History of The Mental Militia

Notes by Elias Alias, editor

UPDATING May 16 2019

Just a note in passing – This year, 2019, marks our 20th consecutive year online as The Mental Militia. Wow! Twenty Years!  See below for details please.


They call me “Elias Alias“. In 1999 I got online for the first time and discovered the ACLU’s international “Message Boards”. There I met about twenty new friends whose intelligence I appreciated. Also, at the end of the 1990s it was common to invent a screen name for online activity, and I found that I gravitated to other folks’ favored screen names naturally, almost unconsciously. In our group, for example, were “FireSilk”, “scarmig”, “2A”, “General Kit”.  It was there that I took the screen-name “Elias Alias”. I had liked the name “Elias” when watching Oliver Stone’s movie, “PLATOON”, and I had liked the name “Alias” as spoken by Bob Dylan in the movie “Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid”. I noticed a natural fit of the two names when put together and liked that idea and have been posting as Elias Alias ever since.

Each day I would meet my new friends online at the ACLU international message boards. I was a poetic jewelry designer who was just awakening to new insights into the over-view of how things work in our society while discussing things with strangers on the Internet, and I was eager to learn as well as to share what I thought I knew — much of which has been majorly overhauled in the ensuing sixteen years online.

In October of 1999 the ACLU announced it would close its message boards where my friends and I were accustomed to making daily posts in verbal combat with the great unwashed masses. The one common view all of us had at that time was the importance of “individual freedom” under the umbrella of “self governance”. The small group of friends included folks from widely varied philosophies, political orientations, and religions.  We were philosophically inclined and intelligently open-minded, and our discussions were educational, which fact interested me greatly. Alarmed that our circle of cyber friends would have no place to “meet” online when the ACLU ceased its message boards, we saw the need to create our own forum.

By December of 1999 I had created a Yahoo Club and named it “The Mental Militia”. I invited in the more than twenty individuals with whom I had been exchanging meaningful discourse at the ACLU forums, and we launched The Mental Militia as a group effort. I was the guy who thought up the name for our group, and the others voted to adopt the name. The full name for our group was:

The Mental Militia:

“The Corporate Dynasty, The War on Terror, and You”

In the year 2000 I launched a short-lived “Pagemill” website for TMM, but I did not know what I was doing and the site did not serve our needs at all, so it went away quickly. Meanwhile, “scarmig” came up with a new forum and named it “The Liberty Gryphon”, owing to Lady Firesilk’s design for The Mental Militia’s official logo — TMMGriffina fierce “liberty gryphon” sitting upright and striking steel with flint to “spark the world-wide consciousness revolution“.

That forum used “threads” and “thread titles” just as the ACLU’s message boards had used, so we quickly moved from the Yahoo club into scarmig’s new forums. TMM was active there until Walter “Bark” Doss created a brand new state-of-the-art php website which featured its own internal forums. That new site was done in early 2003, and when Bark died in 2006 we lost the site.

However, while the new website was lost, one of our external forums remained. The story on that is that in early 2003 I asked Bark if we had enough bandwidth to furnish Claire Wolfe with a forum of her own. Bark assured me that we could handle that load and immediately built a forum for Claire Wolfe’s many friends and fans.

Claire Wolfe writes wonderful liberty-oriented books and is one of my favorite authors. She had (and still does) a rather large following, so in no time at all there were thousands of members at “The Claire Files” forums. Providing Claire with that forum was one of the best things The Mental Militia ever did. When Bark died and we lost the national website, Claire insisted that we re-name her forum “The Mental Militia”. So we did, and I believe that the date on the name change was September 17, 2007.

From some time prior to September 2007 until present our I.T. Guy Bill St. Clair has maintained The Mental Militia Forums.

Bill handles server and security matters for not only the forums but also for this site as well. Bill’s personal website is < Here >

Additionally, Bill has archived Claire Wolfe’s past websites at his personal site. Here is a < Link > to Claire’s “Shameless Self-Promotional Copy“.

In October of 2006 a new member registered at the forums using the screen name, “Stewart The Yalie”. Having already become familiar with the Russell family of Boston and the Russell Trust at Yale University, which founded the infamous Skull And Bones secret society on campus, and having also become aware of the Rhodes Round Table group as laid out in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy And Hope, I noticed on his registration page that Stewart The Yalie listed his last name as “Rhodes”.  I was compelled to keep an eye on that newcomer. What I learned about him as time went by was that he was a military veteran and Constitutional attorney from Yale Law School who had worked in Congressman Ron Paul’s staff. He was very smart and expressed himself well at the forums. I would come to know him as Stewart Rhodes, and have been working for him as the content editor for his national website since 2009.

