“Baraka” was recommended to me by Adam Ruff, one of TMM’s video Aces.  This is one of the more powerful films anyone may ever see. The scope is (almost!) out of this world, a major triumph.

Editor’s Note: I found this after posting the above video. Am linking as a source for still shot at top of this page. Do read.

Opening lines from that review:

How does one discuss something like Baraka? I suppose I should start describing what exactly Baraka is. This isn’t so much a movie in the largely accepted form of the word, but a collection of images and sounds that create an emotional response in the viewer without any plot or dialogue. It’s not a travel log or a documentary, but a tone poem on film. The idea behind Chronos specifically is to create largely the same response in every viewer—that of the realization of both the largeness and smallness of our world—but the filmmakers depend their viewer’s personal prisms to sculpt this view.

Additionally, here is the trailer for Samsara –

I found the above copy of the video    HERE


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