October Conference: A “New” Code of the West with Ammon Bundy and Friends

Notice of Major Event October 13, 2018

at Whitefish, Montana!

“A New Code of the West”


Greetings! Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia and Friends

Below you will find not only the announcement for this Fall’s premiere Western States conference at Whitefish, Montana, in October 2018  — You will also learn about Jeanette Finicum’s visit on the eve of that Conference. Additionally, I want to post (below) Elaine Willman’s dynamite interview with Kris Kortlander of the Custer Battlefield Museum in Montana.  I will start with the Conference; but to do that I want to first introduce the organizers of the event.

I keep running into the pair of them at one major event or another. They were at Dan Happel’s home at Pony, Montana, as guests with G. Edward Griffin.  They were at Paradise, Montana, when Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and friends spoke on January 20, 2018. They were at the Red Pill Expo at Bozeman, Montana, in June of 2017; and they were at this year’s Red Pill Expo in Spokane, Washington, this past June, 2018. My next opportunity to soak up some of their zest for the fine art of protecting Americans against the greed-based tactics of a berserk government will be October 13, 2018, at Whitefish, Montana.

The guiding light for a tightly-focused website operation which is “Spreading The Word” by organizing this Conference is Lauralee O’Neil, owner-operator of “This West Is Our West“. Lauralee publishes info pertinent to rural families such as ranchers, farmers, loggers, and miners in all of our Western States.  (I should note that the articles one will find at This West Is Our West are also important material for those who live in cities anywhere across America, because the problems confronting rural America right now are also targeting city-dwellers.)

But as I’ve hinted, Lauralee has a compatriot who works closely with her. Her running-buddy, Elaine Willman, publishes books which focus on corruption in the federal/tribal governmental tandem. They are two hard-charging friends of liberty who stay busy keeping an eye on government mischief and doing what they can to expose government misbehavior. They are real people working at the grassroots level. As concerned women who cherish the Founders’ vision of individual freedom under a government designed to, and required to, protect our “Unalienable Rights“, Elaine Willman and Lauralee O’Neil, (both from western Montana), publish valuable information for Americans everywhere.  So I am excitedly looking forward to their upcoming Full-Day Conference, the flier for which is below.

Brought to us by This West Is Our West, we are invited to a power-packed one-day conference. Here is the information which Lauralee sent to me.


Join us for our upcoming conference, A New Code of the West to be held on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana.

Our sensational line-up of speakers will address topics such as: the ‘Deep State’ and how it impacts the West; land, water and civil rights; public vs. private property; federal Indian policy and Montana voter fraud; bureaucratic over-reach; and critical legislation.

Please take a look at our website This West is OUR West, our conference Program and Speaker Biographies. The Registration Form is available on the website for printing and mailing.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at (406) 407-5639, or by email at: thiswestisourwest@centurylink.net

We truly hope that each of you will consider joining us on October 13th at this remarkable one-day conference in Whitefish, Montana. The array of speakers and subjects will provide an updated overview of “The Deep State” and its impact in the West, bureaucratic agency over-reach, federal Indian policy, public vs. private property rights, environmental and jurisdictional issues affecting our country and each of our communities. We will also have discussions on critical legislation impacting our western states.

We have a wonderful surprise for those attending the conference in Whitefish! We will have a Private viewing of “LaVoy: Dead Man Talking” Friday evening, Oct 12th at 7:00 pm. Click on the link for a preview…



Program and  Speakers’  Schedule

See this listing at This West Is Our West —  http://thiswestisourwest.com/index.cfm/in-the-news/a-new-code-of-the-west-program/

8:00—9:00am — Registration, Exhibits and Continental Breakfast

9:00—9:30 am — Dan Happel (Range Boss) “ROUND EM UP

9:30—10:10 am — Alex Newman (Straight Shooter)  “KNOW WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE

10:10—10:40 am — Kerry White (Doc Holiday) “WHEN YOU MAKE A PROMISE, KEEP IT

10:40—10:55 am — Break, Snacks and Exhibits

10:55—11:25 am — Matt Shea (Cowboy Up!) “BE TOUGH, BUT FAIR

11:25—11:55 am — Norm Semanko (Never Try On Another Man’s Hat) “DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE

11:55—12:45 pm — Q & A

12:45—2:00 pm — Buffet Luncheon with Speaker

2:00—2:40 pm — Elaine Willman (Good Fences Make Good Neighbors) “REMEMBER THAT SOME THINGS ARE NOT FOR SALE

2:40—3:20 pm — Chris Kortlander (Arrow To The Heart) “STANDING TALL IN THE SADDLE

3:20—3:35 pm — Break, Snacks and Exhibits

3:35—5:05 pm — Ammon Bundy (Defeating The Outlaws) “HOW THE WEST WAS WON

5:05—6:00 pm — Q & A


The Elaine Willman and  Chris Kortlander Interview

I am excitedly looking forward to seeing all of our friends at the Jeanette Finicum film screening Friday evening, October 12 2018, and at the full day Conference October 13 2018. Here are additional links.


Speaker Biographies

Registration Form

Booking your room at the Grouse Mountain Lodge

Private viewing of “LaVoy: Dead Man Talking”


Elias Alias

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