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The following is an update on the state of the Ukraine as heard on the 3 hour internet radio broadcast “Mind Mix in the Evening” on September 9th 2016.  Cyrellys presented.  Included is the transcript of the analysis by Quintus Dias (Victor) of Manticore Group, who is a contributing researcher to both The Mental Militia and Mind Mix Radio.  It is a grim state of affairs right now in the Ukraine, and the mainstream media is not covering it.

UKRAINE Update 09-8-2016

Research Notes:

1. The NWO oriented elites may have already started WWIII in the Ukraine. Sources are relaying this may be the case.

2. War in the Ukraine is becoming internationalized with the presence of foreign troops and mercenaries on both sides.

3. Spaniards have shown up in Donetsk to fight for them, as did some former Mujaheddin from the Astan region…ISIS is fighting for the Nazis on the other side.

4. We now have Poles, Americans, French, Germans, Afghans, and Swedes fighting for Donetsk in the Donbass.

5. Video reports and news casts are making clear that the war in Ukraine is butchery and the beginning of WWIII.

6. Both Donbass and Donetsk residents have gone on record expressing their deep bitterness and hatred of the US president. They say he is the guy who set things off in the Ukraine with ol’ G. Soros laughing in the background.

7. Excellent sources for information on the fighting in the Ukraine include: Vice TV, War Leaks, and some of the Russian and German news firms. US MSM is disregarding or downplaying the events there.

Quintus Dias said, “Be advised some of the films are graphic beyond belief…hamburger city if you know what I mean.”

8. Look up Russell Bonner Bentley on youtube. He did an informative anthology of reports on what is going on there.

9. Proof Mujs are fighting with Christians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viavY5QPEL8 **Note: author is a Christian and a communist. That does not compute unless in the context that the early Christian communities, up to the 4th century were communal, as they shared everything. In that sense, indeed they were communists with a rudimentary democracy. Many of the present day monasteries are governed in this format.

10. Yes Hitler killed millions but Stalin and the commies killed tens of millions. We’re certain Bentley has gotta know this. The German Nazis created the Muslim Brotherhood back in WW II and recruited many Muslims to fight with the SS battalions on the Eastern front. .for the New World Order crowd to succeed they have to destroy the existing forms of governance, the economy, and must get rid of the Slavs as a race.


Edit to add: September 6, 2016. Dailymail.co.uk
Russia is preparing for a full-scale INVASION of Ukraine – and Europe is too weak to prevent it, warns President Poroshenko

11. September 5th (Monday) 2016. ABC News President Obama sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in China on Monday, in a meeting that covered a laundry list of hot-button issues, from cyber attacks on the U.S. to the civil war in Syria and ongoing hostilities in Ukraine.

12. August 25th, 2016. Okydokyartichoky: Washington takes every effort to make Russia attack Ukraine – See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/world/ussr/ukraine/22-08-2016/135401-russia_ukraine-0/

13. August 21, 2016. Okydokyartichoky: Secret Yanukovych Party Ledgers Claim $225,000 Deal With CNN Host Larry King https://themoscowtimes.com/news/larry-king-secretly-received-225000-from-ukrainian-political-party-55042

14. August 21st, 2016. From the Trenches World Report. WikiLeaks: Trump Advisor Paul Manafort Tied To Ukrainian Government, US Intelligence
by Stuzz

15. August 19th, 2016 Okydokyartichoky: Leaked memo shows George Soros worked to push Greece to support Ukraine coup, paint Russia as enemy http://theduran.com/leaked-memo-shows-george-soros-worked-to-push-greece-to-support-ukraine-coup-paint-russia-as-enemy/

16. Emails Suggest Trump Advisers Waged Pro-Russian Covert Campaign
Aug. 19, 2016 9:58am Jon Street
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WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — A firm run by Donald Trump’s campaign chairman directly orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine’s then-ruling political party, attempting to sway American public opinion in favor of the country’s pro-Russian government, emails obtained by The Associated Press show. Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, never disclosed their work a s foreign agents as required under federal law. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/08/19/emails-suggest-trump-advisers-waged-pro-russian-covert-campaign/

17. Leaked memo proves George Soros ruled Ukraine in 2014, minutes from “Breakfast with US Ambassad Geoffrey Pyatt” http://theduran.com/leaked-memo-proves-george-soros-ruled-ukraine-in-2014-minutes-from-breakfast-with-us-ambassador-geoffrey-pyatt/or

18. more links on web news reels.



