Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum 2nd Page

Note from Elias Alias, owner/editor:  Before viewing the videos below, please go to this website and meditate on what you’ll see there, and then see if you are impressed to do whatever you can to help the Finicum family. I can certainly recommend very highly LaVoy Finicum’s novel. I’ve read it and I love it. Buy this book at One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom.


Many of you have already seen the top two of the four videos below, as they were published on September  25 2016 Here. Of the four below, the bottom two are brand new, so please share.

The four videos below are not only credible, they are valuable as excellent “forensic analyses” of LaVoy’s last moments on earth. I am proud to post these videos at The Mental Militia, for they pose serious questions which challenge what the government has said about the assassination/murder of LaVoy Finicum. Such questions lead to yet deeper insight into the nefarious underbelly of some government agencies, such as the FBI.

This murder shows that the same consciousness which prompted the mass murders at Waco, Texas is still alive in our current law-enforcement community and must be addressed before yet more innocent Americans are squashed under the mechanical rollers of a berserk government. These four videos also show something which has not been said often enough, that being that we as Americans are entitled to ask questions about the activities of our government. The individual who made these videos has shown us *how* to ask questions, and that is a valuable gift to the freedom movement in and of itself. Thank you for viewing this very important work.

I would also like to thank our friend for sending the two most-recent videos to The Mental Militia and inviting The Mental Militia to be the first to post them on the Internet. This individual wishes to remain un-named, so we will honor that and respect the need for privacy. But we are grateful for all the good work which viewers will appreciate as they watch, and I personally would ask anyone reading here to please help these videos get spread around.

This page has four videos which were created by the same individual. They came to me in this sequence —

“Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum” (1)

“The Foam Bullet Used To Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum”.  (2)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Planted Gun” (3)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Two Shots That The FBI Lied About” (4)

Regarding the third video, there are serious questions about whether a gun was “planted” on LaVoy’s body after the law-enforcement agents murdered him.  If I recall correctly, various witnesses (who were with LaVoy that day) have indicated that he did not bring his gun with him on the trip.  There are questions about the gun claimed by the government to have been in LaVoy’s jacket pocket, including the question of ownership of that particular gun. I will verify two items of interest and enter my findings here after verification. Please keep in mind when viewing video number 3 that serious questions are involved, which is why our friend made the video

In video number 4 we find an anomaly in which two bullets penetrated the truck LaVoy was driving while passengers were inside that truck, but only one entry hole is observable in videos or photos.  To my knowledge no members of the public have been allowed to examine that truck. (Any reader here who can shed light on that one issue is requested to do so in the comment section under this article. Thank you.)

Our video technician friend has raised several other points to ponder. In that regard it is important to note that the FBI agents on the scene of LaVoy’s murder lied about firing shots, then lied again in trying to cover up the truth about having fired the two shots. Two, or maybe three, FBI agents caused the FBI to launch an investigation into their actions and their lies.  By starting that investigation the FBI has noted that at least two of their agents lied about these two shots in question.

The Mental Militia is very fortunate to have a good working relationship with the individual who has produced all four videos on this page. We send our respectful thanks and a grateful Salute!

LaVoy Finicum Assassination Forensic Study Released!

The Foam Bullet Used to Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum

The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum 3 The Planted Gun

The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum 4 The Two Shots That the FBI Lied About

Spend some time browsing around the Finicum family’s website. Buy LaVoy’s novel. Make a donation. Spread the word. Share this link. Help this American cowboy family defend their ranch against a vicious government encroachment. Click this link and you’re there. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum 2nd Page

  1. The following text is a comment from Peter Offerman on the video analysis of LaVoy’s murder done by Casey Runyan. It was Casey Runyan that did the analysis in the two videos you present.

    Peter Offerman is a video expert, who has done a frame by frame analysis of both the FBI video and Shawna Cox’s video, as they were released by the FBI. Peter’s analysis shows there were missing frames in both releases. In addition Peter’s analysis shows the FBI video was a composite of two videos.

    Following is Peter’s commentary on Casey’s two videos:

    “Although the videos are well prepared and appear to support Lavoy’s cause I think they are an attempt to keep the focus away from more damning facts.

    “The truck approach is pretty well done. The 3 pauses of braking are probably the result of an anti-lock braking system which modern vehicles come with not any specific action of Lavoy’s. When attempting to stop in a hurry jamming on the brakes and holding them on causes a vehicle to go into an uncontrolled skid so modern vehicles moderate braking by automatically pumping the brakes on hard braking at speed in an attempt to retain control. A trained driver in such a situation would manually pump the brakes.

