While reading in “Basic Writings” by Dr. Carl G. Jung, ( The Modern Library, Random House, Inc., NY, NY) I noticed a passage inferring that the conscious sectors of psyche make use of imagianic symbols as components in the compiling of mental data which underpins any psyche’s “knowledge”. As I played with that I took upon myself the grandiose vanity to merge for a fleeting moment my own and Dr. Jung’s ideology.

Dr. Jung had written, “The material with which we think is language and verbal concepts….” (Page 15),

Being a suggestible reader, I took that, plus another term or two by Dr. Jung, at face value, and it occurred to me just then to jot down the following line…

“If the material with which we think comprises itself of language and verbal concepts, are these then not the usages employed by an ‘acting force’ which displays the ‘discerning ability’ to choose the sequentiating words, and, by so doing, does not this acting force imply it’s own invisible existence?”

~ ~ ~



Unlike all other languages which have evolved from human culture, a new language is among us which is not a system of symbols reflecting the natural world and our experiences therein. In fact, this new language has not bothered to create a body of “words”, but has merely grafted itself upon the already existing body of words which we know as “English”. It’s purpose is anti-language, as the new language is a willful distortion of the common meaning in our existing words. It’s purpose is to undermine our common sense, which it hopes to replace with an “invented” system of “dependent thinking”. As such, it is a barrier of sorts to Freedom. I shall explain, but first, let us note some generalities about Govlish.

This flourishing new language of the culture of power is spreading hotly over the landscapes of our lives, erupting like an atomic dictionary detonated deep within the heart of a volcanic summit. The language has splattered down upon everyone, coating our “discerning ability” with the murk of deception and confusion. Spurts of this new language flow like hot magma, trickling ever more visibly into the defining details of our lives. Its rivulets are the channels and call letters of the “mass media”, which feed all tributaries with never-ending currents of bombardment by Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Hollywood, the Press, and the Authoritarians of Policy in Washington D.C.

Contemporary society is permeated with it. People everywhere are stressed with it. Statist devotees and social exegetes everywhere are obsessed with it. The entertainment community and the media are married to it. Those in positions of false power are enthralled by it. The non-existent “public” swallows it casually, like so many cattle chewing cud.

Ah, but the Individualists, people like you and me, see this new language as embodied intent. It is the language of psychic coercion, a direct, intentional attack upon the minds of persons by organized mind-mechanics in seats of borrowed power. The most powerful user of this language is the United States Federal Government, our very own UNcle Sam, whose think-tanks are tied to every University everywhere in a quest to learn more about we the people than we the people can know about ourselves.

Well do the servants of government know the importance of mass manipulation via politicized psych-ops. Clinton, for example, in the height of his scandal could never have flattened the voices of truth had not a fervent force of Statist think-tankers and writers fed amazing barrages of irrelevant perspectives to an unwitting public. As it played out, public opinion became a very hotly contested prize as Perjury crowned a lunatic’s legacy. What you and I “think” is of keen interest to those who touch the nation’s purse-strings and legislate our government’s identity.

In touching our opinions, thoughts, views and beliefs, the government now is “intent” upon conditioning us with it’s recommended dosage by destroying our mental word/image associations. Within that very intent lies the motivating format for this subtle new language. This new language is a governmental misuse of English, and so I call it “Govlish”.

Govlish is an acutely “governmental” style of etymological transmutation worked upon the English language. It is unique in several subtle ways, and in several not-so-subtle ways, and it seems earnestly intent upon introducing to the human experience a yet greater conveyance of mechanized mental states than the world has seen before. It is designed to falsify and deceive, to say one thing while meaning another.

This young language is in some ways a variation of George Orwell’s “newspeak”, excepting that where Big Brother would have blared, “War Is Peace”, Govlish, for it’s part, can send the “meaning” of those words without actually speaking those words at all.

It is a “slick” new language. “Govlish” is quite suitable to the purpose of the powerful. The energies from which it’s movements draw their shapes reflect something shadowy and sinister, but that dark reflection is subtle and seen only if and when it’s listener chances to awaken. As dissent is known to undo public programming, Govlish focuses hotly upon any voice of dissent, that it might protect its power to inject somnambulism into the collective consciousness of we the people.

Modern spirals in human perception are forged centrifugally in “spin”. The ideology of Govlish dictates, even demands, that “subtlety” overpower “blatancy”.

Govlish is nearly “invisible”. By that I mean two things at once. Firstly, it is a language without original words, having instead grafted itself upon a language which did spring from human experience. It is not a body of words, but is an alien attendant, an intruder into our common language. Secondly, Govlish makes use of existing words; is a system of, actually, “mis-use” of established words. As we’ve noted already, it’s purpose is to distort and to deceive.

