Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World

Cohen Govlish Speech Grave New World


Let’s look at a few choice examples of Govlish excerpted from Secretary of Defense Cohen’s speech of July, 1999, and translated by Elias Alias.
Cohen speaking:
Govlish: Welcome to the grave New World of terrorism — a world in which traditional notions of deterrence and counter-response no longer apply. Perpetrators may leave no postmark or return address — no tell-tale signs of a missile launch, no residue of TNT that can be traced to a construction site, no rental truck receipts leading to the foolhardy suspects. In fact, their place of business may be a number of countries that are conducting bioengineering under the guise of pharmaceutical research. Penicillin for the poor, or ebola for the enemy? Who is to say, and with what deterrent is America left?


Translation:  Ladies and Gentlemen, as the Secretary of Defense it is my responsibility to inform you that, owing largely to US Corporate imperialism around the planet for most of the twentieth century, and our Statist policy of deploying the US Military globally to help insure that our corporate trade lanes remain in a state of safe expansion, the good old USA has inadvertently made a few enemies.


As we Americans have grown in power to become the dominant military/industrial force on the planet we have found it necessary in many instances to utilize the CIA’s unique manipulation talents in many lesser nations’ political climates. While it is true that we’ve been guilty of assassinations of numerous political leaders in many foreign lands, and that we have launched countless propaganda coups and programs, all of our CIA’s activities have been in the best interests of our nation. The CIA works for us.


However, regarding a few disgruntled foreigners who have objected to our corporate expansionism and cultural imperialism, I must inform you now that these people are terrorists. As America has the most powerful military presence in the world, upon which the sun never sets nor pixel percolates, we’ve made it obvious that no rogue nation can expect to exist in defiance of US policy for world peace. (You do understand, I trust, that “world peace” means American profitability, right?)


Consequently, a number of lesser nations, insignificant and under-developed as they might be, are now suspected of harboring terrorists who would like to see all Americans dead. We just can’t seem to please all the people all the time. As such centers of unrest and hatred don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of opposing us militarily, they are now resorting to tactics which our conventional military knowledge finds difficult to anticipate.


We do admit that our CIA gave Saddam Hussein, back in the late 1980′s, Anthrax, with hopes he would use it against Iran.


And we do acknowledge that Saddam may have sold some of that stuff to some other minor governments, so that we now have no idea who might pop up with Anthrax next. We know how things work, don’t we? Same as with China, to whom we’ve recently sold some rather interesting satellite technology, and who may have already dispersed that technology outwardly to several other agitated governments such as North Korea.


However, terrorism is not fair, and I am afraid that we may have to destroy American freedom in order to save America from unwarranted terrorist attacks. Lord knows we have no intention of slacking off regarding continued corporate expansionism, but don’t worry. Just because our aggressive nature as The American Government has raised a few eyebrows here and there, I am here to assure you that the US Military can defend America. And defend America we must, no matter what we have to destroy about our antiquated founding documents. Which would we prefer, old papers or the terrorist plunder and plague of death? It all comes down to that, you see. You DO pay us to be here and do these things, you know.


We will defend you. But do be assured that tempers out there in the terrorist community are at fever pitch, if unjustifiably so, and that Disneyland, our children’s sacred icon, is not safe. Therefore, you must accept the Defense Department’s assessment of our eminent danger and agree to cooperate with our national effort to combat this threat of terrorism. After all, as it now appears that we are losing the War on Drugs, which we’ve been successfully using to vent our nation’s economy for so long, and as it’s getting ever-increasingly more difficult to get away with starting a handy little war in third-world nations, we already see the need to promote the ushering into our lives of this War on Terrorism as the new substitute for the failing War on Drugs.