    “I don’t buy the explanation of the 3 shots as the truck approached. One of my last posts looks at the angles involved and shows that these could not be responsible for the bullet holes in the truck.

    “What does this explanation conceal?

    “It is far more justifiable to shoot at a speeding vehicle as it approaches a road block, while accelerating, as incorrectly stated by the officers involved, than it is for an officer to run out in front of an almost stopped vehicle and shoot at the driver. All 3 bullet holes found were the result of this later murderous attempt and not the result of the officers shooting at the truck as it approached. They may well have also shot at the truck as it approached but these later shots did the damage to the truck.

    “The explanation regarding the shots at Lavoy, after he gets out of the truck, is not credible at all. What it instead does is avoid any mention of significant events that happened as Lavoy got out of the truck. How and why was the shot through the roof of the cab caused? The explanation based on a few clues left behind by sloppy video editing makes it obvious there is missing time in the video at this point. This missing time is very damning because it implicates not just the officers at the scene but also those that had possession of the video before it was made public. No lab tech would make such alterations without authorization from higher ups. It totally destroys the credibility of the authorities evidence and testimony.

    “During this time period I pointed out some of the anomalies in the video such as the shooting stand that appears in one frame without being seen put in place or taken away to where it is very obvious in many frames both before and after. This is physically impossible and proves time is missing. The shot through the cab roof occurred from this stand. We should have seen the stand being put in place, the shooter getting on it, taking his shot, getting off it, moving it away afterwards. That we don’t see this supports what Shawna says that Lavoy stood in the door of the truck for a period talking to the officers before moving away from the truck.

    “The shots taken while Lavoy was standing there at the truck, complying with the officers, are responsible for his fast movement away from the truck. The one through the cab roof came from behind him while he was cooperating with his hands in the air. Would you duck for cover if this happened? This shot is irrefutable evidence of the murderous intent of the authorities.

    “If you reviewed my analysis of the trajectories of the 3 shots that actually hit Lavoy it is obvious that the second shot (autopsy shot 2) which occured during this period, actually hit Lavoy. There is no one in a position to cause a wound with this trajectory once Lavoy gets to where he is dropped.

    “In my analysis I looked very closely at the actions of the supposed shooter of the foam bullet and his actions do not fit this explanation. The officer on the ground does not move to that location to take a shot. The movement is a second officer moving past him to get into position behind Lavoy’s truck. The officer on the ground, appearing to crouch, is the officer who ran out in front of the truck as it came to a stop, who was knocked to the ground by the wave of snow thrown up by the truck. That we do not see him get into this position is another indicator of missing time in the video.

    “What I saw on close examination was that he was on the ground just getting up from being knocked down. He was facing towards the roadblock, not uphill. He braces himself with his left arm and swings his right arm in front of himself for balance in order to get up from the ground. He then moves into the center of the roadblock in a crouched position because other officers are aiming at the truck over his head and he is trying to stay out of the line of fire.

    “I detailed thoroughly his movements after his point as his movements make it obvious of more missing time in the video. The reason for the missing time here is that while he is moving Lavoy arrives at the location where he was gunned down. The foam bullet attempts to hide the fact of another shot (autopsy shot 1) that hits Lavoy in the back while he has his hand in the air and is cooperating with the officer he is facing. The missing time mostly hides Lavoy’s physical response to being hit by a bullet from behind him.

    “Regards, Peter”

    Offerman has not done a video. However he has done a frame by frame analysis of the FBI video, Shawna Cox’s video from within LaVoy’s truck and Ryan Bundy’s recording from within the truck.

    Here is the link to Offerman’s analysis.

    1. Only tangentially related, and not intended to assess the content of your post, I’ll note for other readers here that the link to Peter’s site activates a caution screen noting that the certificate is not a properly-registered certificate. That is very likely an effort by FireFox (or someone who has influence over FireFox) to discourage traffic to Peter’s site.
      When the second advisory screen popped up after I told FireFox to take me to the site anyway, I quit trying to go there.
      So I thank you for copying/pasting material from his site.
      I may have reflections on the above quoted passages, if I can make time.

      1. Hey Elias,

        Was reading this and thought immediately of Lavoy and the ROADBLOCK (not a “traffic stop”).

