The Nazi Fourth Reich and the American Deep State Architecture | Quintus Dias

Nazi Fourth Reich and the American Deep State Architecture
What you don’t know, can hurt you – Cyrellys Geibhendach.

Original from Manticore Group Email String Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 2:25 PM, Cyrellys Geibhendach collection.  Published with permission.

The Nazi Fourth Reich and the American Deep State Architecture By Quintus Dias.

FYI…You need to understand what the Deep State is and its links to Nazi Germany.

“…“the Under­ground Reich,” is a clan­des­tine post war Fourth Reich. Some of the key fea­tures of this Under­ground Reich… Begin­ning with a 1953 coup attempt in Ger­many by for­mer Goebbels aide Werner Nau­mann, the pro­gram high­lights what author T.H. Tetens described as a “Fuehringsring,” a sys­tem of Mafia-like con­trol per­mit­ting Nazi admin­is­tra­tion of the Fed­eral Repub­lic of Ger­many. Real­ized by virtue of a net­work of small, under­ground cells, this con­trol mech­a­nism afforded a Nazi government-in-exile in Madrid and in Latin Amer­ica and effec­tive gov­er­nance of the “new” Ger­many through the many “for­mer” Nazi offi­cials who held posi­tions in its government.

The pro­gram includes a read­ing of a cir­cu­lar let­ter gen­er­ated by the Nazi gov­ern­ing coun­cil in 1950, which eval­u­ates the world sit­u­a­tion at that period in time. Next, the pro­gram reviews mate­r­ial about the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion — the eco­nomic com­po­nent of the Under­ground Reich.  The Borman group con­trols cor­po­rate Ger­many, the economies of Europe, South Amer­ica and much of the rest of the world. It also wields deci­sive polit­i­cal con­trol over the Fed­eral Repub­lic of Ger­many. This pro­gram high­lights Reich­sleiter Mar­tin Bormann’s con­sum­mate exer­cise of polit­i­cal clout in the then-West Ger­many of 1971.

Question:  Who rebuilt Nazi Germany after WWII?

Answer: The USA did through the Marshal Plan.

Question:  Was this plan aimed at building a bulwark against the Soviet Union then making plans to conquer all of Europe?


Answer: In part…but the anti-Soviet containment was just part of the plan.  The real aim of the Marshal Plan (General Marshal was a globalist and a key figure within the cabal-Patton hated him and distrusted him) aimed at the resurgence of a new Germany, under hidden Nazi influences to build a post war world in alignment with Hitler’s vision described in his second book-My New Order.
Question: Did Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union have close diplomatic links?
Answer: You bet they did.  In actuality, Stalin and Hitler planned to rule the world together in the separate spheres of influence… See the Nazi-Soviet Union Ribbentrop Accords.

Summary:  The Nazis in effect really won WWII…but it was a victory postponed until after the Cold War.  Please keep in mind that Hitler and his Nazi clique were New Agers and part of the OTO occult crowd (among other Satanic occult groups).  Hitler was financed by:

1.  The German Jewish Warburg bank

2.  The Jewish run Bank of England (Rothschild)

3.  The Rockefellers (part of the Rothschild global financial cabal)

4.  The Union Banking Corporation (Prescott Bush and Harriman firm)

Nazi interests in America rested on the NYC law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell and the Dulles brothers were Nazi agents in the USA.


Moreover, several American technology firms built industrial infrastructure in Nazi Germany prior to the war.  These included Ford Motor Co, ITT and IBM business machines and General Aniline and Dye and Dow Chemical.  These companies were part of the international IG Farben cartel which had a large American board of officers.

Consequently, we had American firms selling war goods to Nazi Germany and Nazi Germany using those goods to kill our own soldiers.  Moreover, American High Tech firms made available to the Nazis many of our own weapons and communications innovations and related technology.  SS General Werner von Braun was in the USA prior to and during the war and had extensive correspondence with Robert Goddard, the American rocket expert.

Prescott Bush from the UBC was prosecuted by our own government for illegal trading with the Nazis during the war.  Its assets were seized by the American government (see: Charles Higham-Trading with the Enemy).


