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Montana’s Natural Man

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We can use your help. In preparing to launch The Mental Militia national website we are doing several projects. One of those is the making of a documentary film about Montana’s “Natural Man”.  We have a good crew and a staff, and we’re making the film now. Here is our first trailer for the full-length movie.  We’ve found the closest thing you’ll see this year for a “Voice from the Wilderness“. Check it!

Thank you for helping TMM make this happen! For the ranchers who are being oppressed by the BLM, this film will resonate with hope, and inspire the spirit of self-ownership as Americans with a heritage of individual freedom resolve to stand up for their rights. 

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ernie-wayne: ter telgte

Montana’s Natural Man


grizzly bear, Glacier NP MT, by Erwin & Peggy Bauer, no date, 9449, 105.1
grizzly bear, Glacier NP MT, by Erwin & Peggy Bauer

In northwest Montana, up near the Canadian border, dwells a man who is a hark-back to earlier days in the American west, particularly the mountain region of the northwest, where the ram, grizzly, mountain lion, elk, eagle, wolf, moose, antelope, and indeed a host of natural wild life abounds. In the high mountain country the primal nature of existence itself is  marked by a fierce and hard-edged uncertainty for all life-forms. To live there one must forage to eat, and try to avoid being eaten. Ask the rabbit, the mouse, and the deer. Ask the mountain man who knows his kinship to the natural life all too well. It is “eat, or be eaten“. That is Nature, and it comes naturally to mountain men.

Into such environs, in the earliest 1800s, on the heels of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, came a lineage of hardy individuals who could survive the rigors of forty-degrees-below zero winter nights and untamed weathers and winds  in every season. Settlers followed the fur trappers and hunters, and soon enough there was logging and mining and ranching and the beginnings of a pseudo-curse called “civilization“.

With civilization has come man’s rules for behavior as set forth by the mass mind of humankind, which in recent times has become dominated by statists who seek to empower government to control their good neighbors’ behavior.  Back east, where populations are more agreeably docile, most folks just accept laws and rules, permits and licenses, enforcement and taxation as the price for societal security. But in a vast wilderness State like Montana, such foolishness is kept largely to the college towns like Missoula, Bozeman, and Billings.

It’s a standing joke in Montana that when one is in Bozeman, one is only fifteen minutes away from Montana. Point being, those descendants from pioneer settlers, people who are fifth and sixth generation native Montanans, have their own culture and their own way of life, living in harmony with the seasons, with the wild terrain and all that creeps and crawls therein. Their way of life is hardy and rural, natural, not at all like the collectivist hives called the Cities of Man.

But the stream of incoming “civilized” folks which are populating the larger towns are bringing with them statist mentality, voting in new restrictions, new statutes and codes of “law”, easements and zoning and BLM or USFS or EPA regulations which are being enforced by the might of the Federal arsenal, including militarized Police and Sheriffs. The way of life for the logger, the miner, the rancher and cowboy are being eaten up by a bastardized perversion of civilization, by the statist mentality of incoming residents, many of whom move away after their first real Montana winter. In many ways now the real Montanans are being forced off the land they were born into — by voters who drift in, cast collectivist votes, and oftentimes leave soon after. Many Montanans are beginning to realize that the onslaught should be resisted, and some Montanans, such as ernie, are willing to stand up and speak out. This documentary film will introduce America to Montana’s natural man, reveal details of how he lives, his value system, how many times he has been in court, how those battles played out, and where he stands today in his fight to identify corruption in a bogus court system operated by an impostor government. He invites us to remember freedom, and to stand up for it.


On the Front Range, Montana Rockies

Editing In Video Shot August 22, 2017

Generations of ranching and farming families, of logging and mining families, have carried the severity of Nature’s abuses with dignity and ultimate victory over the elemental hardships of life. They survived by knowing the forests, the  high plains and deserts, the mountains and deep valleys. They know the weathers, the ways of the elk or the bear, the basics of surviving in harsh conditions in a harshly beautiful countryside whose beauty inspires the soul to keep on keeping on. It gives a richness of spirit, a silent renewal of the rightness of Nature and a satisfaction in one’s daily work.

