“ernie” Chronicles Part One: Elias Alias Confesses

Contemporary Woes of Yesteryear’s Warrior:

“ernie” Is Back In Jail Again


by Elias Alias  * March 23 2018

The videos people are talking about are below in this article. The text is just for filling in some random details.

First The Confession, Then Part One of This Series on “ernie”, Then The Vids!

[begin satire]

A Government Spy Confesses


I’ve no idea how on earth Gavin Seim managed to gather enough info on me to expose me as a “spy for the government”.  Gavin Seim must be very good. I mean, like, he had to be really really good to out me! I never saw it coming, and I’ve been working on perfecting my act for almost twenty years. Allow me please to explain as I confess and throw myself on the mercy of the Court of Public Opinion.

My first adventure in working for the government began in 1965 when I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and volunteered for Viet Nam.

I learned a bit too much in Viet Nam, so I took a psychological vacation from government service between 1967, when I got back to the States from “over there”, until late in the year 1999.  That was a 32-year sabbatical. But in 1999 I got online for the first time and began to read things which were somewhat unsettling. I had at that time what G. Edward Griffin would call a “Red Pill” moment. I closed my retail jewelry store in Georgia and headed out to Montana, where I arrived in June of 2001, just a couple of months before 9/11/2001.

I immediately checked in with the Montana division of government spies and announced my intent to renew my service to the government as an older but experienced “spy”.  Of course, the government put me right to work, and began to train me on how to infiltrate the so-called “Liberty Movement”. That movement included sub-divisions such as the Constitutionist Movement, the Patriot Movement, the Far Right Conservative Movement, and others. The government knew all about all of them, and taught me well over the next few years.

My handler suggested that I start a “Mental Militia”, all the better to fool unsuspecting alarmists in the Liberty Movement. She assured me that anyone who founded The Mental Militia would be above suspicion and would be allowed to operate freely within the inner circles of the Liberty Movement.  So I did that. You can read that history here – https://thementalmilitia.net/history/

Next thing I knew, I was making all sorts of new friends who were espousing ideologies which more or less challenged federal authority. No one ever suspected me until Gavin Seim put the finger on me. I became a valuable asset to the world of government spying.  I tricked people who were running powerful organizations into long phone conversations which I clandestinely recorded so the FBI could use the evidence to blackmail hesitant recruits. I saved piles of revealing email traffic.

But I knew I could do more. I was looking for something really worth the time and effort. Soon enough,  a radical group which was preaching the virtues of the Constitution as written formed at the height of the Ron Paul Revolution. The group had a mission to teach the police and military about the true meaning in that Oath they were required to swear [or affirm]. I asked my handler if I could get assigned to spy on Oath Keepers, and because I had Marine Corps combat experience in a war zone, they granted my request and gave me a pay raise, but insisted that I not let anyone know I was being paid. That was the hard part – making all that government money but being unable to spend it. But my love for the U.S. government was so great that I proudly lived in poverty-level straits for the next seven years. I got on the Board of Directors at Oath Keepers, where the savvy info and covert intel was thick to thicker, and I made regular reports to the government, like any good little government spy would do. I was the senior editor at their national website for seven years, starting on the first day they launched their website in 2009.

Being Oath Keepers’ editor for seven years gave me a great opportunity to study the fine art of counter-psychological operations. I could subvert the programs of Oath Keepers without anyone ever suspecting that I was behind each and every one of their set-backs. My cover was so good that I got to have my photo made with such Liberty Movement names as Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America; Sheriff Mack of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Thomas Woods of the Von Mises Institute, G. Edward Griffin of Freedom Force International, James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment, Lord Monckton of England’s Brexit movement, etc etc.

I wrote propaganda articles for Oath Keepers. Example:  https://www.oathkeepers.org/an-empire-strikes-home-part-one/

I was “in”, and I heard and read all sorts of valuable intel flowing in such circles.  My outreach was very broad, even nation-wide. But along about October of 2016 I decided I had pressed my luck for too long, and should modify my public image by stepping down from Oath Keepers altogether and going underground. Times were changing. The Tea Party fervor had died down, or was deeper underground, and it was no longer that important to be affiliated with a far-right Christian Conservative Constitutional organization. I needed a new disguise.

That was when I decided to become the Chronicler for the Montana Natural Man, Brother ernie-wayne: ter Telgte. As wild and wooly as the old West itself, “ernie” was easy pickings for me. He had known me for years, since the Tea Party’s Independence Day parade down Main Street in Bozeman, Montana, in 2009, in which I mingled with over two thousand Tea Party Patriots who wanted their voices heard by the City Council and by America at large. That was where and when I met ernie.

