Cyrellys Response to MAGA Request For Money

Cyrellys Mind Mix RadioOpinion.  The following document was sent out April 19 2018 via email to MAGA in response to daily emails received from Make America Great Again requesting a one dollar donation and signed by President Trump. The document after responding was then posted to Slideshare and a link shared at Twitter @mindmixradio. It was also shared in email with close associates. Here is the email message entoto with a following reply from Elias after his review. You could say, I unloaded on them and President Trump; a full broadside. The whole political state of affairs right now has me fuming. So, leading by example, here’s to transparency!  Cyrellys Geibhendach.


Cyrellys  to MAGA request for money

April 19 2018

Cyrellys Geibhendach
10:57 PM (0 minutes ago)
to reply-ff3710727764-16_HTML-14537549-10964169-5345

Dear Make America Great Again Committee & President Trump,

Chieftain & Company, nice try, but no.

If he wants to seriously fight back against Comey, as you put it, he can clean out the Justice Department and the FBI – FIRE THEM ALL right down thru the file clerks.  Hire a non-deepstate affiliated; non-Corporation, non-think-tank affiliated team to replace the personnel via draws from small towns across the country.  Have them learn on the job.  I’m hearing from active & retired LEOs across the country they’d jump at an opportunity to assist in a real way. Put out a national call.

We, among his supportive base, do not see him fulfilling our expectations wrt cleaning out the deep state, instead we see him playing some sort of game.  The continual “trust us” or “trust the plan” statements from Q group is annoying.  Trust is earned.

And if you write to your state representatives or federal representatives, you get lovely useless form letters.  You don’t get to speak with them directly.  You don’t get a real individually crafted response that answers your concerns.  You’ve seen the form letters they all send out to their voting & paying constituents right?

Trump does not need money.  He needs better strategy.  He needs to raise the People to fill jobs in DC rather than repeatedly employ KNOWN DEEP STATE actors like the Project for New American Century/ Council on Foreign Relations member Bolton or his former org mate McMaster.

We give him high marks in the financial end of things.  However striving to get us into a 3rd world war by hammering Syria when it would be wiser to leave the Syria mess in Russia’s hands and walk away with our troops is NOT winning approval with us.  WE do not want a World War.  He AND Pence will answer directly to the states if that happens.  Additionally, there is a former agreement between Hilary Clinton/State Department and Turkey, Qatar, Israel, & Saudi Arabia that they will fund Global Government establishment if Syria’s sovereign government is removed to establish a new Ottoman Empire in its place.  Dumb de dumb dumb.  Let’s just do what the cretins wanted all along?  Good grief Charlie Brown!

Furthermore, the ethnic russian genocide by Ukrainian troops, with our black ops teams on the ground, in the neo-nazi Ukraine puppet government established by McCain (CFR) & Kerry (CFR) in illegal regime change, has not been properly addressed.  Sigh.

Additionally, without a clean Justice Department, Trump has not addressed in a timely fashion the Clinton Foundation’s Land Grabbing for the trillions of dollars in strategic materials access in Western States which was exposed in Harney County 2016 by the Bundy family members.

Additionally, Trump has not put a stop to the encroachment on the 2nd Amendment, instead opting to allow the federal and states to use the school incidents as excuses to further disarm the American people of any military grade armaments that could be used as the Founders intended to clean the house in DC were it ever to go full nazi or soviet and attempt police state or outright depopulation agenda.  Yes the things do exist…you should see some of the conversations I have seen in email strings among academics who are part of the changes being implemented in our universities and public schools to produce mindless liberal soldier types who are easy to rile up and go nuts in the streets.

Further the illegal immigrants related to militant muslims, and the clandestine LaFamilia, LaRaza, LaReconquista has ALSO not been adequately dealt with.  You have of course seen the document that describes “Settlement” aka Conquest via Colonization, in both arabic and english known as the Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood in America?  You may find it posted online still with a simple google search or ask your local Alt-Media researcher for a copy.  That doc has been making the rounds now for well over a decade as proof of paradigm.  Don’t even get me started on China’s inclinations toward colonization!

Further, our communities have not been adequately prepped for emergency situations.  If we faced a societal implosion FOR ANY REASON the local defenders would have starvation, disease, and chaos at their backs whilst attempting some sort of defense, with most of our military ensconced deliberately overseas.

And another little issue, since when does a presidential advisor have more power and decision making authority to overrule the Secretary of Defense?  Hmmmm?  Crickets?

