Sustainable Unsustainability: Oath Keepers and the UN’s “Agenda 21”

Sustainable Unsustainability


by Elias Alias

A Quick Snapshot Synopsis


I  probably do not need to bring to your attention the fact that people in general are inundated by a ceaseless barrage of “info-overload”, multi-sourced distractions, incessant stresses and pressures, endless entertainments of all sorts, insecurity, outright fear, confusion of many types, and an ongoing parade of contradictory observations which literally paralyze the mortal mind — which is already subjected to a blanket of mass-hypnosis which proffers many reinforced belief-systems which are readily debunked when inspected objectively. (But the objective inspection seldom, if ever, happens.)  We all know that all that craziness is going on. But there is yet more —

Our population is striving to swim upstream against the current in a tidal wave of electro-magnetic pollution and an outright directed energetic assault featuring psychic toxicity and biological toxicity which undermine the very soul of humanity with smart meters; 3-, 4-, and 5-G implementation; aerosol sprays; GMO foods; vaccine-mania by Big Pharma and the CDC; technocratic arrays; mass-produced propaganda; state-sponsored psy-ops; wars and rumors of war; idiot politicos crying “Peace Peace!” when there is no peace; and a seven-ring circus featuring greed-mongering power-grabbers, control freaks, inflation engineers, and a puerile parade of pedophiles in seats of alleged “Authority” in government, media, entertainment, corporate, and other societal institutions.

That, of course, is not the America we all want to see. It is not the America we love and were once proud to call “Our Country”. It is not difficult to see that we are no longer “One Nation Under God” with individual responsibility, self-respect, codes of honor, family unity, the “All-American Work Ethic”, and a natural sense of personal dignity which not so long ago was the order of the day here in America. So I sometimes ponder how it came to be that our society is awash in socialism, cultural-Marxism, Statism (worship of government: the Gov-God syndrome), decadence, Satanic Luciferianism, criminality, corrupted government officials in departments and agencies like FBI, NSA, NRO, CIA, EPA, BLM, USFS, et al, and overseas war mongering.

Could it be that our country has been sabotaged by design? Could some organization, some group, some secretive cabal, some shadowy force, have literally attempted to undermine our traditional American way of life? If so, could that have been done clandestinely, incrementally, deceptively? And if so, when did it begin; and how has it developed; and why would anyone want to destroy the beautiful character of the American experience? Could America have been slyly attacked by outside forces who wished to control the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth? Could those forces have won support from immoral people inside our own country?

We may begin our inquiry by simply looking at our southern border. Our clues and hints for answering such questions are staging at our border as we speak. It is time to take a deeper look into the global motives of the Deep State. Oath Keepers is helping James Jaeger do just that by contributing to his masterful feature-length documentary film which will reveal the sickly sinister and outright sinful scourge called the United Nations Agenda 21.


The Visible And The Invisible


Oath Keepers’ national leadership is calling for volunteers on the southern border between Texas and Mexico, which is an important stand. There is a lawful way for people from other countries to immigrate into America, and that is just fine.

“Immigration” exists, but there is also something called “Migration“.  In looking at the caravans migrating through Mexico to reach the U.S. border, it would be wise to ask if those caravans are indeed “migrating” instead of attempting to “immigrate”. Long ago we learned that some “world planners” saw  “migration” as a useful tool to “equalize” nations. We saw that concept being tossed about at the American Historical Society and in the writings of globalists who are trying to establish a one-world government.

How could “migration” relate to a would-be “one-world government”?

By “one-world-government” I mean to imply a Global Government which seeks to rule the entire world. A global government would be capable of exercising sovereignty in ways which would negate the national sovereignty of any nation on the membership roster of the United Nations. In other words, under a global government the U.S. Constitution would become subservient to the global government. The global government would have a World Court, which could nullify our Constitution as it wished, thus removing all lawful protections of our liberty and freedoms, including the freedom to own land, homes, automobiles, and indeed, the freedom to own our very lives as individuals. Always remember —

Self-ownership is the opposite of Slavery.