From such a background comes ernie-wayne: ter telgte, a manernie porch Aug 2015 claiming to be:

the dirt, the air, the water —

and the voice thereof“.

In a deep rich voice ernie speaks like thunder to tall mountains. His words are carried on the four winds. His studied vision is trued in spiritual fire on the anvil of his innate passion. He is the living man. He is the “Natural Man”; and that is all he knows how to be.

As it was foretold in the drift of stars, it finally happened — ernie met “the law” face to face a few years ago, during the 2008 Housing Bubble melt-down, and lost his home over it. Stunned by the effective torment which authoritarian courts use in administering “justice” unto the people, ernie decided to look into the phenomenon called loosely, “the court system” and its enforcement arms.

A simple, backwoodsy sort of guy, ernie used a pencil and paper to begin collecting up his findings as he delved into moldy old bits of hidden history. He has compiled a remarkable collection of large loose-leaf bound notebooks with his adventures into the subtle etymology of words used by governments, tracing our words back to Latin or Greek or Hebrew, back, back, way back in time.

In ernie’s studies he has created a world view quite startling, filled with analogies and allegorical parallels interfacing powers most folks would never dream exist. Of interest to we here at The Mental Militia is ernie’s willingness to express his findings in a human voice, a natural man’s voice, in the voice of a man not owned by any man-made government. He is a walking, living story of interest, for his studies have led him to a realization that “America” must soon return to the Constitution for the united States of America.

License? You want I should buy a license?
License? You want I should buy a license?

Ah, yes — but ernie was accosted by agents of the government in 2013 when he would not cooperate with their demands to see his “papers please”. He would not acknowledge the Fish and Wildlife agents who demanded his identification and fishing license. They called the Three Forks, Montana, Police Department. What happened next is on the police car dash-cam footage, which is in the movie.

The Mental Militia will serve as a chronicle of sorts, and we will do that by making a documentary film about the man. We have a treasure trove of never-before-seen footage of ernie being ernie, plus the video which went viral on YouTube with over six million views.  We have collected up an abundance of various videos of ernie, including video from the two courtrooms in which ernie over-talked two judges and caused them to leave their own courtrooms in despair; one courtroom in Livingston, Montana, and the other at Three Forks, Montana.


Help The Mental Militia produce this documentary.

Amount: $  

Checks and Money Orders should be made out to The Mental Militia LLC and mailed to:

The Mental Militia LLC

P.O. Box 916

Eureka, Montana 59917

Thank you for helping TMM make this happen! For the ranchers who are being oppressed by the BLM, this film will resonate with hope, and inspire the spirit of self-ownership as Americans with a heritage of individual freedom resolve to stand up for their rights. 


Finicum DaughtersThis film is dedicated to the Families of LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy.  The Mental Militia stands with them in demanding a proper independent investigation of LaVoy’s murder, with full subpoena power, and the release of the political prisoners currently incarcerated for involvement at Bunkerville, Nevada and Burns, Oregon.

The Crime In Progress.

This picture is a still taken from the Three Forks Police Department squad car dashboard camera just before

 three agents of the government put a stop to a good day’s fishing.

fishing Three Forks larger crop

 James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment Produces “Sizzler Reel” January 03 2018

In the first week of January 2018 James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment produced a twelve minute “sizzler reel” which includes numerous clips from the videos of ernie by various photographers. In creating this sizzler reel  James “got into the ernie thing” nicely and is now excited to join The Mental Militia’s efforts to do a documentary film, the initial trailer of which is above. Please enjoy the talents of James Jaeger, who is one of our strong TMM members and supporters. James’ landing page at The Mental Militia is HERE

Updating On September 01, 2016

New ernie Footage; Exclusive Coverage

ernie-wayne: ter telgte will challenge courts once again

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