To analyze the ghost-like grope of Govlish into our lives as it flaps about the screens, airwaves, signs and printed pages of today’s social mechanics, we’ll want to create together a certain point of view, a general foundation with deep footings which can stand us well as we trace deception deeply into the mystery of officially-sourced confusion, distortion, and darkness .

Waking up to the realization that subliminal thoughts are with “intent” introduced into our minds with a secret purpose, we notice with curiosity that the government hides most of it’s covert “ops” behind a lock named “National Security”, and that governmental policy-publishing is an incredibly huge machine. We begin to realize that the government really is too big to be controlled, that it cannot be controlled because of it’s sheer size and complexity, and that it’s nature has become possessive. The government wants, expects, and demands all citizens to see things it’s way, and it wants us to let it help us. The government wants to “help” us with our major life-decisions, to protect us from ourselves as we are known to sometimes smoke a joint or “fudge” on our tax forms. It assures us that if we follow it’s leads on all issues that we will be happier people in a more lovable world. To help us understand what the government wants of us, it has invented “Govlish”.

A Brief Interlude In This Line of Thought

pristine shore

Upon some pristine mythical shore, from the surf of embryonic seas whose tides mark the far end of time, came wriggling or crawling, leaping or simply drifting, the evolutionist’s miraculous “original land-life form”. All we can know about that significant point in history and it’s un-interpretable legacy is that we do not know. However, I feel it is safe to say that whatever it’s form, the first land-life form was neither a Government, nor a State, nor a Corporation.

It is somewhat safe to postulate that the first land-life form upon dry earth breathed air, ate some sort of food, and slept. In other words it was a product of Nature and not the product of some consensus-projection of any collective special consciousness. Whatever it was, it preceded Homo-Sapiens on the tree of life. Homo-Sapiens, as a species itself, preceded the appearance of Governments, States, and Corporations within its *societies*.

Indeed, gravity does intersect the horizon at right angles. Earth, air, fire and water, (give or take the ethers), constitute a grid upon which the feats of history and pre-history have displayed the infinite possibilities of the varying modalities of the expression of the Being of Nature. The four seasons, in defining time, are themselves timeless templates of solar procedure.

Govlish organizations invented neither you nor me, nor gravity, the elements, any life-form, any season, any time or space, nor any of the infinite orbits of our natural Universe. Unlike governments, you and I have a real life for which to answer. Government consists of mere projections of our collective mentality. But we, the human race, Homo Sapien or Adam and Eve, were here before Language.

Death is part of life. Government did not create man, but rather, man created Government. That is, Government is a creation of man’s imagination, his thought, his mentality. Governments, States, and the Corporations which control them, exist exclusively in the mind of man. Ask any Mexican wading the Rio Grande and he will tell you that the sun and sand on both sides of the river are quite the same. In Nature’s reality, whether people on one side of that river call themselves Americans or call themselves Mexicans is completely irrelevant.

As do “The Government” and “The State”, so too, “The Corporation” owes it’s birth to the musings of the human psyche, projected outward as our collective capacity for thought organized it’s thinking. Only after human-kind perceived itself to be in existence came elevations in human thought. From the sophistication of human thought has come Government, the State, Society, and Corporations. And, in a relatively recent flourish of Statist misconceptions, we now have “Govlish”. Govlish seems to operate on the supposition that the problems created by human thought can be solved by adding more human thought to them.

We see powers at work today seeking on many fronts to force commonality on all culture and society around the planet. It is the Statist’s answer to the Christian’s missionary programs, the Gospel of Govlish, so to say. Such powers, blinded by the terms of Govlish, are convinced their pseudo-autonomy is, by virtue of the magic of personification, real. Govlish appears to believe that it grants to us our “rights”. It also believes that it has an intrinsic right to modify human behavior toward an theoretically abstracted “common good of the many”. And it intends to do that with, as we notice more-so each day, whatever brute force is deemed appropriate. However, as we shall see in the two samples of Govlish below, Govlish has cleverly attempted to coerce among us the new understanding that militant governmental force as a response to our symptoms of individuality and sovereignty are to be seen as “caring” for our common good.

The cult of Statism would have we the people believe that our sacred rights are given us by the State, on stone tablets thunderously presented by the fiery wings of the iron beaked raptor of Governance. But the Statist overlooks the correct historic perspective, which declares undeniably that humankind, complete with his wiles, ways, and his “unalienable rights”, was here on this planet before any State.