An Agenda Hidden In Plain Sight

>Note the Globe in the UN’s flag <

Our Constitution protects our rights to own ourselves, to own our homes and property, our guns, our automobiles, our traditional way of life. But a one-world-government would presume an authority to over-rule our Constitution and Bill of Rights, thereby putting our very freedoms under threat. Toward that very end the United Nations (UN) created a plan for the 21st Century and named it “Agenda 21”. Agenda 21 is diabolical, deceptively-worded, and is ruthlessly dedicated to fulfilling the United Nations’ plan to neuter our Republic and enfold America into their dream-wish fantasy of a Global Government. Agenda 21 is a massive factor in what is going on at our southern border, as we shall see.


As Stewart Rhodes has wisely pointed out, America is being invaded across our southern border by what the mainstream media hates to name publicly — which is “illegal immigration”.  James Jaeger, of Matrix Entertainment, will back up Stewart’s assertion regarding this invasion with a new documentary film about the Alien Forces which are driving this wave of illegal immigrants. But note: We are not just talking about the “illegal aliens” on foot who are doing the actual invasion — We are speaking about the Alien Forces who are orchestrating this border-violating migration. By “Alien Forces” I mean the global banking interests behind the creation and operations of the United Nations, most of whom are in Europe. International power brokers who drive the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Federal Reserve System, Inc. work hand in hand with the United Nations, its World Court, its World Trade Organization, and its myriad NGO servants, etc. I am saying, bluntly and point- blank, that the United Nations’ Agenda 21 is behind the invasion which Oath Keepers is now fighting at the Texas border with Mexico.

I know that that sounds preposterous, so for readers here who are now shaking their heads in disbelief and thinking that I’m going a bit too far with such an accusation, I will offer this from the United Nation’s website. (Look at this link carefully, then click it.)  —

First thing we read there states in bold letters —

“The global compact for migration is the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner.”

If reading at that page is not enough proof, try this link to the webpage which links its readers to the above page.

Does that link say “Global Compact For Migration”, or not? At that link, (which is packed with more arrogance and conceit by leaders in the UN than I’ve seen in a month of Sundays),  we read —

In the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, adopted in September 2016, the General Assembly decided to develop a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. The process to develop this global compact for migration started in April 2017. The General Assembly will then hold an intergovernmental conference on international migration in 2018 with a view to adopting the global compact. 

The global compact is a significant opportunity to improve the governance on migration, to address the challenges associated with today’s migration, and to strengthen the contribution of migrants and migration to sustainable development.  

Okay. Note those two last words —  “sustainable development”.  Those two words are code words for Agenda 21. Please bear that in mind as we move toward the conclusion of this article. Also, please take time to revisit those two UN links and look them over closely. You are looking at a world-governing organization which you did not vote for but which is hell-bent on ensuring a steady flood of “migrants” into the US of A who will be claiming their UN-granted “rights” to your tax-funded social and health services while competing for your jobs.

I’ve got another challenge for all Oath Keepers and supporters. Yes, I am going to call for yet more support for an Operation which is just as important as the boots on the ground Operation at Texas. The boots on the ground, necessary as they are now, are facing only part of the problem, and this writing is about both parts — the illegal immigrants crossing the border as human migrants, and the criminal cabal at the top of the global pyramid of power who are organizing the illegal immigration.


Lest We Forget RT&I


James Jaeger is not only covering the invasion itself, but is also relying upon the back-bone foundational purpose of Oath Keepers since day one, ten years ago on April 19, 2009.  An astute and talented observer and cohort with Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., James Jaeger is tying together the “migration” policy of the United Nations and the UN’s “Agenda-21”, which is the UN’s “Agenda” for global control during the 21st Century.

This James is doing by creating a wonderful documentary movie which reveals why Oath Keepers is completely correct in its stance of calling the massive illegal immigration phenomenon an “invasion”, and at the same time doing some of the finest “RT&I” ever created to advance the cause of honoring one’s Oath. If that sounds like a tall order, be not amazed. James Jaeger and his Matrix Entertainment studios in Pennsylvania has been been making documentary films for many years, including the last nine years during which he has worked closely with Oath Keepers.