The American Manufacturers Association (AMA) was bent on bringing Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s to America and running Hitler for president!  The AMA supported Hitler and the Nazis.

In 1943, the cabal decided to use a Nazi run think tank in Madrid Spain to explore the post war world and to see where Nazi influence could best be located and used to rebuild a new Reich and how the Nazi party could infiltrate deep into the USA.  The think tank did its research and postulated in a little known document called the Madrid Circular that Hitler and his gang had to step back and lie low and that Nazi postwar interests would best be served by folding Nazi intelligence into the Soviet apparatus, that the Vatican could play a key role in exporting Nazi bureaucrats and technicians and former SS officers into key countries in the Americas: Canada, Mexico, the United States and into Brazil, Chile and Argentina where the Nazis had built extensive social, economic and political infrastructure-all with the help of German investments, stolen Nazi gold and cabal run Jewish financial institutions (see: Spitfire List | Germany Plots with the Kremlin)!



Spitfire List | Germany Plots with the Kremlin

Web site and blog of anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory.
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Several key aspects of this plan were to relocate Nazi technicians, engineers and SS political warfare and intelligence specialists out of Europe into the Middle East, South America and into American academic institution as refugees.  The technicians were not ordinary people.  Many of them were propulsion scientists, aerodynamic engineers, nuclear particle physicists, scalar wave and gravitation engineers and quantum mechanic specialists.  The key Nazi technologies developed with stolen Tesla gravitational and scalar research were:  The Nazi so-called Bell, the V2 ballistic rockets, the Nazi sun gun technology, the stealth technology German Horton jet, the Schauberger vortex engine and zero-point energy gravimetric propulsion technologies developed from Tesla’s research and ET assistance.  This technology was aimed at driving interstellar spacecraft.

We know the above is true, as it is based on US Army records and American intelligence files capped under several names-Operation Paper Clip and Operation Bloodstone and many others (see: Charles Simpson.  Blowback).  Blowback America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy



Blowback America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastr…

excerpts from the book Blowback America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy by Christopher Simpson Collier / M…
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The importation of Nazi personnel into American infrastructure was arranged without Truman’s approval by several key persons.  1. The American High Commissioner to Germany and key cabal financier John McCloy a key Rockefeller toady (see:  2.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  3.  The Director of Central Intelligence. 4.  Allen and John Foster Dulles.


Nazi personnel were selected with key experience in the following fields–


1.  Rocket and aerodynamics
2.  Propulsion and guidance
3.  Microwave and gravimetrics
4.  Nuclear energy
5.  Weapons technology
6.  Police tactics
7.  Prison administration
8.  Counter insurgency warfare (SS Einsatzgruppen)
9.  Intelligence (Hitler’s Foreign Armies East apparatus was folded into the CIA under SS General Gehlen)
10.  Mass murder technology
11.  DNA, Genetics and Cloning Biomedicine


Many of the American Nazi administrators and technicians found new homes at Baylor University, TX, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of Pennsylvania, Fort Detrick, White Sands Ballistic Missile Range, Sandia Labs in Alamagordo in NM, and at the Redstone Arsenal.  Many also found homes and lucrative jobs in American national defense contractors such as IBM, ITT, General Electric and at Lockheed and Martin Aircraft, and Fordmoco.

Meanwhile, the postwar Nazis built up nuclear particle physics and high energy magnetic research facilities in South America and developed advanced versions of their flying saucer aircraft and fielded scalar weapons (directed energy beam weapons).

Interestingly enough Sen. Joe McCarthy was part of the postwar anti-communist with hunt scenario.  It was a diversion to baffle people about the Nazi presence in our midst.  McCarthy was fed information by Nazi operatives familiar with the Gestapo intelligence files and with information obtained by the most secret Nazi intelligence service-Goring’s Forschungsamt…a signals intelligence agency that wire-tapped all German and European phone and telegraph systems and that was reading the transatlantic cable traffic between Roosevelt, Churchill and the allies.


Goring’s Forschungsamt knew who the Communist traitors in the American government and in the American academia system and who the Communist insiders in Roosevelt’s own administration were.