Quint’s Summary

After hundred of hours of watching films and docos about the Ukraine, I have a good feel for how the people over there regard each other, the Russians, the EU and us.  I have made contact with some of them exchanging views on the war.  Some observations from emails and from docos and film content about the mess in the Ukraine.

1. The EU.  Many in the East do not want anything to do with the EU, as they feel it does not meet their cultural or ethnic interests and it is dominated by America, Germany(their former bitter enemy), and by France.  They have strong cultural, language and ethnic ties to Great Russians and want to be an autonomous entity of Russia under the Federation.  Many of these people have strong family ties in Russia and go back and forth (like Mexican families in the US with Mexico).  They see Poroshenko and his government as fascists and as toadies of the US and George Soros.  In essence, Ukrainians in the East rejected Poroshenko as a US toadie and his government as illegitimate.

2. In fact, many blurt out to journalists without hesitation that they hate Poroshenko and the Americans for destroying their homes and country.  Many are now refugees, traveling like gypsies and wandering around homeless on the back roads.  Russians and others have offered to help them, but they are a proud and stubborn lot.  A Babushka refused to let a journalist carry her shopping bag (it contained the salvage from her home).  She refused to let him carry it.  It is pathetic what we did to these people-criminal really.

3. Each Other.  Many Ukrainians are simply bewildered and horrified at what has happened to their country.  They had a lot to look forward to.  Life after the collapse of the old USSR was improving constantly.  They had a good trade and working relationship with Russia and with most of Europe.  Investments from abroad were accelerating, modernizing their infrastructure (Guru was the source on a lot of this as his people were investing there).  There is too much bitterness over the wanton killing, pillaging and senseless destruction of the Ukraine with mass weapons for a reconciliation.  They want the fascist clique in Kiev, Poroshenko and the American arch criminal, George Soros tried for war crimes.  The Kiev government and the Ukrainian Armed Forces see the separatists and those in the East as TERRORISTS meriting the death penalty and the destruction of their territory.  The UAF (Ukrop to the separatists) have committed many outrages, including documented executions of civilians and suspected pro-Russians.  There are now open and intense feelings of betrayal,  hostility and outright hatred from both groups.  There was no effective cease-fire.  As soon as the sun went down or the UN observers (OSCE inspectors) went around the corner, shooting and shelling began, sometimes lasting all night.

4. The UN. The UN to most in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea are a sad joke-worthless and toothless as they put it.  The do not want integration with Europe as it means the loss of their cultural and ethnic identities.  They are very proud of their traditions and culture.  I saw a wandering Kuban Cossack, in Cossack dress wandering the roads with a cross, blessing all and giving water to people on the way.  He said prayers for the separatist militia units he met on the way.  Wandering minstrels and Orthodox devouts have a long and honored tradition in Russia and the Ukraine.  I saw many of the beautiful Orthodox churches senselessly destroyed by shellfire.  Babushkas and grandpas were setting aside brick, wood and mortar to rebuild them-under shellfire I might add.   The UN’s Office of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) sends inspectors to document shelling exchanges.  They interview people and photograph mounds of ruins and the newly dead.  But that is all they do.  There are no peacekeepers in the Ukraine.  The people call them worthless flies sitting on a dead carcass.

5. The EU.  Ukrainians in the East do not want to integrate with Europe.  They stress that time and time again.  They have nothing to gain by integrating with the EU and much to loose.  They constantly cite the loss of their traditions and culture.  That is what they live for…to be Ukrainians celebrating life-not to be vague citizens of some ill-defined superstate that will likely treat them as second class citizens.  Moreover, they cite that though linguistically and culturally they have links with Russians and that there are many ethnic Russian citizens in the Ukraine, they do not want to be incorporated directly into the Russian Federation.  They cite the need for an autonomous state linked to Russia economically and culturally, but with their own government.

6. The USA.  Many Ukrainians have families in Canada and in the US (think Alberta and the Dakotas).  They are bewildered over the USA’s support of a fascist clique in Kiev.  They feel outraged and betrayed by the American government (think Nuland and the Bummer man).  There are very bitter feelings from separatist militiamen that the Ukrops (a derogatory term for the Ukrainian Armed Forces-UAF) is getting massive US help to kill them and to destroy their country.  They are also very angry at the presence of Polish and American mercenaries training or actively fighting against them.  That was emphasized by militia in a number of interviews.  They added “what comes around goes around!”

