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Jim White has worked with The Mental Militia since we began building this site.  In 2015 Jim was partnered at NorthWest Liberty News with another TMMer, Jason Van Tatenhove, now of Patriot Report. Both Jim and Jason have contributed work on The Mental Militia’s “ernie movie project”, as viewers will see in the finished movie.

In recent months Jim has partnered with Tim Brown, while Jason has focused on his Patriot Report operation.  Jim White is a go-getter with a detective’s intuition for searching out the most acutely cutting-edge topics for his shows. He has hosted, for example, several TMMers such as James Jaeger and Dan Happel and G. Edward Griffin. Jim has also hosted other strong names who are represented here at The Mental Militia, like Patrick Wood of Technocracy Rising, Mike Adams of Natural News, and Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., the constitutional attorney, book author, film producer with the ultimate plan for restoring the rule of law in America by returning all political power back to We The People through our governmental agencies for the “Militia of the several States”. Dr. Vieira’s conceptualization is the “Militia System” itself, and that has much to do with this website’s mission.

In June, 2016, Jim took sabbatical leave from radio broadcasting and focused on the U.S. federal government’s war on ranchers, farmers, loggers, and miners in the western areas of our nation. He tours the western States documenting ranchers’ assessment of the effects of top-down federal management of public lands within the States as well as federal land grabs across rural America. Jim is compiling an impressive series of video interviews, samples of which are below. (Click the little red YouTube icon at bottom right of videos below to view them on Jim’s channel, give them “likes”, and leave comments.)

NWLN – Episode 7: Mountain Man, Rich Scheben

NorthWest Liberty News: Political Captives: Nevada Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore- The War Against Rural America

Carol Bundy: Again, America is Being Ruled by a King

by Northwest Liberty News; Jim White on the camera.

Jim White Finds Child Abuse, Pedophilia Rampant World-Wide.

December 10 2016

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