The Ancient Oak Acorn Rises Again

ernie-wayne: ter telgte to challenge court once again


The Montana Living Man will render a public statement on Main Street in Eureka, Montana at approximately 12:30 pm Mountain Time on Thursday, September 01, 2016.  Having notified The Mental Militia of his intention, we asked Jason Van Tatenhove come by with his camera two days prior on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

Jason recorded what ernie had to say, and has posted ernie’s  commentary at NorthWest Liberty News, where Jason works with Jim White.  Link:

So, what’s it all about?

The Living Man got stopped for faulty tail lights a few nights ago, had quite the conversation with the two deputies there, and has decided to sue the State (and a larger group) over their failure to recognize his unalienable rights.  According to ernie, those unalienable rights are natural rights which the 1789 Constitution requires him to retain. His doctrine is “Restraint on Alienation”. He says that the Constitution prevents any American from “alienating” his rights. That would mean that any complicity with or obedience to any Corporate “Code” or “Statute” or “Color of Law” or “Rules of the Court” which are *not* compliant with, or pursuant to, or which are repugnant to, the Constitution for the united States of America must be seen as alienation of unalienable rights, which come from a higher authority than possessed by any man-made government. He will go into that in the video below. In fact, this video will outline what ernie plans to do on Thursday, September 01, 2016. The deputies cited a ticket for driving without a driver’s license, but ernie doesn’t buy that. He plans to use the court in Eureka to launch a challenge to the State over this “right to travel” conflict between governments and free people. But that is just a small part of it. We will get the full story to you as soon as it happens.

I will update shortly, but for the moment, here is ernie being ernie for Jason’s camera —

Update September 03 2016 —

On Thursday, September 01 2016, ernie-wayne: ter telgte was to deal with a traffic ticket (driving without a driver’s license) at a courtroom in the small rural town named Eureka, Montana.

ernie-wayne: ter telgte arrived early and placed some books and papers on a table in front of the building, outside at street-side, where the traffic was unusually heavy and noisy. He was prepared to speak to the small group of people who had gathered to observe how ernie would handle this matter.

ernie wanted to “forfend” his good name as a sovereign human soul, and, being a soul who is driven to share helpful knowledge with his fellow man, ernie gave a presentation which examined the contrast between our organic 1789 Constitution and the corporate behemoth which has supplanted our rights (rights which are to be protected by that very Constitution as the highest uncontested law of the land). He claims that any “statutes” and “codes” which have been written subsequent to that 1789 Constitution, but which are not pursuant to the 1789 Constitution, oftentimes do not qualify as “Law”. He states that any inferior “law” must be in harmony with, pursuant to, and not repugnant to, the Constitution of 1789, which is the highest uncontested law of the land, and that if any statute or code contradicts the Constitution it is null and void at its inception. (There are Supreme Court decisions which verify that.)

This video is on the record as ernie’s statement before he entered the building to address the “no driver’s license” issue with the judge.

After making an hour-long presentation in front of the town’s new “Town Hall” building, where the courtroom is situated, ernie and eleven witnesses went inside the building where ernie sought resolution. The judge would not come to the waiting-room window to speak with ernie, and ernie would not go into the judge’s courtroom, so the two never actually met.

ernie-wayne: ter telgte gave the ticket (for driving without a license) to the clerk at the waiting-room window and asked her to convey that to the judge, which she did right away while everyone waited. (Please note that the clerk to whom ernie was speaking is not an officer of the court. She is just working the front desk at Eureka’s new town hall building. She is not  involved in the contest in any manner at all, and was simply trying to stay out of it .)

The judge sent back to ernie a message stating that if ernie would not enter the courtroom she would issue a warrant for his arrest on the charge of “failure to appear”.

With that, everyone, including ernie, left and went our separate ways.

The next morning, September 02, 2016, the judge indeed did issue a warrant for ernie’s arrest. As of the morning of September 03, 2016, ernie has not yet been arrested, and we do not know just when that arrest will be executed. In the meantime, while awaiting his arrest, ernie is building a greenhouse shelter for his lady’s garden and tidying up other chores around the place in preparation for the coming winter.

Updates to follow. Our thanks to Jason Van Tatenhove for snagging this footage.

Learn about TMM’s “ernie movie project” for more background:


Elias Alias, editor

Updating December 26 2016:

Time flies and there are so many fish to fry! My apologies to readers for not updating sooner! And thanks go to “ever freeman” for reminding me in the comments section below this article that an update is way past due.

ernie building raised-log garden beds
ernie building raised-log garden beds

After the warrant was issued ernie stayed close to home in the woods some miles from Eureka for over a month. It began to look as though the “authorities” were not going to arrest him. In following weeks ernie began to venture forth in town to get supplies when needed. He noticed that he was not being arrested as he made his way around town, and finally concluded that because he is under a contract with Lionsgate Studios in Los Angeles to investigate the possibility of doing a tv series on him, that perhaps the city was not going to draw attention to the town by arresting him.


About three weeks ago, in early December, ernie and three others were talking a bit loudly in a restaurant in town. From a person who was there I have learned that the restaurant became quiet except for ernie’s table, as everyone in there was listening to ernie’s tirade about the corrupt system.  Someone present there did not appreciate ernie’s views and called the cops. In the process of leaving, ernie was apprehended by four squad cars and arrested in the parking lot.

I accompanied ernie’s girlfriend to the “court” the next morning, where the judge talked, or tried to talk, to ernie via skype from the jail in Libby, some 65 miles away. (Eureka, Montana is so small a town that they don’t have a jail.)

ernie was boisterous, rude to the judge, over-talked her and warned her that he would take legal action against her for operating in a wrongful jurisdiction. He was so assertive that the judge finally just spoke at him even though he would not shut up, and told him she would keep him in jail for about three weeks, would enter a not-guilty plea on his behalf, and terminated the skype session.

ernie spent the three weeks in jail and busied himself discussing the fallacy of “jurisdiction” with other inmates and the Deputies at the jail.  He wrote 18 pages of notes and left those with inmates to read and pass around in the jail.

On Thursday, December 22, 2016, the judge released ernie and he returned to his home where he lives with his girlfriend. I welcomed him home and asked him why he spoke so gruffly to the judge weeks previously. He told me that he did that on purpose, but I’m not sure if I recall exactly what that purpose was.

ernie will have an Omnibus hearing on January 06 2017, and he has a jury trial scheduled (unless it is changed) for January 26 2017.  He enjoyed Christmas day with his Sweetie, and wanted to visit with me but I cut him short on that, as I had decided to spend Christmas day alone in my cabin with my pet squirrel, Black Alias, and the pet deer who hang out at my place.  I have been “in the trenches” for the Liberty movement (whatever that is) for sixteen years, with severe excitements during the last seven years in which I was senior editor for Oath Keepers’ national website.  I told ernie I would spend the day in relaxful meditation, and so I did.  In getting back to work here in the wee hours of December 26 2016 I got the comment below which reminded me to update this page. I will update again after the Omnibus hearing on the 6th of January 2017, and again after the jury trial on January 26 2017.


Elias Alias, editor

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