 by Janet Smith; published by Hill And Wang, New York; special edition 1994; ISBN: 1-56619-526-8.


GANDHI: His Life and Message for the World
by Louis Fischer; copyright 1954 and copyright renewed 1982 by Louis Fischer; a Mentor book, published by Signet, an imprint of Dutton Signet, division of Penguin Books USA Inc.; LCCCN: 82-61771.


by Henry David Thoreau; edited by Philip Van Doren Stern; copyright 1970 by Philip Van Doren Stern; published by Marboro Books Corp., a division of Barnes & Noble Books; ISBN 0-88029-931-2.


THE OMINOUS PARALLELS by Leonard Peikoff; copyright 1982 by Leonard Peikoff; published by The Penguin Group, Penguin Putnam, Inc., 275 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014; foreword by Ayn Rand; no isbn in my paperback copy; Library of Congress Number: 83-60247.





CIA and Intelligence Community



ACID DREAMS by Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain; copyright 1985; Grove Press Edition ISBN: 0394-55013-7; Evergreen Edition 1985 ISBN: 0-394-62081-X.


The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade
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by Terry Reed; copyright 1994 by Terry Reed and John Cummings; Shapolsky Publishers, Inc., 136 West 22nd Street, New York, New York 10011; 212-633-2022; ISBN: 1-56171-249-3.

The Crimes Of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA
by Jonathan Kwitny; W.W. Norton & Company, New York and London; copyright 1987 by Jonathan Kwitny; ISBN: 0-393-02387-7. (Mr. Kwitny is a writer for the Wall Street Journal.)

THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE by Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks; copyright 1974 by Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks; a Borzoi Book, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; ISBN: 0-394-48239; First edition; Library of Congress number: 74-4995. (Victor Marchetti was Executive Assistant to the Director of Clandestine Services at CIA; John D. Marks worked for the U.S. State Department’s Intelligence Offices.)

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by Gary Berntsen and Ralph Pezzullo; copyright 2005 by Gary Berntsen and Ralph Pezzullo; Three Rivers Press, imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, division of Random House, Inc., New York, ; ISBN-13: 978-307-35106-7 and ISBN-10 0-307-35106-8. EA note: Gary Berntsen was the CIA officer in charge during the assault on Afghanistan in October, 2001, and the senior CIA official overseeing the military operations from which Osama bin Laden was allowed – by General Tommy Franks and CENTCOM – to escape, first from Kabul, then from Jalalabad, and finally from Tora Bora, Afghanistan. Many parts of this book were deleted by the CIA prior to publication.

Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987 by Bob Woodward; copyright 1987 by Bob Woodward; published by Simon And Schuster, a division of Simon And Schuster, Inc., Simon And Schuster Building, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, New York 10020; ISBN: 0-671-60117-2.






GUNG HO!:  THE CORP’S MOST PROGRESSIVE TRADITION by H. John Poole; copyright 2012 by H. John Poole; published by Prosperity Press, P.O. Box 5360, Emerald Isle, NC 28594; ISBN: 978-0-9818659-4-2.


Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor
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Science and Technology


Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology
by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich; copyright 1995, 2002 by Nicholas J. Begich and Jeane Manning; Earthpulse Press, P.O. Box 201393, Anchorage, Alaska 99520, U.S.A.; ISBN: 0-9648812-0-9.






New World Order


New World Order: The Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies
by William T. Still; copyright 1990 by William T. Still; Huntington House Publishers, P.O. Box 53788, Lafayette, Louisiana 70505; ISBN:0-910311-64-1.

by Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D.; copyright 1994, 1995, 1999 by Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D.; published by Hearthstone Publishing, Ltd., 500 Beacon Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73127; phone 405 – 789 – 3885 / 800 – 652 – 1144 FREE; ISBN: 1-57558-031-4.

The New World Order: Chronology and Commentary
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By Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D.; copyright 1993 by Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D; published by The American Research Foundation, Inc. with permission by R. H. Goldsborough, P.O. Box 5687, Baltimore, MD 21210; ISBN: 0-9632504-8-5; LCCCN: 93-72369

by Kathryn Albrecht; copyright 2005, 2006 by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre; published by Plume, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.; ISBN: 1-5955-5020-8 (hard cover) and ISBN: 0-452-28766-9 (paperback).


PROPAGANDA by Edward Bernays; copyright 1928 by Edward Bernays; (Edward Bernays: 1891-1995); copyright renewed 2005 by Anne Bernays; published by IG Publishing, 178 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205; IG; www.IGPUB.COM; ISBN: 0-9703125-9-8.


by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1966 by Carroll Quigley; first published by Macmillan, New York; current publisher: GSG and Associates, Post Office Box 590, San Pedro, California, 90733; phone – 310-548-3455; Library of Congress catalog card member: 65-13589.

The Anglo-American Establishment
by Carroll Quigley; copyright 1981 by Books In Focus, Inc., P.O. Box 3481, Grand Central Station, New York, New York 10163; published by Books In Focus, Inc.; ISBN: 0-916728-50-1.


The Open Conspiracy: What Are We To Do With Our Lives?
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Secret Societies and the Occult


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America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
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Spirit Soul and Psyche



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Poetry and Art


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