Before Stewart Rhodes launched his organization on April 19, 2009 at Lexington Green, Massachusetts, he had already named it “Oath Keepers”. The month before Lexington Green, in March of ’09, The Mental Militia opened a forum for Oath Keepers, which is still there. Although mostly forgotten when Oath Keepers built their own national forums on their “dot Net” site, there have been some posts since back in 2009. < Link >

In October 2009 I was registered in Nevada as a member of the Board of Directors for Oath Keepers, and for the next six years I would be mostly “MIA” at The Mental Militia forums, spending most all of my time and energy working for Oath Keepers and with Oath Keepers. But now I have turned 70, need occasional naps, am road-weary and “third-stage burned out” in some regards, and it dawned on me finally that I should be more involved in The Mental Militia — an idea who’s time has come. I am, after all, the guy who thought up the name sixteen years ago, way back in 1999.

Over the years I have managed to meet a lot of strong liberty activists, and for some of those introductions I owe gratitude to Stewart Rhodes and his crew at both the national and State levels. It occurred to me early on in 2015 that The Mental Militia was actually a great idea which hit the Internet sixteen years before its time. I began to realize that the very premise of  The Mental Militia when we formed it was open-minded conversation in the human voice unfettered, with a touch of mild moderation by our Administrator staff. That purpose was to recognize everyone’s voice in a proper argument format peopled by sensitive and mature personalities.

Adam Ruff Feb 08 2016_5The Mental Militia would be an online discussion group which welcomed the Buddhist as readily as welcoming Christians or Agnostics, or even Wiccans or Native Americans or Hindus – everyone with an alert mind would be welcome to hold discussions and debates on many various aspects of life in this best of all possible worlds. The Mental Militia would explore candidly all avenues to Truth in general and to “personal freedom” in particular by people of every culture, ethnicity, religious affiliation, philosophy or nationality who display maturity and objectivity while using proper rules of logic. The Mental Militia would be like a public think-tank peopled by highly awakened and aware individuals.

That basic idea has now experienced a metamorphosis of sorts. While holding true to that ideal, The Mental Militia is also focused as well on networking highly intelligent Web operations of all sorts. By corralling the diverse sources which constitute the basic philosophy of individual freedom into one website, we will provide our forums with source materials at their fingertips.

It is obvious to Mentalitians that what Tragedy And Hope podcasts portray is somehow related to the mission of the Fully Informed Jury Association, which itself is perhaps related tangentially to Bob Schulz and his “We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education”. Tangentially at the least, the Tax-Honesty movement, the End The Fed movement, the 912 Project, the anti-war factions, the Second Amendment advocates, the anti-drug war activists, and actually hundreds of other single-or-limited-focus groups can find some common ground with other groups or organizations here. And that is a formula for returning political power into the hands of We The People. I’m told that Sir Francis Bacon, in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, said that

“knowledge is power”.

So in 2015 I decided to launch a new national site for TMM. I purchased from the State of Montana an official Limited Liability Company license. I established a bank account and was granted an Employer’s Identification Number (EIN) by the IRS. I bought the domain and server service and had Bill St. Clair take care of the details. Over the last several months of 2015  I engaged the services of several friends to create the core staff for administering the activities of this site on the World Wide Web.

This site’s Webmaster and designer is Cindy Hawk, aka “Medicine Hawk”. Cindy is organizing the mass-email service, membership lists, online store, and a hundred-and-one other important details, including managerial policies and a national phone system (coming soon).

Our first Contributing Editor is Cyrellys Geibhendach, who is an avid researcher of hidden history. Cyrellys operates several websites, including her own personal site and Manticore Group.

UPDATING: Susan, aka “MamaLiberty” *was* a Contributing Editor here, and was one of our Chief Administrators at the TMM forums. A certified handgun instructor and Registered Nurse (ret.), Susan operated her own website, “The Price of Liberty“. We lost MamaLiberty to cancer in mid-2018. I was able to visit with her before she passed. We all shall miss her!