Consider that the key Gestapo intelligence officer during the Nazi years, SS General Heinrich Muller found a new home under American sponsorship.  Sources indicate that it was Muller and his records and access to Goring’s intelligence files that supplied the red menace information to Sen. McCarthy (see Gregory Douglas-Gestapo Chief six volume collection on the 1948 CIA interrogation of SS General Heinrich Muller in Switzerland).

McCarthy imploded and was discredited by a very effective political warfare and disinformation campaign orchestrated by Nazis already inside the American government.  His sudden death remains mysterious.


Meanwhile, as Americans remained fascinated with the McCarthy-Army hearings, Nazi agents buried themselves deep into American movie companies and business firms (Gulf-Western) and engaged into the very lucrative drug trade to finance their global operations.  The Nazi cabal was already flexing its muscle when Eishenhower warned us in code about the Military-Industrial complex.  Many European Nazis (Ukrainians, Romanians, Hungarians) were imported into the US under auspices of the Republican party and resettled into key voting districts in the Midwest by Nixon and Nixon operatives, including George Bush I (see: John Loftus-The Belarus Secret).

SS General Werner von Braun rose to the top in the Aerospace industry as did his wartime boss, SS General Walter Dornberger, who became the CEO of the Bell company.  Former SS Colonel and Hitler’s favorite SS Commando, Otto Skorzeny was spared execution after the war.  He surfaced in Spain in the 1950s and is alleged to have been instrumental in penetrating US and Western corporations to spread Nazi influence.  There is compelling evidence suggesting that Skorzeny ran the Nazi and Vatican rat lines and the Nazi postwar Odessa organization with links to the Mideast and to South America ( See the Bush connection to the Nazis…If we can believe Obama has a hidden and secret past then what about George H.W. Bush?  (See:



The Bush Connection|Skorzeny

BUY A COPY NOW! The New & Improved 150 Page, Bush Connection Ebook, Has More Than 250 photos! Most Are From Skorzeny’s Private Photo Albums. You…
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The American military based its Special Forces on German SS Einsatzgruppen commandos (see: the Belarus Secret by John Loftus).  American counter-insurgency doctrine in Vietnam including the notorious Phoenix program (under CIA director, Bill Colby) were imported whole scale from the Nazi experience in combating the Polish, French, Norwegian and Yugoslav resistance movements during WWII.

The Nixon infamous Huston plan and other American totalitarian police plans were based on a meld of soviet and Nazi models.  The SWAT team was originated in Nazi Germany and brought her and widely deployed in American policing circles by the 1970s.


American postwar politics and political economy was based on corporatism.  In other words fascism, whereby an oligarchical banking system funds corporations who run essentially run the government.


IMO, the postwar world political system was based on the experiments originated by the cabal to see which system was better for the postwar world… fascism or communism.  In fact, neither were, thus the evolution of the Third Way now emerging in the global order as the model for a world government and economic system.  The Third Way and its advocates such as George Soros, Bill Clinton, and the transnational corporations and elite think tanks, such as the Bildebergers and the Trilateral Commission perceive the Third Way as a meld of Nazi police and Soviet police methodology combined with the Nazi inspired transnational cartel system.

There you have it.  The Third Way group and its advocates are now at war with the American and European peoples.  They intend to destroy America and American culture, and to replace the European Union with an unnamed tyrannical superstate serving as the European hegemon, as Turkey is likely to do in the Middle East and in the former Soviet Central Asian republics.


Least you forget, remember that George Soros was a committed Nazi agent during WWII.  He sold out his fellow Jews to the Eichmann apparatus in Hungary.  How do we know this?  Because he proudly admitted to it in several postwar television interviews.
Quintus Dias




MY NEW ORDER by Adolf Hitler | Kirkus Reviews

There is, unfortunately, a good deal of confusion in the minds of the public regarding the two Fall publications, both based on Hitler’s speeches and writings since…
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T.H. Tetens – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens (T.H. Tetens) was a Jewish German journalist and writer who was born in Germany in 1899, emigrated to the United States after 1933 when the Nazis seized power in Germany, and died in 1976.[1][2] Over his career he wrote extensively on subject…
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Elias Alias – Editor of The Mental Militia to Quintus Dias Tue, Mar 15, 2016:

Thank you for passing this along. Peter Dale Scott is one of my heroes, along with Alfred McCoy. It is fascinating history.