        Your car’s hidden ‘black box’ and how to keep it private

        and in USA today

        “While the first-generation event data recorders did little more than track whether or not the car’s airbags deployed, recording and sensor technologies have become smaller and much more powerful. The NHTSA has mandated that every new recorder must track 15 variables.

        The information includes vehicle speed, throttle position, airbag deployment times, whether the brakes were applied, if seatbelts were worn, engine speed, steering angles and more. Manufacturers may also have up to 30 additional data points if they want, excluding, they say, GPS location, video and audio. Also, a black box only stores information for 20 seconds around the crash.”

        “That’s the technical side of downloading black box data, but there’s a legal side as well. As of this writing, 15 states — Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington — have passed regulations regarding who can pull the information with and without the car owner’s permission.

        You can find an up-to-date list of the states and their rules at the National Conference of State Legislatures site. In general, however, no one can pull data without your permission or a court order. ”

        “Can you keep your data private?

        Still, anyone with a court order, or just the right tool and a little time, can get at your black box information. There’s no way you can delete the data or disable the black box.

        Fortunately, there is a simpler option. Products like AutoCYB, OBD Lock and OBD Saver put a lock on the diagnostic port so no one can plug anything into it without your permission. That keeps people from resetting information, extracting data or falsifying records that could be used against you.

        Whether a court order would require you to hand over the keys to the lock is another story. I’ll leave that one for the lawyers to decide. However, you can at least make sure that nothing short of a court order lets someone get your data.”

        Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the blackbox information on Lavoy’s truck?

        1. You know, Cal, I think you’ve got a point there. I do think it would be very interesting to see the recording of LaVoy’s truck during the last two minutes of his life.
          Thanks for that,

    2. I knew Lavoy at Malhure, and am one of the seven acquitted in the first Malhure trial. I’ve been at the site of Lavoy’s murder. The choice of this particular spot on the highway for a roadblock does have the character of an ambush, as any car heading north, as Lavoy’s truck was, would come upon the roadblock suddenly and without warning. Standing in the road at the ambush site, you are struck by how specifically it was chosen. By simply turning your head, a straight, level, open stretch of highway is visible in the valley below. The Oregon State Police and FBI could have easily put the roadblock there, but it would have offered no concealment for the snipers and HRT. But you Know, these boots on the ground are not the real culprits. WHO GAVE THE ORDER FOR THIS AMBUSH ? this is the real question. Jeanette’s wrongful death suit will hopefully put some of the State Police operatives or HRT guys on the spot, and it may be worthwhile to give them immunity from prosecution if their testimony will incriminate High Oregon Officials.

      1. Neil,
        Thank you sincerely for being there and doing what you did for this country.
        And thank you for taking time to add a comment under this article.
        You are invited to register your email address with this site so you’ll get an occasional email from The Mental Militia. (I do not send many emails.) I’d love to have you on my list or recipients. If you do register, be sure to put The Mental Militia into your email service’s address book, to keep the spam-bots from dumping our emails.
        God bless; stay safe; keep the Faith;
        Elias Alias

      2. You can Thank Sheriff David Ward for choosing the Ambush site. Blind Curve Concealment and no cell phone service in this spot..

    3. Commenting on October 04 2017 as an addendum. I may add more below this comment.
      I’d like to point out that the person who made this video (and three other “forensics” videos on this subject) has been in contact with me by email and by phone. That person is not using the name you say is the creator of the videos. Can you please have the man you say created this video contact me?

      Thank you,

  2. It is quite possible that one of the occupants of the first vehicle that was successfully stopped had made an excuse to reenter the refuge before leaving and retrieved LaVoy’s gun and concealed it. After the stop, he could have given it to OSP who then transported it to the roadblock scene.
    There are pictures of the interior of LaVoy’s truck showing two long guns beneath the back seat. I believe these were also planted as there are no indentations on the seat bottom indicating prolonged contact with the guns. There is also a hump covering the transmission in these trucks that the back seat rests on. Long guns would not fit across this hump without damaging the seat underside and possibly the guns besides making the seat impossible to sit naturally.

    1. Kat,
      When dealing with government “Law Enforcement” these days in America, one cannot trust anything they do or say. We as a nation have slept too long, and did not notice the morphing of “To Serve and Protect” into “Law Enforcement“.
      Your hypothesis is entirely possible. I have heard cops in bygone years talk about “throw-downs”, which was what they called a gun they might carry (usually a stolen gun) to plant on some innocent victim of their over-the-top methods for getting “the bad guys”.
      Thank you for your comment.

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