Don Doig is an Associate Editor at TMM who may contribute an occasional article. Don is one of the two Co-Founders of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) and has a long track record in the fight for freedom in America. Headquartered in Helena, Montana, his organization now has a strong national outreach across America.  Their press release of December 16 2015 covering one of their victories in Colorado is < here >

Joan Stanley will be an Assistant Editor beginning in January, 2016. Joan is a former Montana Senate candidate and popular Activist who published a newsletter and newspaper called “The Montana Messenger“. Joan also serves as a business consultant.

Wendy McElroy is an Editor here at The Mental Militia. Wendy is one of the original founders of the Voluntaryist movement, a prolific writer, book author, public speaker, and one of our favorite philosophers for freedom. Wendy founded and operates the Individualist Feminist web operation as well as her own website. Wendy has served as a weekly columnist for FoxNews.com and is also a research fellow at the Independent Institute, and contributing editor to The Dollar Vigilante, Ideas on Liberty (formerly The Freeman), The New Libertarian, Free Inquiry and Liberty magazines. Her writing has appeared in such diverse periodicals as National Review, Marie Claire and Penthouse. For over a decade, McElroy was a series editor for Knowledge Products. She has written and edited many documentary scripts for audio cassette, some of which were narrated by Walter Cronkite, George C. Scott and Harry Reasoner.

Please learn more about Wendy McElroy at her Landing Page here at TMM —  https://thementalmilitia.net/2016/08/22/wendy-mcelroy/

Editing to add on March 09 2017 — I am welcoming a talented new associate editor here at TMM, Ms Wendy Blanks. Wendy is the founder and owner of The Sleuth Journal. Wendy Blanks hosts a remarkable line-up of creative writers and current-news specialists at The Sleuth Journal. Wendy Blanks also owns and operates a wonderful small business named “Wendi Organics” featuring her own creations in Aroma Therapies, Organic Soaps, Teas, Essential Oils and Perfumes, etc.  Please treat yourself by discovering Wendy Blanks at her landing page here at TMM

So that is the nutshell history which brings us to the beginning of 2017. Looking forward, TMM shall step up in 2017 and create more history by spreading the word about the “M” word. We are not here to create a Militia — we are here to create in our own minds a regimented system of consciousness which is a psychological template of America’s long-lost Militias system. All readers here are welcome to participate, because the Constitution, which clearly requires that the States have their Militia, belongs to everyone, and because the Militia system strengthens individual control over anyone’s mental states. That, of course, leads to self-ownership, which is the opposite of unconscious slavery..

Editor’s Note: The graph atop this page is courtesy of:  http://www.lessrad4u.co.nz/education/electromagnetic-spectrum/


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  1. A friend just recommended the MM site after I sent him several links concerning the “War on Cash.” He prefaced it by saying “here’s another look down the rabbit hole.” Whether we call it “Hidden History”, “Deep History”, “Deep Politics” all managed by the “Deep State”, it is clear and has been clear for a long, long time, we have forces that guide and operate in criminal and nefarious ways that most people are not aware of and when they think of History, they associate history with what they have been taught in school and read in the MSM. Independent media sites, like you and your referents, are really the front lines of what is left of investigative journalism – focusing on the key questions that all engaged citizens and our supposed leaders should be asking, like former Representative Jack Brooks did way back when during the Oliver North hearings and like others have many times and have repeatedly run up against the National Security State and found that the question is out of bounds (in a Democracy, the governing elected supposedly but now comically by the consent of the governed) because Technocrats and their leaders have determined the area of interest “national security” and therefore untouchable.

    Many books have been written on this broad subject – thousands really. I will close by recommending two books and a web site that among other things, is a great source of the relevant books for researchers wanting to read further on this and related topics. Books – David Talbot’s “Brothers – the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, and his subsequent book “The Devil’s Chessboard, Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government.” Those two books document where this really all began in earnest, and where the “Deep State” really spread its wings (using COG Comm) leading to all the “Deep Events” that have occurred since the 1960’s.