And by the way, that aspirin factory in Sudan? Well, I have reason to believe that they were making more than aspirin there! Why else would they have wanted to build a pharmaceuticals plant, since they could have bought drugs from our own Global Pharmaceuticals Giants like everybody else does, right? Never mind that the Carter Foundation has an office there, and that Jimmy Carter had toured that plant several times before we blew it to smitherines. Those Sudanese tricksters probably lied to Jimmy Carter while they made new wares for the terrorist market. Just like them to welcome an ex-US President during several visits over time, share with him their pride in the creation of their nation’s own pharmaceuticals plant and invite him to openly tour it, crowd about his every move offering praises and appreciation for what his Foundation there was doing for them. Then do a dump on American Corporate interests behind his back.


Govlish: Preparation is itself a deterrent. By minimizing the death and destruction would-be terrorists hope to spawn, we reduce the likelihood they will even try. Yet a chemical or biological strike on American soil could quickly surpass any community’s ability to cope.


Translation: As a result of our global dominance and the resultant affluency, we are now wisely anticipating that somebody out there has a bad attitude about our good fortune. Sour grapes, dollar-envy, and all that, you know. Therefore, we have concocted some rather drastic defense measures which I have been asked by Clinton to explain for your general understanding.


A prime objective in my delivering this speech to America today is to legitimize a strong fear within the nation’s collective consciousness. I must whip up a great mountain of fear about terrorism within the population here, because it will take something as dire as the threat of domestic mass-death for the people of this country to buy the installation of a military/industrial police state and the martial law under which that police state will protect this nation.


Uncle Sam has deep pockets, and we’re bound to be more effective in the wake of a terrorist attack than your local service agencies or the Red Cross. We in the Defense Department are always thinking, and we’re thinking about you the people first! We are prepared. Never mind that it took us ten years to catch Bin Laden, and that we never could catch the Unibomber until his family snitched him off. Never mind that we had no idea about the upcoming bombing of those two US embassies in Africa last year even though one of the master-minds who planned the bombings chanced to be an FBI informant who also worked for the CIA. Never mind that we can’t catch John Doe II. Never mind Flight 800. Good citizens with developed sentiments of loyalty will not focus on our shortcomings. Things are not always as they seem, you know. Same goes for John Doe II and the Birmingham Bomber. For all you know they both work for the CIA and were supposed to plant those bombs. How else could we get in place so many laws against personal freedom? How else could we cause you to see the need for more governmental control and intrusiveness. Uncle Sam needs you to believe in the severity of the Terrorist Threat. And, bottom line, your bank accounts and portfolios need this War on Terrorism.


Govlish: As part of a federal interagency effort launched last year by President Clinton and led by the National Security Council, the Defense Department is doing its part to prepare the nation for the catastrophic consequences of an attack that unleashes these horrific weapons. Because it has long prepared to face this grim possibility on the battlefield, the military has unique capabilities to offer in the domestic arena as well.


Translation: I am sure that you know already that Clinton’s “executive orders” and “presidential decision directives” have provided for the federal government’s empowerment in times of national emergency. It is now legal to confiscate all transportation, food distribution, housing, civil enforcement, communications, and many other logistically-related functions of society. To implement this governmental grab, Clinton has wisely foreseen the need to consolidate all governmental powers into an hierarchy headed up by the Pentagon itself. The National Security Council and Federal Emergency Management Agency are the two work-horses created to pull the Defense Department’s plow down the dangerous furrows of the future.


To insure their complete power over the vital organs of America, our president has arranged for all other governmental agencies, federal, state, county, and local, to become assimilated into an appropriate collage of unified force. This is necessary for our protection, of course. But because of the great expenditures made on the behalf of the US Military’s research programs involving nuke/chem/bio warfare, we here at the Defense Department know better than you how devastating such a terrorist deployment against our homeland could be. The Pentagon therefore is the right power to put in charge of the NSC and FEMA.


Naturally, all other agencies, such as the Justice Department, HUD, DOT, IRS, FDA, and etc., etc. ad infinitum, shall receive their directives from the Pentagon through those two primary agencies. When I say “interagency effort”, I definitely mean “interagency effort”. We can all be thankful that the Defense Department has time to assist with the prevention of terrorism in America. Never mind the radiation experiments of the fifties which used thousands of our troops as guinea pigs in our atomic bomb test programs. Never mind the Agent Orange with which we bathed our troops in Viet Nam, or the Gulf War Syndrome inflicted upon our troops in Desert Storm. Those quirks of imperfection are not valid indicators of our Military Wisdom regarding chemical/nuclear/biological phenomena. We do, no matter what anybody thinks, know what we’re doing! You can trust the Pentagon. God does, as the message on your money implies.