As Mike Ruppert put it long ago,”The Nazis were not defeated in WWII — they just changed venues.”

Regarding the man I hold to be among the highest deep state actors of the 20th Century, Allen Dulles, here is a piece I did on him a while back —

And you’re right – this knowledge should be in every home in America, but unfortunately only a mere fraction of one percent have ever heard about this stuff. Sheesh!




Quintus Dias grew up in Europe and holds five academic degrees.  He has a a BA in Law and Justice, and MAs in Criminal Justice and Government/International Relations and Security Issues.  His career includes stints as a professional aircraft pilot, law officer, criminal investigator, and criminal intelligence agent/analyst.  He has also served as a nuclear security officer, business executive, chief of police, as a college professor in criminology, international security affairs, and as the director of an emergency services training academy.  He is currently retired and resides in New Mexico.  His research work and commentary is regularly featured as a member of Manticore Group, a private research and analysis group.


7 thoughts on “The Nazi Fourth Reich and the American Deep State Architecture | Quintus Dias

    1. Glad you found this, James. Thank you for reading.
      I am especially glad you enjoyed this while you are immersed in your newest project, MAINSTREAM.

      The Mental Militia is happy to work with you in fundraising for the production of that movie, James. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the Deep State and how the corporatized Hollywood/New York Psy-Ops serve the over-all design of a dark intent emanating from the globalizing socialist money-powers (as Andrew Jackson called them) who dominate and control this world’s People, their Perspectives, and their Perceptions.

      As G. Edward Griffin puts it, the conflict is spawned between individualists and statist/collectivists.

      But we’ve “got ’em where we want ’em”, yes? I mean, they’re all around us, so we’ll hit ’em in their minds just the way the collectivists have been doing for the past hundred years or so, ever since the progressive movement swept Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Hollywood, and Washington D.C., marrying in the minds of many the distorted interpretations of Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud with the idiocy of Carl Marx, a fantasy cake all iced over with Eugenics, Rosacrucianism, Theosophy, and a drive to centralize all national governments into one totalitarian authoritarian world government — “for the children”.

      Elias Alias, editor

  1. Elias:

    I grew up in the fortress. My father was a career Army Sr NCO. We lived in Frankfurt, Germany between Aug 65-Aug 68. But spent most in the States.

    A number of our teachers in Frankfurt were German hired locally, but most were Americans imported from the US. Most were old enough to have been active in the Nazi party. So far as I’m aware, we were never instructed in a positive manner regarding the Nazis. Most in Germany practice devout contrition and are shamed by the massacre of Jews, Christians and those who openly dissented against the Nazis.

    My Step-Grandfather was a German Army Ski Patrol in Norway. He and his entire family were incarcerated when he refused to return to the fight with one leg missing. He was a butcher by trade. Just a shopkeeper. They were all interred in a concentration camp the last two years of the war, including my Stepmother.

    Much of what is being written is no surprise. The US had to race the Soviet Union to convince German scientists and inventers to come to America. no secrets there. But, the back stories are interesting.

    I will read the books noted in the article above, and happily share my opinions afterward. We all know, this really is a small world. Could it be that evil is just a matter of perspective? Perhaps a matter of the haves and have nots?

    This writer is very concerned with anything that threatens our lifestyle and the Nation as a whole. But most importantly, anything that threatens our sacred covenant between the people and the government that serves at our pleasure, is most certainly disconcerting. My ancestors have fought in every war, every generation since 1630, in an effort to preserve or gain freedom or at lest, that was our intention.

    At my age, all I can do now is learn all I can, and share what I believe is truth. I sense you too are at this point in life as well. It has been a pleasure to read your writing and I look forward to sharing what I find noteworthy as well.

    God save the Republic,
    Ken Eagle Eye.

  2. You guys need to look into Forum Borealis. They have several deep investigations into the Bormann Brotherhood, the post war Reich, and the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

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