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In our previous TMM email I posted part of, and linked to, an article explaining why some believe we should oppose the roll=out of “5G”.  A goodly number of people have responded to that email, with varying perspectives about it.  Some readers already knew about this problem called “5G”, while others do not see it as a problem.  This article will focus on the previous email, in part, and link to the proper website so readers here can see the entire report about “Why?” we should consider opposing the roll-out of 5G on planet earth and in space.

The group which has compiled the info is asking for signatures on their petition, which itself is revelatory and packed with claims for the reader to evaluate personally. That petition is here, for those readers who wish to sign it.


Here is the article explaining the petition. Well worth the read.  https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal


In following up after that email, I would like to share a very tightly built production by Sacha Stone. This video is just over an hour long, and is packed, literally, with very interesting info and intel provided by scientists, biologists, medical professionals, researchers, and people testifying before the Senate.  Please view this video when you have an hour to invest in a fascinating debate about 5G.

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    1. Adding this on June 20 2019 —

      Anonymous has posted a 17-minute condensed version of this for use in places peopled by folks who will not start into an hour-long film. In passing this info along, please consider linking to Sacha Stone’s full length film but also link to the Anonymous trimmed-down version — that way you’re giving viewers a choice with which to fit the message into their time-frame.
      Sacha Stone original version, 1 hour 18 minutes — https://youtu.be/WBpZFqR6Qzk
      Anonymous 17 min version — https://youtu.be/Hs1J1yeewEk
      Many thanks,
      Elias Alias

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