Mike Adams on the “Ze” Gender-Neutral Pronoun

“Ze” gender-neutral pronoun being pushed by safe space universities is identical to Communist China pronoun (by Mike Adams: NaturalNews)  December 12 2016 This article is at Natural News. At Breitbart:  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/12/12/oxford-students-told-use-ze-avoid-discrimination/ “Students at Oxford University have been told to use the pronoun ‘ze’ rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’ to eliminate [...]

James Jaeger on Plasma Fusion

PLASMA FUSION The Ultimate Energy Source   by James Jaeger INTRO: The ultimate source of energy is nuclear FUSION, also known as plasma fusion. FUSION should not be confused with FISSION, the type of nuclear energy used at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. FUSION is the same process that powers [...]

MAINSTREAM Progress Report December 12 2016

MAINSTREAM Enjoy this latest update from James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment "Even though the Mainstream Media influences 95% of everything WE THE PEOPLE see, hear and read -- there has never been a documentary taking a serious look at how this affects the U.S. Republic. " Dear MAINSTREAM Associate, I [...]

This West Is Our West

This West Is Our West Uniting Western States - Protecting Our Rights The Website --  http://thiswestisourwest.com/ Lauralee O'Neil is teaming up with other TMMers such as Jim White of NorthWest Liberty News, Dan Happel of Connecting The Dots,  Elaine Willman, author of "Going To Pieces",  Clarice Ryan, and many others, [...]

American Lands Council

The American Lands Council Website:  http://www.americanlandscouncil.org/ American Lands Council 859 W. South Jordan Parkway, Suite 100 South Jordan, UT 84095 OFFICE: (801) ALC-6622 info@americanlandscouncil.org The Mental Militia was proud to attend a presentation at Virginia City, Montana, by Utah Representative Ken Ivory, who was assisted by Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder. [...]


The Mental Militia asks point blank: Where in the Constitution for the united States of America, or in any State Constitution, does government claim any legitimate authority to own a citizen's body? That authority does not exist, and everyone knows it. Or do they? Perhaps statists and tyrants who believe [...]

The Sleuth Journal

Wendy Blanks and Company http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/ Total Freedom Journalism  *  No Holds Barred Reportage Wendy Blanks  is an independent researcher, journalist and activist. She is the Founder of TruWire Productions, LLC., and the Owner/Chief Editor for The Sleuth Journal. She has done investigative research in multiple fields and has a passion for [...]

American Underground Network

The American Underground Network Discretely Powerful At:  http://www.aunetwork.tv/ Home of the Collective Consciousness Show American Underground Network P.O. Box 19165 Charlotte, NC 28219  USA Steve Harris Founder AUNetwork.tv 9/11 Truther Extraordinaire Dede Farrell Dede  hosts our weekly broadcast in Fred’s absence. Dede was also the Host of our weekly National [...]

Dan Happel

Updating July 28 2018 _ Raw Footage Video of Dan Happel With Richard Gage, Cynthia McKinney, and Elias Alias at the Red Pill Expo in Spokane, Washington, June 2018. Dan now has two radio spots each week, one on Thursdays in the evening, and one on Tuesday mornings. Here is [...]

Natural News

Natural News Mike Adams, The Health Ranger     Natural News Website -- http://www.naturalnews.com/ Mentalitians know that healthy bodies enhance healthy minds, and healthy minds enhance healthy bodies.  When it comes to over-all health, TMM recommends The Health Ranger and his powerful Natural News website. * * * Update December [...]

Jordan Page On Patreon

JORDAN PAGE! Attention TMM MEMBERS: Our friend and TMM member Jordan Page has just launched a Patreon account!   Patreon is a new platform to support artists and activists with monthly pledges to keep them doing what they do best.   Jordan has been a TMM member and supporter since […]

Wendy McElroy

Voluntaryist, Book Author, Journalist, Philosopher, Public Speaker Editor's Note: Wendy has joined our editorial staff here at TMM. By way of introducing Wendy to readers here at The Mental Militia who may not be familiar with her works, I will share some material originally printed at The Daily Bell - [...]

Cynthia McKinney

Spiritual Genius — Indomitable Courage Cynthia McKinney Makes War On War Cynthia’s Website:  www.allthingscynthiamckinney.com See Also: https://thementalmilitia.net/2016/07/26/cynthia-mckinney-rise-truth-movement/ Editing into this page in mid-2017: Cynthia McKinney is now “Dr.” Cynthia McKinney! Yes, she has got her Ph.D. and The Mental Militia congratulates her on this excellent accomplishment. Also please note that […]

Edwin Vieira: The Bastardy of Martial Law

  I posted this at Oath Keepers’ national website on August 16 2014. Link good as of July 08 2016 https://www.oathkeepers.org/edwin-vieira-the-bastardy-of-martial-law-2/   Judge Napolitano with Edwin Vieira – Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., has unleashed another round of cover-fire for the Constitution and the Militia which that Constitution requires. In his […]

Demolished vs Collapsed

DEMOLISHED vs. COLLAPSED  The Language of Deception Adam Ruff Mon, 07/06/2009 – 9:14am The language of deception is used against us every day and most of us don’t even realize it has been done to us or realize the devastating effect it has on us. My task here is to […]

Unspun Newz

UNSPUN NEWZ is Adam Ruff and Greg Jednack aka The Dirt Hounds   Can You Dig It? Editor's Note:  There is a vivid story about this dirty business, as shown in the above video. The U.S. federal government felt very humiliated, offended, and violated that some creative-minded dudes thought up [...]