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Cyrellys is a freelance writer and internet editor, commentator, research analyst, cyrellys geibhendachand communication facilitator is a Contributing Editor for The Mental Militia. She specializes in exopolitics, celtic and related ancient cultures, ancient cultural anthropology, the deep state and international relations.  She also focuses on constitutional and libertarian-government issues.  She has originated several organizations including Compass Morainn: An Association of Exopolitical Mediators, and the cyber think-tank Manticore Group. She has produced a variety of articles, prose and commentary to several discussion forums on issues related to these topics. She is married with several children and lives in Cascade, Montana.



Cyrellys was born in Newberg Oregon and raised in the Hopewell/Amity area. Her family as members of the Old Irish clans of the Pacific Northwest, passed on to her a foundation in Celtic culture, perspective and spiritual legends. She has two sisters, and one brother.

Graduating from High School in Portland she went on to complete a number of extension classes at The Oregon Art Institute, and later attended Portland Community College, specializing in creative writing and in biology.



After college Cyrellys emerged almost immediately into a world of shadowsElementalGhost3, Cyrellys and half-truths that concealed cores of unacknowledged reality. Her fortune as her grandmother’s protégé – raised to be the last trained elemental land sovereign of the Aes Dana, opened even more peculiar doors. She spent over two years as a guest observer with a group in the Pacific Northwest who were investigating the infamous DUMBs and crimes against humanity. This provided an in-depth look at our paradigm, as materials and experiences were available for her examination. It introduced her to a new facet of the hidden history of our world and elicited the beginning of an understanding of the clandestine enslavement of the family of mankind.

1978.  Gram, what is the trouble out there? What have you seen?…

I have seen you will be the last Dannan. You will live life as an elemental ghost. Remember what he said.

I have not forgotten. He said, “help them remember who they are…”

Propelled by endless questions, and a need to understand why these things were happening, she pursued truths found coupled to the possibility that individual freedom and the umbrella of self-governance was being deliberately and systematically destroyed. She embarked on a journey guided by Synchronicity itself, through the fantastic, to discover the influential facets redirecting human potential. Thus was the Elemental Ghost born.

Using her skills as a communications facilitator she roamed the landscape of RL and IT listening, weighing, measuring, and interconnecting with voices who had no forum, platform, or support for their reality in our society, as society itself was being reshaped into a systemic mechanism of societal control.

Cyrellys emerged publicly in 2007 with the cyber-cavalry group Ghost Troop.N-Compass Morainn, Cyrellys A year later she participated in a public working group based at Open Minds Forum. By 2009 it was becoming apparent the dire situation the nation was in. She determined one of the key difficulties in keeping the ship from the cliff, were the needs of the mediators who volunteered their time to help truth-oriented experiencers of the deep state attain the opportunity to have a voice in our society and make mutual inter-connections with individuals who truly cared about them, validated their humanity, and the world we share. To meet some of those needs she created Compass Morainn, an association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators. Compass Morainn brought together a diverse group of people to support all those who made it possible for sanctioned and unsanctioned communicators and whistleblowers to connect with We The People, and once more take a place among us, healing a growing rift.  It was the Elemental Ghost’s first attempt at applying all she had learned toward rectifying the problems in the foundation of our paradigm.

In 2009 just prior to the event at Lexington, Cyrellys discovered OathKeepers, and found in it a complimentary effort she felt was very worth supporting, having taken the Oath herself in 1996 and knowing the difficulties concerning knowledge within the paradigm. It was in 2009 she had the opportunity to meet Elias Alias online and a long-running friendship began. Later association with Elias and his work was cemented in person at the Montana Liberty Leaders Conference in 2010.

In 2014 the journey continued with her work in the think-tank Manticore Group H-manticorgp, Cyrellysas the group examined and analyzed the latest events on a daily basis.

Then late 2015 as the façade hiding the paradigm crumbled around us, Elias introduced his idea for the Mental Militia, an idea whose time has finally come. This caused tremendous excitement for Cyrellys and she is very honored to be included on the team as a Contributing Editor.


Early employed experience includes several years as a contract specialist and building project estimator.  Other early professional skills include illustration, content creation, concept development, graphic design, and consulting.

Over the last two decades, Cyrellys has acquired extensive expertise and experience as an Internet forum mediator, writer and research analyst, extensive analytical experience web-based groups with political associations. She created and maintains the Manticore group specializing in deep state constructs and international politics. Her background includes extensive education and experience in the extraterrestrial contact paradigm, the Theory of Knowledge, and ancient triparte Celtic wisdom. She has submitted numerous articles for blogs and associations related to the Disclosure Movement and conspiracy theory.

She has covered many of the above subjects in some public speaking and on radio interviews – subjects involving the exopolitical and liberty community dialogs. She was a recent guest on Susan Lindauer’s New York based radio show The Covert Report twice in 2015.

Aside of her work with TMM, she is currently collaborating with research analyst and former professor of Law and Justice Quintus Dias (Nome de plume), who served as a police officer, nuclear security officer, criminal investigator and intelligence analyst on a literary project at Flying Cloud Productions.

New professional vistas rest on writing original novels and screenplays based on spiritual legends, historical figures associated with the Celtic culture and science fiction based on the Nazi paradigm. Currently, writing the Draco series of sci-fi novels that explore Native American and Celtic culture, arts and technology juxtaposed within the Nazi historiography.


Cyrellys is extremely interested in constitutional principles and the history of their K-three candles2, Cyrellyscultural roots.  She is also intrigued with sociology, cultural-anthropology, technology, spiritual values and philosophy. As a pathfinder for and plank owner in the pro-Disclosure Movement involving anomalous aspects of ancient history, the collective conspiracy paradigm and exopolitical truths, she does not shy from the nature of truth, and upholds the idea that the choices every individual makes in the face of the many forms of tyranny will set the determination of nature within mankind for the coming future.

Her current research includes contrasting and comparing a body of work encompassing the postwar Nazi influence in the deep political state, involving continuity of government and global politics. These interests also include a search for the meaning and outcomes associated with Synchronicity and themes of the inexplicable nature of the universe impacting our consciousness, that in turn affects the inexplicable nature of the universe.

In closing, Cyrellys is a home-schooling parent and supports parental rights. She is a firm supporter of gun ownership, gun culture, and believes in returning American political power to the hands of the people where it was always intended to be.