In Don’s Montana Kitchen

Above photograph: Elias Alias (L) with Don Doig in Montana In Don’s Montana Kitchen Gluten-free and Dairy-free Gourmet Cooking from the Edge of the Wilderness By Don Doig ________________________________   Don Doig joined The Mental Militia in 2003, and at that time Don introduced me to an organization which he [...]

A Few Country Favorites

Below are just a few of my favorite country songs. Norah Jones Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones~Tennessee Waltz Norah Jones - Long Way Home (Live From Austin TX) Alison Krauss Jamey Johnson and Alison Krauss sing "Seven Spanish Angels" live in Washington D. C. in HD. With Jamey Johnson And [...]

Jay Dyer: Knowledge Without Wisdom: Phaethon and Technocracy

Jay Dyer manages to get wrapped in levels of perception seldom afforded the rest of us. Readers will want to keep up with his articles for the honing of their subjective perceptions of the subtle and not-so-subtle workings of secrecy in statecraft. I will introduce TMM to Mr. Dyer’s work […]