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“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

From Claire Wolfe’s First Book:

101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution (1996)

From Wikipedia we read:

Wolfe’s first book, 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution, … advocated a radical libertarian stance, opposed both major political parties, and encouraged self-sufficiency and actions to minimize the influence of the government in the life of the individual, as well as ideas for monkeywrenching. It was published by Loompanics Unlimited and became an underground bestseller.

For Historical Context: Claire Wolfe’s First Book

Hang on to your copy of “101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution” if you’re lucky enough to have one, because, like several others by Claire, including “Don’t Shoot The Bastards Yet“, it is now out of print.

Vin Suprynowicz is an editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He was one of the first to review Claire’s “101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution”. A very personable gentleman, he rambles a bit to set a context and then in his essay he states:
In her introduction to “101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution,” Claire Wolfe writes:

Claire_101Things“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. On the road to tyranny, we’ve gone so far that polite political action is about as useless as a miniskirt in a convent. …

“Something’s eventually going to happen. Government will bloat until it chokes us to death, or one more tyrannical power grab will turn out to be one too many. … Maybe it’ll be one more round of ‘reasonable gun control’ or one more episode of burning children to death to save them from ‘child abuse.’ [i.e Waco] Whatever. Something will snap …

“Until then, what do you do if you … don’t want to be a Good Little Citizen begging an unhearing congresscritter to give back the rights he and his buddies swiped from you? (‘Dear Congressman Baron: You’re such a busy and important person, I’m sure this little matter has just slipped your mind temporarily. But 90 percent of the federal government is unconstitutional. … I’m sure you’ll want to abolish all the unauthorized agencies and programs right away. Please don’t forget to repeal all the illegal laws and get rid of the taxes while you’re at it’ …”)

Ms. Wolfe’s “101” answers are useful, and thoroughly entertaining. From shifting your meager assets to where that junkie with the million-dollar-a-minute habit, Uncle Sam, can’t lay hands on them, to preserving and storing enough food and water to last you through any extended shutdown of the government and commercial services, to the proper
way to bury your guns should blanket confiscation loom (as in Australia right now), this common-sense guide never loses its sense of humor and perspective.

It’s blissfully free of the delusion that the system can still be reformed, but also of those tedious ramblings about U.N. conspiracies and biblical prophesy that clog so much of what passes for “survivalist” literature these days.

If you’re just starting to realize the “police” gang is unlikely to protect you in times of real disorder — that you’d better break down and buy some firearms to protect your home and loved ones — where do you start?

“101 things” has the specific, well-thought-out answers.

Three examples of Claire Wolfe’s wry wit and lovable wisdom —

The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook: 179 Things To Do Til The Revolution

Claire Wolfe_freedomoutlawshandbookClaire Wolfe is back and has expanded her original 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution to 179 thought-and-action items….  Claire will inspire you to free your own Inner Outlaw and kick tyrant butt so you can win back freedom. The choices you make are up to you. But if you’ve been sitting back waiting for the water to get a little hotter… Claire gives you 179 tools to help you plan and work.

Available At Amazon

Hardyville Tales:

When “Don’t Tread On Me” Meets “For Your Own Good”

Claire Wolfe Hardyville Tales


… there was a town called Hardyville. Truth to tell, it wasn’t much of a place… It didn’t have a single sign of what people in the real world might have called civilization or culture. It was just one dusty intersection with one lone stoplight, a few encircling residential streets, a fair number of surrounding ranches, and a whole lot of nothing, all located in a red-rock valley 600 miles west of the precise geographic middle of nowhere.

At Backwoods Home Magazine

RebelFire 1.0: Out Of The Gray Zone

Claire Wolfe RebelFire

“Fire in the mind, fire in the heart.

The world consumed in violent rage.

But the Phoenix shall arise —

Arise and fly —

From every burning age.”

A novel of courage and hope for young adults.

Co-authored with Aaron Zelman.

Contact to purchase.

Claire Wolfe HatAfter years at Backwoods Home Magazine, Claire Wolfe  has opened her own “Living Freedom” blog, as we learned at Wendy McElroy’s website  in early August, 2016.

Also previously, Claire was a writer for WorldNet Daily. More recently she writes for S.W.A.T. Magazine and other venues.

It is no secret that what now serves as The Mental Militia’s forums was built for Claire by The Mental Militia back in 2003, while  TMM had a nice national website.  Walter “Bark” Doss  built the forums on TMM server space and next thing anyone knew several thousand people signed in there and the conversation was on.

This may or may not be the case, but quite possibly this is the first post made by Elias Alias to christen that new forum:

The date on that post is June 03, 2003. The posting was the full prose piece which had been posted first at WorldNet Daily — “Moving To Hardyville”. That article is posted here at TMM.

See more titles at Claire Wolfe’s Page At Amazon

When going to Claire’s author’s page at the first book we see is The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook.

Claire Wolfe_freedomoutlawshandbook

This book

is a Mental Militia favorite, for this book was the first book acknowledging The Mental Militia. We made it to the dedications page at front of the book. Get your copy and read all about it while enjoying a refreshing class on The Agitator, The Ghost, and The Mole. See yet more things to do ’til the revolution.

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