At first I thought he was a bit over-board with his costume, which harked back to America’s Revolutionary days, including his three-corner hat. He spoke a lot of strange gibberish, so I naturally did not see any reason to start a file on him, and I sluffed him off. But ernie would have none of my dismissal, and took to coming by my place at Willow Creek, Montana, to bring me more stacks of his hand-written epistles relating to subtle bits of hidden history which he dug up from his own rabbit holes.  I was polite, but disinterested. It took him from 2009 to 2013 to actually get my attention.

That happened when I made a deal with a Judge in Three Forks, Montana, to video ernie in her courtroom one November morning. She and I both were working for the government, although I was clandestine and she was overt. I gave her the secret sign and she understood that I needed to spy on ernie in her courtroom that morning.

In her courtroom that morning I filmed the little 8-minute video which has had more than ten million views on YouTube. In that video ernie was so rude and startling to the Judge that she got up and left her courtroom without even recessing court or adjourning court. She just walked out, and then ernie and his friends got up and walked out too, and I was standing there with that crazy show in my camera.

I asked my handler what I should do with it and she told me that I should launch that baby on the Internet. I did, and that little video launched a new focal point in my government spying. “ernie” attracted all sorts of off-the-wall misfits, aberrant mis-perceivers, and the dreaded “sovereign citizen” crowd, along with a spattering of actual Constitutional scholars who knew no better than to question authority. ernie’s popularity slowly grew, and soon all sorts of perps were emailing me, sending me pdfs or video links, and sometimes even a phone message. I built files and shared those with the SPLC, the ADL, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who used that info to write top-secret policy advisories for distribution through DHS’ Fusion Centers to cops all over America.

But to further secure confidence in my role as a spy posing as a “liberty fighter”, I joined forces with James Jaeger at Matrix Entertainment, where I snowed James so well he has put me in the opening credits for his last four documentary movies as an associate producer.  James works with Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, and other known names in the liberty movement. MOLON LABE is one of my favorites. Watch that one for free HERE

So that is a bit of my background as a clandestine two-faced spy for the government. But now I have been outed by none other than Internet Shock ‘n Awe Legend of Flight, Mr. Gavin Seim, who is hiding from the American cops in Mexico.  Here is his note to me, which he left on my YouTube channel, to let me know I’d been found out —


While the above fun was done on an ego-based urge, I want to be serious now. I am a man who is devoted to practicing “Love’s Thought System”, for the purpose of keeping my mind focused on higher planes of experience. I am not religious, but am very spiritual. Part of Love’s Thought System includes the fine art of forgiveness, which I have now done in this matter of Gavin Seim’s spouting off about me, claiming I am “spying for the government”.  My message to Gavin is simple —

Dude, you go your way and I’ll go mine. My way is to forgive you, and so you are already forgiven.



The ernie Factor

“Blind man breaking out of a trance
Puts both his hands in the pockets of chance
Hoping to find one circumstance
Of dignity” 


From verse five in Bob Dylan’s song,Dignity


This is the first in a series of chronicles about Montana’s “Natural Man”, ernie-wayne: ter Telgte. “ernie” requests that I spell his name just like that, with only one capital letter, that being the “T” at the beginning of his family name, “Telgte”. (Pronounced “Tel-ka”) A self-motivated amateur scholar of stuffy old history books, moldy old encyclopedias, and ancient dictionaries, ernie has concluded that the use of capital letters is an exacting and necessary science for anyone wanting to get free from governmental control.

That is because to ernie, as with so many others who today question validity of presumed governmental ‘authority’, how one’s name is spelled indicates whether or not one is “sovereign”. I do not agree with ernie about such things. It is not for me to agree or disagree with ernie, generally speaking, because I am merely ernie’s chronicler. I am just publishing “ernie being ernie”.

ernie has a rather unique way of being himself and agitating judges and courts on one hand, and on the other hand he is a solid hard-working country boy whose life has been honed in Montana’s environs on ranches and farms. He makes a great neighbor and is very helpful to many in our small community in the Eureka, Montana area. But ernie is on a mission to establish doubts about several aspects of the modern-day judicial system. He has been arrested a dozen times or more, has been in various courts, and has created a stir within all ranks of Montana law enforcement, including a number of judges. He has been removed from various trials. Here are two videos of interest, filmed on March 22 2018 in Eureka, Montana.

Note:  Part Two coming next week. Thank you for reading, viewing, and caring.

All of my footage from ernie’s trial in Eureka Montana on March 22 2018 are at my YouTube channel, here —  https://www.youtube.com/user/EliasAlias1