Wax Angel Green Native Lady

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I only have one picture of this model for a ladies finger ring.  What is not visible at the top of this design is a large green tourmaline.  I named this one “Green Native Lady” because of the tourmaline.

A Ladies Finger-Ring Design For Green Cushion-Cut Tourmaline

Gold Angel

The gentleman had purchased a rare baroque pearl of immense size.  The two protruding but rounded ends at the top of the pearl were separated by a pronounced dip downward, giving the visual suggestion of “angel wings”. He came to my studio with a request that I create a gold angel for the pearl, as he wanted to give it to his wife to wear.

I modeled the little angel so that her hair fell down through the  “dip” and extended down the back-side of the pearl, where I made a signature plate behind the piece — but I also engineered a pendant bail, an enhancer bail, and a brooch-pin system so that his wife could wear the pendant in three different ways.

Atop her head I placed a platinum “halo” set round about with tiny baguette diamonds.

Of note, the diamond in her hand is an E/VS five-pointed custom “star-cut” diamond, which is extremely rare.

This wax was cast into 18 Karat yellow gold and the piece is primarily worn on a strand of 15mm South Sea pearls. To take this picture I stood the model against a cluster of quartz crystal.

Wax Angel on Large Baroque Pearl

My Fingertip Shows Her Size

Eagle With Arizona Sunrise

Below are several shots of a wax model for a rather large Arizona Fire Agate which was to be mounted in an 18 Karat yellow gold gentleman’s finger ring. I fashioned an Eagle with wings spread, having imagined an Eagle flying into a sunrise, which the fiery colors of the agate  suggested. I engineered diamonds on each side of the ring

Wax-up On Aluminum Stepped Mandrel, side-view

The design takes shape

In 18 Karat Yellow Gold And Sunlight

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    1. Thank you Arlene. I’m very glad to know you like the design work. I will be moving back into the jewelry design industry as quickly as I can. Am looking forward to creating new designs.
      Btw, I did make a reply for your questions about Agenda 21. Check your email please.

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