Govlish: Several core principles are guiding our efforts. First, any military assistance in the wake of a domestic attack must be in support of the appropriate federal civilian authority — either the Department of Justice or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Second, an unequivocal and unambiguous chain of responsibility, authority and accountability for that support must exist. Third, military assistance should not come at the expense of our primary mission — fighting and winning our nation’s wars. A special Task Force for Civil Support is being created to ensure that we have the military assets necessary to help respond domestically while still meeting our foremost mission.


Translation:  While you are not looking, I’m gonna sneak a little concept into your head here. The “appropriate federal civilian authority” phrase in the first sentence of the paragraph immediately above should, if our speech-writers are correct, insert into your subconscious the erasure of whatever division you’ve previously held that caused you to think that “federal” is not the same thing as “civilian”. It is important that all Americans relinquish their sleepy notions about fifty sovereign states bound by mutual agreement into an effective union. That notion is just more gibberish from the distant past and can’t possibly serve our government’s present needs. I want you to practice saying and thinking, “federal-civilian” as if they were one word instead of two. In fact, in the tradition of Orwell’s “newspeak”, let’s just coin the new word for it, “fedciv”. There now, it has a nice ring to it.


Despite the fact that FEMA uses less than thirty per cent of its allocated budget in assisting stricken communities around the nation, FEMA is doing admirably well in spending over seventy per cent of its budget in defending today’s national government from people who still believe in the Second Amendment and the Second Coming of Christ. < >


FEMA, better than most government agencies nowadays, understands that there is a real and present hatred among the citizenry for the metamorphosis the federal government has undergone in the past half-century, and consequently FEMA was selected as the proper first-option for the dispersion of Military Rule from the Pentagon outward to all communities in the country.


Of course, the Military is big on “command”. Everything has its proper place in the structure of our man-made world. Generals have no value to this nation if they do not have large numbers of privates to command. The private looks up to the Private First Class, who in turn looks up to the lance-corporal, who takes his medicine from the corporal, who obeys the sergeant, who obeys the Staff-Sergeant, and on and on it goes right up to the top. All US soldiers and military personnel are under the command of Clinton. Clinton is my (Cohen’s) boss. I (Cohen) run the Pentagon. The Pentagon now runs FEMA, the NSA, the Justice Department, and indeed, all lower aspects of enforcement right down to your local cop on the beat. You have noticed, I trust, that your local police force has been gradually militarized, so that today all police forces are extensions of Pentagonal policy, capable of enacting military-styled operations against child-pornographers, 2nd Amendment nuts, religious zealots, and drug abusers. All those sorts of people are potential terrorists, so it is a good thing that your police forces are now extensions of federal policies.


Since you the people would probably react negatively were I to say that we now have a “chain of command” in place which is designed to extend federal mandates all the way from the Pentagon down to every local police department, with all local, state and federal agencies sandwiched into that chain of command, I will not call it a “chain of command”. That could tend to let a nasty cat out of the bag, eh? So I will just say that we now have an “unequivocal and unambiguous chain of responsibility, authority, and accountability”. Of course, that is exactly what a chain of command is and does, but I’m banking on the fact that most voting Americans today will not pause to reflect on that.


This is a great and grand moment in American history, a moment in which the federal powers can truly see the end of their struggle to establish a totalitarian military-industrial corporate police-state with an unbroken and uncontested chain of command over the entire nation. This progress is bound to improve our standing in the United Nations. It is a proud moment for the “establishment”. Much useless and frivolous freedom has been allowed to exist in America in the past, but now we have hope of finally containing that nonsense. Now we are poised to get down to business!


