Dr Carrie Madej Shines In This One

Dr Carrie Madej Shines Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia I cannot upload the video which is linked below, as YouTube doesn't recognize a zip file, which is the only way I could download the video to preserve it. If any reader here has any guidance for me regarding [...]


Maskless In Montana_Patriots Day 2020_Helena Montana Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia; Please note that the following will be updated as more specific information becomes available. See update for August 30 2020 at bottom of article. Subsequent updates will also be posted at bottom of this article. Thank You! [...]

Ranch For Kids Part 2: Holistic Methods For Healing Deep Inner Wounds

On July 23 2019 officials of the State of Montana swarmed a little private boarding school for troubled children, shut down that school, rounded up and took into State custody the school’s twenty-seven students. That school is the “Ranch For Kids”. See their website HERE. See our first article about [...]

Twenty-Seven Special Ed Children Seized At School In Montana

A "HE And SHE" Scenario Turned Real   by Elias Alias He and She were happy and bursting with anticipation. They would get to meet their adopted daughter from a foreign country on this momentous day. They could bring her home, and their family would finally be complete. They had [...]

Ron Paul Institute Hosts Marijuana Expert

Ron Paul Institute Conference In Houston, Texas, Hosts NORML Spokesman Outstanding Presentation Favoring Marijuana Freedom! Readers who actually read articles at The Mental Militia are aware that I have created a line of Sterling Silver earrings for ladies. You also know that the earring line is titled "Silver Seeds of [...]

Ammon Bundy, Jeanette Finicum on New Code of West DVD Set!

    Lauralee O'Neil is the founder/owner of the grassroots organization named “This West Is Our West”. I subscribe to their newsletter, and recommend it to all my friends. The website is < http://www.thiswestisourwest.com/ > Lauralee and her close associates produced a landmark conference at the elegant Grouse Mountain Lodge [...]

5G Background Info-Intel

In our previous TMM email I posted part of, and linked to, an article explaining why some believe we should oppose the roll=out of "5G".  A goodly number of people have responded to that email, with varying perspectives about it.  Some readers already knew about this problem called "5G", while [...]

Silver Seeds of Liberty

SILVER SEEDS OF LIBERTY Seeding The Consciousness Revolution For Self-Ownership!   An exciting new line of sterling silver earrings for freedom loving women is named "Silver Seeds of Liberty". This line features wax-modeled marijuana seeds duplicated in solid sterling silver as design appointments for ear hoops, ear wires, and ear [...]

Sentinal Intelligence Services – Yuma April 17 2019

Elias Alias here; In 2011 I helped organize a march on behalf of eight police officers in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The march was to be a long one, and the temperature would be warmer than comfortable. I drove down to Quartzsite from Montana to participate. There I met Dr. Lyle Rapacki [...]

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS To Premiere November 30 2018!

World Premiere! Good Guys With Guns to premiere on Friday, November 30, 2018! It is finished! James Jaeger is a happy camper, and rightly so. As loyal Oath Keepers know, James has been working hard to complete a very important film entitled "GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS: How An Armed Citizenry [...]

A Conference That Will Never End!

Above photo: Jeanette Finicum at This West Is Our West's "New Code Of The West" Conference Constitutional Governance and Personal Freedom Triumph at Whitefish Montana Conference! "This West Is Our West" Organization Stands Victorious! A wide range of topics were addressed at the "New Code Of The West" conference in [...]

LaVoy Finicum Shot While Both Hands In The Air_New Video

Editing in on October 08 2018 -- Shari Dovale has posted this article at Redoubt News, HERE. >>Embedded Link: >https://redoubtnews.com/2018/10/finicum-assassination-analysis-new-video/< The Redoubt News YouTube channel has also posted all of the "Forensic" video series by Curt Kruse, HERE. This video has also been posted at the J Grady YouTube channel [...]