Recall Lao Tsu from approximately twenty-five hundred years ago:

“When mankind lost sight of the way to live, came codes

of law and order.”

Considering that, we find that if human thought has invented the present world’s community of nations, governments, societies, cultures, and religious expressions, then none of those institutions has a “right” to claim it can “give” or “grant” to humankind anything aside from service or expedition.

Neither of these phenomena of projected and institutionalized human mentality contains any power to grant to any human being his “rights”. Our “birthright” comes from elsewhere. Statist institutions have a motivated interest in assisting you and me to conclude otherwise, and to acknowledge and “believe” that instead of being our “protector” for our rights, the State is actually the “origin” of our rights.

Think-tank language-tampering followed by mass dissemination is psychic aggression, though the various agents who write Govlish may never carry a firearm. Mental warfare is the type of warfare designed to confine social behavior in ways which facilitate Statist indoctrinations and expedite the goals of institutionalized “agency”. For example, mental warfare is how a large number of American voters can be convinced with words of the rightness in their minds of voting “against” a candidate or party, instead of voting their consciences. Mental warfare aims at our minds. It seeks to influence our thinking, our psychological sense of our reality. Our sovereignty as individual human beings is under siege, is being and has been been being mentally assaulted by Govlish.

As Hitler wished to reverse the direction of the swastika, to reverse an old “wheel of life”, so Govlish would reverse the origin of the divine within the human psyche. Govlish seeks to cause one to perceive “authority” as residing somewhere “outside” one’s autonomous self. As we know, “authority” enters this world through the fires of individual conscience, which itself is an expression of the unity between the three higher realms of human manifestation: spirit, soul, and psyche. Spirit provides the energy, soul provides the imagery, and psyche furnishes both with the ability to use language for the expression of the trinity.

Aside from the Department of Education’s occasional blurb about the value of holding “pep rallies” at schools, wherein the mis-term “team-spirit” is used, you and I will never hear Govlish make mention of “spirit, soul, and psyche”. That is because to even touch upon those terms would risk exposing the entire Statist philosophy for the sad sham it is.

We, as humans, all are born with our own “authority”, though for some reason I cannot discern most folk choose not to exercise it. As individuals we have the “authority” to become our “willed” selves, to direct our personal destinies, just as we also have the “authority” to own our minds and to own our bodies and to accept and act upon the responsibility for owning those minds and bodies.

Despite what Govlish intends to tell us, no State can create a life. Neither can it create a thought. States have no specific gravity, have no pulse, no emotions, no breath, no visible form. A building is not a Natural life form. Yet the thinking mind of man does have these fruits of life, alongside many other principles of individual entityship which the State cannot possess. Today’s State is a mere mechanical symbol of un-perfected theory. Hence the world’s angst as noted incessantly by our daily headlines.

So let us now look at two examples of Govlish. Of an endless and voluminous geyser of Govlish eruptions, I’ve selected here some excerpts from two speeches. The first speech is from Barry McCaffrey of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the second speech is from William Cohen of the Pentagon.

Mr. McCaffrey [was] the Justice Department’s reigning Drug Czar in the Clinton Administration.

Read his effort in Govlish, with my translations, HERE

Mr. Cohen [was] the Clinton Administration’s Secretary of Defense.

Read his astonishing introduction to the merger of our local police with the U.S. Military at the Pentagon, and recall that this was written two years before 9/11/2001. Read it, with my translations, HERE

Elias Note: From TCF in 2003, see page two for mention of Govlish –

govlishlogov2I mention that twelve-year-old writing to note something interesting, something which suppports TMM’s basic premise, that everything begins within the mind. I wrote the above many years ago, and now I see that the idea itself has sprang to life in other minds. Fascinating, that.





Elias Alias, editor

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  2. Mike Adams, of Natural News, took the lead from a Breitbart article on December 12, 2016, and posted his take on the “Ze” gender-neutral pronoun. That article is a good fit to be mentioned in conjunction with the above article on Govlish.

    Mike’s article at The Mental Militia —

    Mike’s article at Natural News —

    The Breitbart article —

    Elias Alias

  3. Jon Rappoport has been writing about the power of individual thought and the fiction of collective thought. Check out his writings at (so named many years before Clinton and the DNC’s current disinformation campaign against fake news).

    1. Thank you Sandy.
      Yes, I’ve enjoyed John Rappaport’s writings for about ten years. And I agree with you that his website name was, to say the least, quite fortuitous. “No More Fake News”
      We could say that his site title is a title whose time has come, eh? ;)
      I also like the way Jon has worked with Catherine Austin Fitts.
      Thank you for reading here and leaving your comment.
      Elias Alias, editor

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