April 1, 2016.  The outline and notes produced by Quintus Dias from research on the subject for online radio presentation.  The planned show is scheduled to air live April 4th, 2016 at The Microeffect Radio Network 9am – 11am MST, hosts Cyrellys and Victor of Manticore Group and The Mental Militia.

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Quintus Dias grew up in Europe and holds five academic degrees.  He has a a BA in Law and Justice, and MAs in Criminal Justice and Government/International Relations and Security Issues.  His career includes stints as a professional aircraft pilot, law officer, criminal investigator, and criminal intelligence agent/analyst.  He has also served as a nuclear security officer, business executive, chief of police, as a college professor in criminology, international security affairs, and as the director of an emergency services training academy.  He is currently retired and resides in New Mexico.  His research work and commentary is regularly featured as a member of Manticore Group, a private research and analysis group.

2 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM THE SYRIAN WAR & ISIS | Quintus Dias

  1. Good sitrep and analysis of ISIS, their backers, equipment and battle formation. I agree with your assessment of the staying power of these people. The thousands that this administration has smuggled into America will be used as a destabilizing force performing attacks on soft targets around the country. We who are forming unorganized militia in our local areas are more than a match for the likes of these people. This essay would be a good one to distribute far and wide to the commanders of all militia movement units. Thank you

    1. Thank you REM on behalf of Quintus Dias. We agree with your assessment on how the thousands will be used. It is good to hear that you have chosen to make the most of this time to prepare. Quintus has expressed to me his desire to get this information into as many hands as possible. Please feel free to forward it to the commanders. Salute! Cyrellys

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