    The web sites are ones that are initiated by Robert David Steele, a name I came across as a reviewer of books on Amazon. He is prolific in that category but much more. Here is the link to a wiki page on Steele and it has links to his web sites and initiatives. Steele, a former Intelligence Officer, Libertarian Party Candidate for President, and more, is a proponent of Open Source Intelligence which among other things, would begin to shine a light on the dark secrets that we maintain in the interest of, well who really? That is the question you should keep asking. It also has the potential to invigorate functioning Democracy, which to function properly does require that citizens are informed with facts and the truth and engaged in the process of governance. Thanks for making the effort. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_David_Steele Click through from his personal/official web site, to the link “Web Sites” and the other initiatives and links are listed including the “Phi Beta Iota Intelligence Blog” (“The truth at any cost lowers all other costs) which has the many reviews of hundreds of important and relevant books.

    1. Excellent comment, Jim. Thank you for reading here and for composing a powerful addition for our readers. I hope you’ll sign up for our email list, at bottom of any page on this site. It’s free. We will publish a weekly update for all who sign up for our free email system.
      About your recommended reading, I’m certainly interested and will quickly order my copy of The Devil’s Chessboard, for I love to collect stuff on Allen Dulles.

      Elias Alias, editor

  2. Nice to know the history of TMM. I’ve been a member of the forums since February 2009 when I was barely peeking through the wool over my eyes. Suffice it to say the wool has been ripped off and burned. I’ve met many great people, had oodles of awesome discussions and have been inspired to prepare for these coming dark times. Thanks Elias for all you’ve done and continue to do.

    1. Well Howdy, knobster;
      It’s great to see you here. I’m glad to see such a good testament about your own experience at TMM since 2009. I must thank you for being a part of everything we’ve done, for being yourself a part of TMM’s history. We’ll get this site fired up this year and make some more history, yes? ;)


  3. A “think tank,” the “Mental Militia,” is right up my alley! I will do what I can to support such a Patriotic endeavor as this. I was associated with William Cooper and Jack McLamb, now after they have passed on I am looking for a home.

    I have been a member of Oath Keepers and I wholly support their mission, but having NOT served, it is difficult to reach some people to truly understand sovereignty belonging to the United Nations.

    I don’t think you will “walk on egg shells” dealing with that subject around here. In fact, the more I learn about you Elias, you fill the shoes of our Patriot leaders from before, and won’t give me any guff because I avoided that conflict in Vietnam.

    It was one thing war was undeclared by Congress, but far worse belonging and following mandates of the S.E.A.T.O. and the UN. I knew about this then and will continue to support US sovereignty with fellow Patriots!
    Thank you Sir, Ron Howell

    1. Hey Pardner!
      I’m glad to see you in here. Thank you for signing on.
      Viet Nam? Yeah, I went, only to find out many years too late that I was lied to about what we were doing “over there”. I was a dumb southern boy — knew nothing about the UN or SEATO or NATO. Thought I was helping my country, but as an older and somewhat wiser old Veteran now, I realize I was working for the new world order’s great plan to destroy the America I loved. Korea, Viet Nam, and everything since then — all were planned by the globalists and their idiot minions in the military-industrial complex and on Wall Street. As things became revealed to me in recent years, with much study into the hidden history, the hippies were right and the Christian Right that supported our war in Viet Nam were supporting the work of the devil. But I don’t think they knew, just as I did not know at the time.
      Your assistance here at The Mental Militia can help prevent further treachery being rained down upon innocent Americans who trust blindly what they have been taught all their lives. Iraq, Afghanistan? Same as Korea and Viet Nam. And now the world hates us, and I don’t blame them.
      So you will enjoy helping The Mental Militia expose the great lie, and I appreciate your being here. Thank you Brother.
      Elias Alias, editor

    2. Welcome to TMM Sir!
      Yes no egg shells around here. It is our hope that future generations will benefit from the hard earned understanding of the corruption. As a better informed and equipped people we have a chance at avoiding future mistakes and to gain ground on the problem. I’m pleased to meet another fellow traveler on this road.

    1. Fred,
      Thank you muchly for inviting me onto your show. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. You and your co-hosts were all great. I felt like I found a new group of friends. I will be promoting your show to my readers, and hopefully they will spread it to their readers. I have a communication from Steve which will help me create your landing page here at TMM, and once I can get that page built I’ll email it widely. You guys are awesome. Thank you sincerely.


      Addendum October 14 2016: For our readers, here is the Collective Consciousness show in which Fred and the American Underground Network company featured The Mental Militia on October 06 2016.


      Audio: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-48335/TS-1116506.mp3

      American Underground Network: http://www.aunetwork.tv/

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