Of course, as we would rightly expect, if the Pentagon is going to fulfill its obligations as the top seat of power in this national chain of command, it has to have some say about how it’s policies and directives are lived up to by subordinate agencies. Clinton has outlined the Pentagon’s authority with his near-genius reinterpretation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. He has further fortified the Pentagon’s authority to manage civil planes of life in America with a series of significant executive orders, not to mention the genius of “Presidential Decision Directive-25″, which gave the Pentagon authority to show up at Waco and turn tanks, helicopters, and Delta Force military sharpshooters against those rebellious Christian constitutionalists.


Never mind that McCaffrey claims the Justice Department doesn’t work for the Pentagon. That is false info. All government, be it local, state, or federal, now has a proper place in the structure of the national military/police state, and that State is paying the Pentagon nicely to preserve it’s glorious reign and rule.


Govlish: Fourth, our military response efforts will be grounded primarily in the National Guard and Reserve. In contrast to their more familiar role of reinforcing active-duty forces overseas, our guard and reserve are the forward-deployed forces here at home. Special National Guard teams are being positioned around the nation to advise and assist communities upon request.


Translation: We will not, however, be sending in the Marines just yet. Our hope is to use the Military simply to back up the National Guard and Reserve, who in turn will reinforce local and state enforcement agencies as they attempt to carry out their directives from the Pentagon. We are presently indoctrinating portions of the National Guard with the proper Govlish interpretations on Military directives. However, should enough people resist the National Guard, the State Patrol, the State Bureaus of Investigation, the Sheriff’s offices and Police Departments, well, by God, we just might have to send in the Marines. It’s up to you the people.


Govlish: Finally, we must not and trample on American lives and liberties in the name of preserving them. Fears about the military’s role in domestic affairs are unfounded, as evidenced by a long history of reasonable and successful military support to communities ravaged by natural disasters, such as fire and flood.


Translation:  Of course you all know what this means, but just for the record and for the sake of appearances, when a combat boot slams down upon your burning neck and a rifle butt jabs your prone rib-cage, you may take heart in the knowledge that your own Secretary of Defense has sworn publicly that the US Military will not interfere with domestic affairs. After all, has not the Military been helpful in the restoration of order following hurricanes and other acts of natural disaster? Of course it has. You have no valid reason to resist the Military presence and command in your hometown or county. Remember, we are the good guys.


Riot police stand watch near a protest demonstration outside the Republican National Convention in downtown TampaHowever, I would just like to note in passing that it is a little unfair that I would even have to address your fears about the Military’s presence in your hometowns. You’ll hurt my feelings if such rumors persist! Please feel ashamed for bringing that up.


Govlish: As in the past, any military support will be precisely that — support. Both legal and practical considerations demand it. The Posse Comitatus Act and the Defense Department’s implementing policies are clear — the military is not to conduct domestic law enforcement without explicit statutory authority, and we strongly believe no changes should be made to Posse Comitatus. Also clear is that the military’s unique assets are most valuable when used to supplement — not supplant — continuing federal, state or local efforts. This is one of the reasons we are helping to train the local emergency “first responders” in 120 cities under a program mandated by Congress and now being transferred to the Justice Department.


Translation: The US Military has never taken over this country before, so why should you worry that it wishes to do so now? (Aside, to the speech-writer…..”hehehe!”) Despite the fact that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was specifically made a part of federal law to prevent the sort of horror which happened at Waco, under Klinton’s reinterpretation of “The Law”, there is now seen to exist a perfect bypass around Posse Comitatus.
< >


Therefore, we can smugly say that there is no need to alter or violate the Posse Comitatus Act. Under today’s structure of Statist totalitarianism the Pentagon can simply do as the President orders. It is our hope that you will not be alarmed by our establishing a hundred and twenty military logistics and command centers in a hundred and twenty American cities and townships. We shall make every endeavor to keep you from having to actually see military troops in your communities. Toward that end we have militarized your police forces and established their subserviency to federal/Pentagonal mandates and policies, that they, instead of front-line troops, can enforce our government’s laws.


