Hitch Hiking Viet Nam

Lee walked past a cluster of tin-topped ply-wood hootches to officers' country, where he traded a bag of warm fresh doughnuts for a quart bottle of scotch whiskey, which he carried openly to the chopper pads. He approached a couple of pilots and bribed his way aboard a Huey slick [...]

Demolished vs Collapsed

DEMOLISHED vs. COLLAPSED  The Language of Deception Adam Ruff Mon, 07/06/2009 – 9:14am The language of deception is used against us every day and most of us don’t even realize it has been done to us or realize the devastating effect it has on us. My task here is to […]

Unspun Newz

UNSPUN NEWZ is Adam Ruff and Greg Jednack aka The Dirt Hounds   Can You Dig It? Editor's Note:  There is a vivid story about this dirty business, as shown in the above video. The U.S. federal government felt very humiliated, offended, and violated that some creative-minded dudes thought up [...]

Militia Stuff

This post is under construction. Heart of the Patriot Movement As an observation of an unspoken anomaly found at the far periphery of the armed militia phenomenon is the psychological meme untoward an assertively violent response to existence and to one's security in one's existence. That is, the subconscious (and [...]

Jim White NorthWest Liberty News

NorthWest Liberty News Jim White and Tim Brown Website:  http://northwestlibertynews.com/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH7OUk52TlbS6Ise7mFBtoQ Jim White has worked with The Mental Militia since we began building this site.  In 2015 Jim was partnered at NorthWest Liberty News with another TMMer, Jason Van Tatenhove, now of Patriot Report. Both Jim and Jason [...]