I can say I DO Appreciate his diligence on the human trafficking and  child porn networks.  I do understand that this and Adrenochrome harvesting is a cultural attribute of the elites and their proxies and it is indeed easier to prosecute  these crimes than it is to prove and prosecute to conviction TREASON.  However!  Where’s the perp walks?  (aka proof of paradigm – ALL YOU who once called all of us CONSPIRACY THEORISTS with a snide tone?!!)  Where’s this 12 man military tribunal we keep hearing about?  Q group tells us we will not be privy to any of that.  Excuse YOU?!!!  Where do they or anyone else in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC get off telling WE THE PEOPLE THAT!  Can you say star chamber?  TRUMP IS NOT ABOUT REPLACING ONE TYRANNY WITH ANOTHER!  Perhaps none of you know your own history but we do.  The descendants of Laconia Colony of New Hampshire were in the middle of 1775 Machias Maine sea conflict and in the Revolution itself.  We do remember and we mark history ourselves rather than rely upon liberal academics to inform us what the history is.

You are coming to myself and my family and sooo many of my people with your hand out, after over a year of limited results.  Trump has the money and power of the federal at his beck and call.  He could use that more effectively.   He has not sat down with the Alternative Media (which we built to replace the defective mainstream media); nor the old guard Liberty Community Leaders (many of whom have been in this fight long before the military and the 10th Fleet got their act together and did their own homework; many of whom are now in their 70s and very well versed in the problem); nor has he sat down with the national militia network to discuss “his plan” and sort out how it affects their local responsibilities or how they could help.  This said, there are untold numbers of people both in and outside of law enforcement who are standing ready to assist if he were only to ask, yet he does not and these issues languish.  But you are persistent in asking for money!

He can’t even level with the People in a Constitutional REPUBLIC what the broad problems are or the state of the situation and landscape is!  Don’t friggin lie to me cause the Liberty Community has done its due diligence and our warnings have landed on deaf ears.  Fine.  Best hope we’re all wrong.  Cross your fingers cause if we’re right the mainstream population who either didn’t hear the messages or who turned their nosed up at them, will be kissing their own arses for the punishment and consequences that will be paid by themselves and their families at the hands of foreigners.

The time for talk is over.  Many of the researchers who’ve brought forth their work for public perusal and use by Trump & Company are very frustrated and some are walking away because they’re not seeing any results from their time and effort…then Q tells everyone to their face that they will not be seeing any results; they will not be privy to it?

So we see Trump plugging away, half effective but dropping the ball on very important issues. I still believe he’s the best guy for the job, but the chaos in his administration is telling me he’s in the middle of a hornets nest and doesn’t know how or where to find clean personnel. There is no money that I or any of my compatriots, could contribute that will solve these inadequacies at this point…however, my money IS NEEDED to fulfill my family’s personal security such as can be assembled in the wake of his and the military’s inadequacies.  My family due to his inadequacies on these issues is facing a myriad of problems – from legal attacks on the institution on homeschooling, to attacks on gun ownership, to improperly prepped local community and neighbors who in a crisis will likely attempt to take what we’ve done due diligence on, among so many other issues down the line if we all can’t somehow keep the nation from imploding.

Trump’s heart is in the right place.  I don’t doubt that.  But one man alone cannot do this.  And I can’t help but feel like barking back at the next USMC mouth that says “trust the plan”…one year later I’m looking at the mess & a near WW3 saying to myself ‘what plan’?  You friggin call this a plan?!!!  WTF!!!!!!!!

But yeah the jobs are improving!  Lol.  That’s higher importance to the uninformed ya know!  Our nation caters to ignorance these days and courts Murphy’s Law like a french courtesan from the 17th century.

Wet paper bag boyz!  Ya gotta figure out how to fight your way out of it.  Seriously.

No.  No more money.  You’re working for free, or haven’t you heard.  Be glad we haven’t expelled DC from the Union as yet.

Cyrellys Geibhendach
Central Montana

cc @realDonaldTrump  @POTUS


REPLY on Content from Email:

(posted by permission)

Elias Alias
Apr 19, 2018, 11:41 PM
to me, LeeHo, ANON, White, Doug, Jeff, Gray, yohan, Bob, Paul, Susan, Susan
Woo-Hoo! Love it, Cy. You covered a lot of bases and you reflect many of my personal views on the Trump show. We are still in the United Nations We’re still in NATO. We’re still in the middle east. We’re still in the so-called “War on Terror”. Trump has still not stopped the insane “War on Drugs” which is funding the military-police state and the CIA’s black budget. The Corporate Dynasty has permeated the Cabinet-level of the Administration. PNAC and CFR and Trilateral Commission are in full swing all over the board. On and on my list of complaints run, but, unlike you, I’ve not put it all together into an article like the one you just sent. Way to go, Cy. Your voice on this needs to be heard.
That is a great rant. I think it ought to go up at TMM. Do you want to post it,, or do you want me to?
Elias Alias

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