Of course, eventually we will have to use troops to meet the additional needs for manpower as we draw the net on those terrorists. It is not out of the question to imagine military checkpoints at all state lines and school zones. Having to submit to body searches in grocery-store parking lots should not really disturb your wives to any great degree. Just remember, any of your neighbors could be a child-pornographer, a doper, a 2nd Amendment advocate, or a far-right Christian. One never knows! We may have to inspect everyone to sort out the potential terrorists. But don’t forget, it’s for the children.


End translation of Secretary of Defense William Cohen’s “Grave New World” Govlish speech.


So there we have a prime example of Govlish in action, a twin to the Govlish speech by Barry McCaffrey. The Drug Czar was faced with admitting publicly that all the billions of dollars spent, and all the millions of citizens who were jailed and otherwise deprived of their freedoms, rights, properties, and Constitutionally-protected status as citizens, and even all the Americans who were murdered by enforcement agencies over this insane War On Drugs, all were spent/abused/murdered for nothing, as the national government now knows that it has lost the War On Drugs. McCaffrey’s Govlish speech-writers found a palatable (for him and his statist ilk) way to change the rules of the game and simply say that it was not, after all, a “War” On Drugs.


When Cohen was forced to take the heat of announcing the underwriting of all law enforcement agencies at all levels of American government by none other than the US Military, his Govlish speech-writers came up with an incredible mis-representation of the truth of that government move, claiming it was necessary for the Pentagon to run this country in the event of a state of “national emergency”, which as current national law presently stands can be issued and proclaimed to be in effect by the commander in chief of all Armed Forces, say, someone like the sex-addict, Bill Clinton.


Briefly, let’s look at what we’ve learned about Govlish. Here is a list which comes to mind.


Nature and characteristics of Govlish:


A.  Govlish always says less than it really means. Therefore, anyone speaking Govlish around you knows something which he feels it would be better not to tell you.


B. Govlish makes use of cultural-shock catchwords and psycho-stun phrases as a means of bypassing the common mental defense systems of normal people. Cohen’s use of a disfigured variation on Aldous Huxley’s title, “Brave New World”, was an attempt to sub-consciously establish in our minds an association of the State with a revered and famous writer, thus silently encouraging us to feel that the Government is on our side. The fact that Huxley wrote “The Doors of Perception“, which contradicts intelligently and completely the entire platform of Govlish’s War On Drugs is countered effectively by inserting that unconscious association into our minds.


C. Govlish operates on the presumption that if something is true, it should not be said. (Govlish was invented to displace truth, not herald it.)


D. Govlish is only used successfully when citizens have super-imposed a degree of blind faith and trust over their mental image of their government. Advanced students of Govlish explore new ways in which Govlish can assist in the debunking of the traditional views on peace, prosperity, freedom, self-governance, responsibility, goodness, morality and truth, to name just a few key areas targeted by Govlish. The disintegration of previously known truths, the sorts of things which our founders considered to be apparent and self-evident, is a key objective of Govlish.


E. Govlish makes use of your words to convey its will.


F. Govlish has no inherent definition for the word “is”.


Photo Salon Magazine
Photo Salon Magazine

I’m sure each reader has more characteristics to add to that list already.
I hope that readers have found that deciphering Govlish can be a fun and educational habit. It is easy to find plenty of Govlish to work with. You can get about fifty-million dollars’ worth of Govlish for fifty cents at any newspaper vendor, and of course the national television networks keep a steady stream of Govlish rolling constantly. You’ll find that regularly scheduled radio news broadcasts are also troves of Govlish. In fact, once a person gains a bit of momentum in looking for Govlish, surprisingly, one finds that it is everywhere.


Both speeches used here are available in their entirety. Cohen’s speech was published by the Washington Post Company, at….



Infringement and assault upon the copyrighted article by the Washington Post Company furnished unabashedly by The Mental Militia. Said infringement un-©-ed by Elias Alias, 2000AD.

Copyright Elias Alias 2000 and 2011 AD.

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