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Before Going To The Forums: A Word To The Wise!

Conversation at the existing TMM forum is a complex network of wide-ranging philosophical perspectives on just about everything. Religion and philosophy, guns, politics and economics, science, survival and self-reliance, art, literature, gardening, nutrition, music and the visual arts, etc, etc. Just about anything and everything that open-minded folks might want to discuss. The Mental Militia Forums have been online since 1999, and we have seen it all.

The current forum was built in 2003 and now archives hundreds of thousands of posts, in thousands of threads, enough to boggle the boxes at the NSA. The folks at TMM forum urge you to read as much as possible in areas that interest you, giving you an opportunity to meet and understand some of the members, both current and past.

TMM forum members are proud to be open-minded, intelligent, curious and respectful. Egoism, while never completely absent anywhere people gather, is kept to a minimum. Most of our members are of the libertarian persuasion, but philosophical anarchists, min-archists, Voluntaryists, Austrian economists, Disgruntled Democrats, Recanting Republicans, Inspired Independents, Wild Wiccans, Cautious Constitutionalists, and many others are found there.


The Mental Militia forum is private property, and the owner, The Mental Militia LLC,  reserves all rights to control that property and maintain the forum mission. Language is often “mature,” and unremarkable as long as it does not become personal. Personal attacks and troll posts are not tolerated. An Administrator or moderator or other agent of TMM LLC may remove any post at his/her discretion, and any member account can be terminated for violation of the membership agreement. TMM is not obligated to explain to anyone why any account is revoked, but we usually are glad to explain to the guilty party why he/she is getting the boot.

Please read the forum rules and notices carefully before you begin to post. The membership and staff expect maturity and an undying respect for individual liberty. Any member who demonstrates both maturity and respect for freedom will have no problem at the Forums, whatever one’s philosophy may be. TMM also insists that all post-makers at the forums respect and operate under the principles of Spencer’s “Law of Equal Freedom”.

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The Right to Ignore the State by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

Herbert Spencer was an incredible prophet and a magnificent defender of laissez-faire. Among his numerous works is The Man Versus The State, first published in 1884. Continue Reading….

Allow me to repeat — There is not a lot of current activity at the original TMM forums. The reason has to do with my absence from the forums for about seven years, with only occasional ventures onto the boards there. Over the course of the past fourteen years, scores of thousands of members have registered, and only a few have remained active members. I am the oldest living member at the forums. The one man who was in that forum before me, Walter “Bark”, passed away from cancer in my home in 2007. There are a few members there who were on board when we launched it back in 2003, and I salute them. My hope is that by returning to my lifelong work as a jewelry designer I can pay for this site and the forums and no longer need to appeal to the public for support. My plan is to support myself, a novel idea, yes? ;) But I digress.

Therefore, any reader here who chooses to go to our existing, original forums and expose oneself to the rigors of unabashed egoism, self-righteous saints and sinners of all stripes, uncontrollable varmints who give our Administrators concern and stress, flame wars which we stomp out as quickly as we can but which are mostly left on the forums as a record of the frailty inherent in the “human voice”, some horrible language at times, some disrespectful variances which made it past the moderators’ watchful eye — as I was saying, anyone going over there should expect to find choppy waters at times, smooth sailing at other times, and a full spectrum of examples of the infinite varieties of the indefinitude of possibilities of the expressions of the mortal voice of mankind at large, well, such a one must be prepared to weather storms which blow up unexpectedly at times and would seem to contradict the basic purpose of the forums. So be advised, cautioned, and fore-warned.

Ready to ride the intellectual whirlwinds of free-flowing conversation?

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