Independence In LaVoy Finicum’s Vision

So it’s Independence Day, 2016 and I’m a seventy-years-old man with wrinkles and wet eyes.

The wrinkles are a testament of how I forged my view of the world for over half a century, as I now can see it looking back. Live and Learn.

Experience untied to time does not exist; and that explains the “old man with wrinkles” part of the sentence above. But what about the wet eyes?

I am a sensitive man  who cannot bear too much reality, as I learned back in the 1960s in Viet Nam.  I don’t cry easily. But it can happen, if only very rarely. And this morning, July 04, 2016, Independence Day, in the wee hours, it happened.  Here’s how.

Back in early June I traveled to the little town named Plains, Montana, to join a rally for Jake Ryan’s release from jail. Thirty-seven patriots had been jailed for daring oppose federal abuse of States Rights. Jake Ryan was one of them. The rally turned into a celebration as Jake was released.

I drove back again the next day to attend a speaking event produced by Dan and Roxsanna Ryan, Jake’s parents. LaVoy Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum, was among the speakers. I bought a copy of her late husband’s novel.

LaVoy_Finicum_Blood_Suffering_CoverThe title is “Only By Blood And Suffering“. This weekend I took time off and read the book. Just finished it. That is why my eyes are wet.

It is Independence Day, 2016. The man who wrote this book is dead and there is no getting him back this side of the grave. Knowing that he is dead, and how he died, put a filter over my mind as I read his book. I had written about him, had posted my favorite of his videos, had followed the whole Burns, Oregon situation, but I did not read LaVoy’s book until this weekend.

I am blown away. I had no idea the man was a writer. Wow. He grabbed me early on and built a surprising drive in me to follow his story page by page. It is a cowboy’s take on Independence.

Yes, it’s that, but it’s also a tense portrait of a family’s struggle to unite and save themselves as society breaks down in the aftermath of an EMP attack. That is the context in which LaVoy Finicum developed his story. What surprised me this weekend as I was reading his novel was how, in tracing the trials and courage of a rancher’s son and daughters as they struggled to get home to their ranch and safety, LaVoy skillfully packed the principles of freedom into the narrative and action of the book.

LaVoy Finicum left no stone un-turned as he wove the nature of “government” itself into the flesh-and-blood experience of humanity in mankind’s endless struggle to achieve full freedom.  He paints pictures in words, words which expose a —

“…long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object [which] evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism…

LaVoy packed into his story the values of personal responsibility, of reverence, love, courage, dignity, and commitment to a personal code of honor. He did that (and much more) in contexts of modern-day cowboys who live yet on the land while a wobbly world is under NSA satellite surveillance, federal regulations, Homeland Security’s tyranny, political correctness, advertising, “news”, economic manipulations, and other blights on our freedom as Americans with a traditional way of life on our vast natural lands within State borders.

There is treachery, gunfighting, spying, crowd-manipulation, defense of farm, food, and family. There is also a damning indictment on crowd mentality, which I laud him for doing masterfully. In the middle of all that LaVoy has also developed a tender romance which I found to be compelling as well as reassuring. My claim is that anyone who reads this novel will love it, and all patriots (and especially their good neighbors) simply must read this book.

As I already noted, I did not know LaVoy Finicum was a talented writer. I tried my hand at doing a bit of writing myself. I know what is involved in developing a story and I was floored at how masterfully LaVoy built this book.  The characters are fully developed, the action is ever-so plausible, the facts of life in a cowboy’s world are refreshing and encouraging.  This book will inspire a generation and reinforce the patriot movement greatly.

My point in talking about this book is simple. The original patriots, those Colonists who defied their government to throw off subjugation and establish thirteen free “sovereign nation-state Republics”, found their success only “by blood and suffering“. LaVoy reminds us that nothing has changed.  To me, personally, the dominant challenge which I felt riding like wild horses through his novel is simple – will I stand for freedom?

Go here to get several copies, one for your family and several for friends.

It’s about Independence!

Buy it. Read it. Live it!

LaVoy Finicum is a national treasure. His Spirit shall live on forever in America through his work and his book.

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3 thoughts on “Independence In LaVoy Finicum’s Vision

  1. I bought the book on Jan. 26, 2017, from LaVoy’s widow, Jeanette, at the rally in his honor at John Day, OR. I read it soon after that and immediately thought it had the makings of a great Hollywood movie; on the order of but greater than “Ameriggedon”. Since then I have been trying to promote that idea. I hope any of you who have even minor contacts in the movie industry will join me in promoting “By Blood and Suffering Alone”. I’m sure Jeanette and the Finicum family would appreciate whatever royalties might come to them from the movie and future sales of the book.
    Jim Falk, Fallon, NV

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