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While our fifty States seem to be in denial about this, we confess that there exist, in the words of  Lt.Col. Karen Kwaitkowski, Ph.D., (Retired),

fifty sovereign Nation-State Republics from sea to shining sea”.

karen_kwiatkowski_politicalvelcraft_dot_orgThere exist every racial ethnicity, religious tradition, philosophical trend, political idiocy, personality characteristic, belief system, opinion, activity, and industry known to man within these fifty sovereign Nation-State Republics, amid a population much larger than three hundred million, itself a truly massive “sea” of humanity.

The Mental Militia holds that the Constitution for the united States of America exists in undying, perpetually renewing, universally applied certification of the “Unalienable Rights”  which every human being brings directly into this world by right of the Divine Will of Creation as evidenced by “Nature, or Nature’s God”. (Thomas Jefferson, paraphrased)

All lives indeed do matter equally, as our founding documents acknowledge. Therefore, The Mental Militia is for everyone. The following listing will grow as we add more Intelligence with which to fortify The Mental Militia’s Triptych. (See: )

This listing is not meant to imply that each of the organizations, authors, musicians, and groups listed below are members in The Mental Militia. Further, the inclusion of any one group, organization, author, musician, etc., does not imply said group’s agreement with any or all other groups, organizations, authors, etc. Each entry below is given here simply because it offers “back-up” material which reinforces and reveals, especially when taken all together, truths which are necessary for each sovereign individual to grasp as personal knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Power to the People!

Power To The People

As quoted by Wendy McElroy in her essay entitled Demystifying The State” —

“What can be more absurd in nature and contrary to all common sense than to call him Thief and kill him that comes alone with a few to rob me; and to call him Lord Protector and obey him that robs me with regiments and troops? As if to rove with 2 or 3 ships were to be a Pirate, but with 50 an Admiral? But if it be the number of adherents only, not the cause, that makes the difference between a Robber and a Protector: I will that number were defined, that the Prince begins. And be able to distinguish between a Robbery and a Tax.”

Technocracy Rising

Patrick Wood

His “Technocracy Rising”

tells us “who” is doing it.

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DJ of Level 9 News

Shows us “how” they use

quantum science to do it.

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Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Tells us “what” may be

done about it.

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G. Edward Griffin

Freedom Force International

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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage, AIA

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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Matrix Ent

James Jaeger

Matrix Entertainment

Constitutional Documentary Films

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FIJA Banner cropped

Fully Informed Jury Association


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Freedom Advocates

Freedom Advocates

          Michael Shaw

Exposing Agenda 21 / 30

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Ron Paul Institute For

Peace And Prosperity

Coalition To Educate And Advocate

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The News That Didn’t

Make The News

Power-Packed Perspectives

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Their site:

American Lands Council

American Lands Council

Constitutional Management

Of State Public Lands

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LEAP Badge 2


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Good Cops Say Stop The

War On Drugs!

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Solutions Institute Logo

Solutions Institute

Empowering Activism

Dan Johnson and Staff

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Citizens’ Constitutional Advocacy Council

David Callihan

Bottom-Up Advocacy and Education

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Ben Swann_TIMLOGO_itunes

Truth In Media

Ben Swann


Investigative Journalist

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David Codrea

The War On Guns

David Codrea

Always On Target

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Jeanette Finicum

One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom

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Global Research Final crop

Global Research

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Claire Wolfe Hat

Claire Wolfe

Book Author


Freedom Outlaw

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Publius Huldah

Lawyer, philosopher, logician

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Her Site:

Tenth Amendment Center_grow-freedom

Tenth Amendment Center

Michael Boldin

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Their Website:

Wendy McElroy

Wendy McElroy

Co-Founder: Voluntaryist Movement

IFeminist, Book Author 

Journalist, and Much More!

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Cynthia McKinney_peaceAndFreedom_dot_org

Cynthia McKinney

Making War Against War

Former Congresswoman,

Presidential Candidate

Peace Activist

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KrisAnne Hall

Constitutional Attorney, Author,

Speaker, Educator, Radio Host

Home of Liberty First University

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Rich Scheben_thumb


A Return To Natural Independence

Rich Scheben

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Adam Ruff_crop


Adam Ruff and Greg Jednack

aka The Dirt Hounds

TMM Video Team

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Jason Van Tatenhove Patriot ReportThe Patriot Report

Jason Van Tatenhove

Photo-journalist, Videographer

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This West Is Our West


Uniting Western States

Protecting Our Rights

Lauralee O’Neil

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SibelEdmonds_AmericanConservativeCoverSibel Edmonds

Intelligence Anaylyst,

FBI Whistle-Blower


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dan-happel-cropDan Happel

Liberty’s Radio Host

Connecting The Dots

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American Underground Network

american-underground-networkCoalition of Grassroots Entrepreneurs

Including Steve Harris and Fred Smart

Home of the Aaron Russo Movement

“America: Freedom To Fascism”

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Anton Chaitkin

An Historian’s Cosmogony

Author, Lecturer, Philosopher


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The Corbett Report

corbettbanner250x250James Corbett

Solid Alternative Journalism

Informed Analysis

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The Sleuth Journal

wendy-blanks-iiiiWendy Blanks

Total Freedom Journalism

No Holds Barred Reportage

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Freedom Lovin’

Award Winnin’

Songwriter, Musician

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Abby Martin




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Caravan To Midnight

Ark Midnight

John B. Wells

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Sherry Peel Jackson

Author, Lecturer

Former IRS Agent

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Shari Dovale

Independent Journalism

Real News For Real Folks

In The Redoubt

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Mike Adams oval

Natural News

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

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Peter Dale Scott

Poet, Philosopher, Author

Exposing the Deep State

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