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Heart of the Patriot Movement

As an observation of an unspoken anomaly found at the far periphery of the armed militia phenomenon is the psychological meme untoward an assertively violent response to existence and to one’s security in one’s existence. That is, the subconscious (and at times ‘conscious’) embrace of violence as a response to perception.

The observation is that such response has been inserted clandestinely into the national psyche via various elements of and levels of psychological operations. Such elements would include Madison Avenue public relations (advertising), Wall Street market manipulations, government proclamations and the outreach of Departments which promote public acceptance of governmental structure and policy, as well as the New York media, television, and Hollywood. Violence motivates the national psyche and those elements just noted encourage the marketing of violence for purposes foreign and domestic as well as for purposes of social and cultural engineering.

As greed is prelude to the lust for power, the lust for power advances within the subscribing soul the necessary dismissal of universal conscience. The folly and error  intrinsic to the elitists’ agenda for social programming and social engineering is that their technique works, and, having induced the meme of violence the targeted population, society  now shows signs of an inherent affinity toward the expression of violence in societal behavior.

In other words, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Wall Street, each being demonstrably  in bed with the power of government, have created a population which displays in what Dr. Vieira calls “street theater” a tendency toward violent responses to discomfort or perceived oppression. Hence the armed patriot movement.

To add a touch of humor to the sordid observation we note that once the implanted meme of violence took root and began in the 1990s to manifest as armed resistance to an over-reaching government with its attendant “policy”, the very creators of that conscious meme then turned to the government to protect themselves and their profitable position from their own creation.

These videos were recorded in Congress in the 1990s. They are available on discs at gun shows around Montana where John Trochmann, operating as the Militia of Montana (MOM), sells books and related items.


Senate Hearings on Militia 1995

Did these patriots predict what we see today as an over-reaching, intrusive, invasive, authoritarian government? Or were they merely seeing twenty-one years ago what is now becoming apparent to the nation today?

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