Red Pill Expo 2018 Will Feature Cynthia McKinney

Let’s begin with a letter from G. Edward Griffin which was emailed on June 8, 2018 —
Identity Politics Is Divide and Conquer by Another Name

Cynthia McKinney, who spent 12 years as a Representative in the US Congress, says that most of the problems facing America today are caused by what is called The Deep State, an unelected bureaucracy that has become the hidden government.

She also speaks out against Identity Politics in which classes, races, and cultures are encouraged by the Deep State to clash against each other, an age-old strategy of divide and conquer.

She will expand on these themes at the Red Pill Expo scheduled for June 21–23 in Spokane, Washington. Cynthia is one of thirty-five presenters at the Red Pill Expo who are prepared to challenge our worldview on many issues that profoundly affect our lives. We asked her to summarize her message in three minutes or less. She did it in two.

Cynthia McKinney

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Note from Elias Alias, your Mental Militia editor —

Cynthia McKinney is a happy supporter of  The Mental Militia and has a landing page in our Allied Camps section at our national website.
Please check out her page, yes?

Cynthia’s remarkable journey across the political spectrum from the “Left” to the “Right” has brought her to the higher ground which hovers over the both, and has sharpened her wisdom and revealed to her the importance of the individual in today’s world. Indeed, as Cynthia last year won her Ph.D., sitting on her Ph.D. committee was none other than Peter Dale Scott, author of “The American Deep State“.

Deep State? Cynthia McKinney knows much about that. A six-term Congresswoman, she has been in the vortex where global power brokers convene. Cynthia knows how things work in secrecy. She has observed the tactics of the elite who control governments around the world, and now works to awaken individuals to the need to withdraw from the matrix, walk away from the false “Left-Right” paradigm pushed so fervently by the fake media and rogue “perpetual war” government, and claim individual authority with personal responsibility by uniting in peace and love as human beings.

She is in perfect tune with the message of The Mental Militia, and with the Red Pill University. I am very proud of her upcoming appearance at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo in Spokane. I am looking forward to finally getting to meet Cynthia McKinney in person at the Red Pill Expo.

That is one reason why I will be at the Red Pill Expo, but here is Mr. Griffin to explain why everyone should be there.

G. Edward Griffin On Why We Want To Attend The Red Pill Expo

2 thoughts on “Red Pill Expo 2018 Will Feature Cynthia McKinney

    1. Allow me to remind you that I once joined the US Marine Corps to go invade a foreign nation on behalf of the Corporate Dynasty at Wall Street and Washington D.C.
      After my time at war I discovered that I had helped the Federal government commit an atrocious international war crime, so I became an anti-war activist.
      I mention that for you so you will know that sometimes people have a “red pill moment” and suddenly change their stance on various issues. Cynthia has been on the Alex Jones show discussing her sincere belief in the necessity for the American people to keep and bear their firearms. She has also been spreading the word about the 2nd Amendment in full, including the first 13 words in that 2nd Amendment, which say -“A well-regulated Militia being necessary for the security of a free State”. Cynthia has changed her views over the past couple of years and is now fully involved in the freedom movement. I just enjoyed a wonderful meeting with her at the Red Pill Expo, and have been corresponding with her for about two years. Whatever she voted for or against in the past is up for review now, but must be weighed with her most recent insights and understanding. Enjoy her speech at Red Pill Expo —

      Also, I invite you to scroll her landing page at TMM to see for yourself that she is now fully in our camp, and brings a powerful following with her.

      Elias Alias

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