James Jaeger knows that while on one hand Oath Keepers is focused on border issues, Oath Keepers is also focused on its core doctrine of reaching, teaching, and inspiring all police and military to honor their Oath to the Constitution. We call it — “R T&I”. All Oath Keepers, on the individual level, are encouraged to Reach out to law enforcement and military personnel; to Teach them the meaning(s) in the Constitution which they swore to support and defend; and to Inspire them as individuals to learn more about how to honor their Oath. I know of no better way to do that than by spreading the word about James Jaeger’s Constitutional documentary film collection which features Oath Keepers as an organization and Stewart Rhodes as an expert in each of James’ most-recent five films.

Here is how James does it. In conferring with Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., James picks a topic relevant to the Constitution and proceeds to write a script for a feature-length documentary movie. In each of James’ films we see featured experts such as Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Edwin Vieira, plus others such as occasional participation by experts including Pat Buchanan, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, and Pastor Chuck Baldwin, etc. James uses his many years of experience in Hollywood and his production studio skills to create powerful documentaries and places them online for free viewing by the public.  His documentaries are the “Teach” part of Oath Keepers’ RT&I mission. Go HERE to see the films for free. Just enter your email address and you’re into his collection of nine Constitutional-themed full length feature films to enjoy absolutely free.

But James has to pay for the production of each of these films, so he sells high-quality DVDs of the movies upon completion of each film, and Oath Keepers does its part by promoting the films in progress here at the Oath Keepers website.

Oath Keepers has been working with James Jaeger’s Matrix Entertainment for nine years. One reason why is because Matrix Entertainment creates, on the record for all time, wonderful documentary films which promote the Constitution to which we all swore an Oath. Another reason: James Jaeger in turn promotes Oath Keepers by featuring Oath Keepers in the opening credits on his Constitutional documentaries.  And another reason: Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, is featured in every film Matrix Entertainment has made since 2010 (five major full-length documentary films in nine years!). And one other reason Oath Keepers supports Matrix Entertainment’s films is because Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., works with James Jaeger on each film. As if those reasons were not enough, yet another reason Oath Keepers works with Matrix Entertainment is that Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. are in almost every one of James Jaeger’s documentaries. Finally, once production costs are covered, James Jaeger places these gems of Constitutional insight and brilliance on the Internet for free viewing by one and all. (Check ’em out HERE )

I have worked with James Jaeger as an associate producer on his last five documentary films. When I was your Oath Keepers national website senior editor (for seven years) I wrote articles similar to this one on a regular basis to solicit donations for James’ movies. Oath Keepers’ membership and support base has generously made possible a truly wonderful library of vitally important Constitutional knowledge.  Home schooling families, church groups, neighborhood gatherings, Senior centers, etc., are great ways to share these movies as part of Oath Keepers’ RT&I mission.

We are Oath Keepers. Thank you for supporting Oath Keepers’ stand at the border and for the Oath Keepers RT&I mission’s documentary film projects. We will defend America and her founding legal charter, the Constitution to which we swore allegiance.  I am calling on each of you to go the extra mile and help James complete this new movie, “UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN Agenda For Global Government“. James needs your contributions to help complete this film. His focus is on Agenda 21 and its service to the UN’s bid to become the world’s first “Global Government”. The movie will reveal much more than just the secret “migration” operations. It will alert Americans to the incredible plans to eliminate private property ownership and our ability to defend our very homes by keeping and bearing arms. Please do what you can now. We need money to keep this film moving forward.

Even if it’s five or ten dollars, please write a check or click the Donate link now and send in what you can. This film is closely tied to Oath Keepers’ border stand in Texas. Its message is time-sensitive and sorely needed by the American people, many of whom have never even heard of Agenda 21. I have already read the script for the film and can say that James has researched this topic deeply. The film is the first full length feature film in America to expose the diabolical plot behind the UN’s Agenda 21, including especially Agenda 21’s plan to outlaw single-family homes, private automobile ownership, and our right to own, keep, and bear our firearms as free individuals. If we help James get this film completed it will be seen by millions of Americans who need to know. The benefit for our freedoms will be worth no less than our beloved country, America.

Please help me raise the money necessary for this film. Send your checks or money orders to:

Matrix Entertainment * 223 W. Lancaster Ave. * Devon, Pennsylvania 19333

To donate online go to James’ site for the film —


Thank You, Oath Keepers!  Salute!


Donate for UNsustainable Documentary Movie —

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UNsustainable Movie Website

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Agenda 21’s Global Compact For Migration

Migration Compact —

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992AGENDA 21



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