7. The Separatist Militia.  The militia have amazed observers.  Observers made snide remarks that they would not last a minute going up against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.   They are now becoming a professional army in the making.  Many are miners famous for their toughness, and as infantry fighting the Nazis during WWII.  Many are Russians with military backgrounds citing the need to help their brothers in a just cause and fight.  Some of these people quit their jobs to go to the Crimea to join the militia.  Some observations obtained from docos, interviews and email about the separatist militia.

a.  Unit cohesion and morale.  It is very, very high.  They realize there will be casualties, wounded and dead.  Despite being outgunned and forced to improvise and use outmoded equipment, they are not dissuaded.  Many militiamen cite that this is the beginning of WWIII and people in the West do not see it for what it is.  I was impressed to see them honor their dead with memorials and salutes.  I was also impressed to see them making every effort to retain a sense of humor and their humanity.

b.  Tactical skills and equipment.  The PKM machine gun, the AK, and SVD are the weapons of choice.  LBEs and outfits are very good and of modern design.  They use camo of all types, but most are outfitted with camo that matches the terrain, and they keep their weapons and outfights clean and in good repair.  They train constantly in small unit tactics: ambushes, infiltration, flanking and patrolling.  They use GMRS and HAM type portable radios.  Militiamen men are skilled recoiless rifle shooters.  They use 82MM mortars, 57MM and 75MM recoiless rifles and of course, RPGs as mobile artillery.  Antiaircraft guns were not seen.

c. not included.

d.  Armor.  They use BMPs, BTRs and Russian T-72 and Ukrainian T-64 tanks with upgraded tubes (125MM).  They praise the native T-64 highly and are devout users of the Russian BMP IFV.  The militiamen know how to work with armor and are constantly guarding the flanks of armor in urban fights.

e.  Training.  Militia training is very intense.  Instructors actually use LIVE FIRE ROUNDS to stress important points in taking cover and using concealment.  Militiamen train on firing ranges and assault courses.  Instructors appear to know their jobs and constantly rehearse their charges in deployments, the use of camo, cover and concealment, the use of supporting fires, marksmanship and in assault and defensive skills and tactics.  Trainees appeared to be older males (some were grandfathers).  There were many women present.  Some of the women are snipers, tank or BMP drivers, or mortar gunners.  Some of the women lead men in battle and are highly regarded by the men.  Sex is not an issue with the militia-the best qualified people command regardless of sex or background.  Female trainees know they have a rough ordeal on their hands.  They try to civilize situations by baking and cooking for the men, and by singing songs, or reciting poetry.  Female militia cited the need to join their men as the fight was theirs too.  Many female militia cited they hated war and filth, and wanted to return to their homes, jobs and families (the men did too).  There was a sense of deep bitterness and sadness expressed by the militia.  They constantly told the men on the other side, especially the newly drafted young boys to go home, or to surrender to them as soon as they appeared on the battlefield.  Some of these youngsters were sent home to their families by the militia.

f.  Snipers and scouts, general upkeep.  Each militia fire team unit is equipped with a PKM machine gun and a sniper/scout or two with SVD sniper rifles and portable radios.  Snipers recon by fire and constantly use their excellent scopes to observe the battlefield.  Snipers work very closely with machine gunners.  Snipers are allowed independent authority to operate with the widest latitude.  During breaks in the fighting, it was common to see militia cleaning weapons, preparing rounds, and magazines and repairing field equipment.  Their noise and light discipline was very good.  March formations and deployments were dependent on the terrain, the anticipated battle and opposition.  Anyone who bunched up or screwed up got an immediate “rocket” from the sergeant.  Noncoms and officers contributed to the welfare of the men in these units by donating their own funds and equipment, or food to their men.

Conclusion.  The separatist militia appear to be determined and very hard fighters.  Contrary to professional views and expectations, they are still on the battlefield.  They have inflicted significant casualties on the Ukraininian Armed Forces, routing better equipped enemy units and causing them to withdraw.  Militia are proud to serve.  Unit cohesion is outstanding.  Every effort is made to become better soldiers, to improve, and to take care of each other.  Militia make every effort to aid civilians: to help feed them, to provide basic first aid, to help evacuate them and to protect them.  Relations between militia and civilians are outstanding.  The people revere them, support them, and aid them.  The militia are grateful for the people’s support and take care not to cause them trouble or to impose on them.  It appears that the separatist militia are becoming a highly competent professional army.  Militia cite that they did this mostly by themselves.  There were a few Russian advisers present, but the militia cited the Russian army was in Russia and not on the battlefield.

Quint Comment: These stories and this information needs to be brought to the American people.  There are many inherent lessons for us to consider, especially in view of our [own] rocky political economy and the degradation of our politics to the gutter.


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