Willie Nelson

Bad Boys Being Good! Willie and Merle give the weed a whirl in studio... Willie Nelson! Willie's Tribute To Merle Next Up: Willie Nelson - Family Bible (Live at Farm Aid 30)  Published on Sep 28, 2015 Willie Nelson performs "Family Bible" at Farm Aid's 30th anniversary concert at FirstMerit [...]


MindWar? What Is MindWar?   The Mental Militia is a Mental militia, a militia of the Mind. We are here to fight the MindWar which has been waged against all Americans, with deliberate intent, for about a full Century. The MindWar dates back to the earliest 1900s. It gained a [...]

Moving To Hardyville

Moving To Hardyville   by Claire Wolfe To reach Hardyville, you must grind your way up to Lonelyheart Pass, then slither on ice into the Great Brown Valley. If you know where to look, you'll find the ghost town of Lost Fortune crouched at the foot of the grade. But [...]

Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World

Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World   Let’s look at a few choice examples of Govlish excerpted from Secretary of Defense Cohen’s speech of July, 1999, and translated by Elias Alias. ~ Cohen speaking: Govlish: Welcome to the grave New World of terrorism — a world in which traditional notions [...]

Barry McCaffrey Govlish Speech

Govlish Drug War Speech By Barry McCaffrey by Elias Alias, editor * originally published at The Mental Militia forums in 2003 * Updated in April 2016. ______________________   Govlish: (McCaffrey) From my perspective, the struggle against illegal drugs is not a “war.” Misplaced battle imagery leads people to expect a [...]

State Sovereignty

State Sovereignty   by Elias Alias  May 08 2013; updated April 05 2016     In our writings here at The Mental Militia the reader will encounter the word “state” used with different meanings. When the word uses a lower-case “s”, as in “state”, we are denoting, generally, a “government”. [...]

Jordan Page Music

Jordan Page! The Mental Militia is pleased to recommend Jordan Page as a strong minstrel for the Mental Revolution. Here is just one reason why -- That video above has been re-mastered and perfected professionally and is available in its best version for just $2.00 at Jordan's website. When we [...]


April 1, 2016.  The outline and notes produced by Quintus Dias from research on the subject for online radio presentation.  The planned show is scheduled to air live April 4th, 2016 at The Microeffect Radio Network 9am – 11am MST, hosts Cyrellys and Victor of Manticore Group and The Mental […]