Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

Note from Elias Alias, editor: I will add commentary soon, but want this video to be posted for date lock-in as quickly as possible. You will note at my YouTube channel that I posted this video on my YouTube channel on September 24, 2016.

Personally, speaking for myself here at The Mental Militia, this video is quite believable.  It is not only credible, I see it as being an excellent “forensic analysis” of LaVoy’s last moments on earth. I had a long phone call with the individual who created this video, and I feel that this video is extremely important. I am proud to post it at The Mental Militia. I will add more as I get some minutes to do so. Thank you for viewing this very important work.

Editing in on March 27 2017 —  On March 26 2017 I was sent two new videos by the individual who made the “Forensic Analysis” video featured as first video on this page, which is the highlight of this article. Now this page has four videos which were created by the same individual. They came to me in this sequence —

“Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum” (1)

“The Foam Bullet Used To Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum”.  (2)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Planted Gun” (3)

“The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Two Shots That The FBI Lied About” (4)

I have posted all four videos in a follow-up article here at TMM. LINK

Regarding the third video, there are serious questions about whether a gun was “planted” on LaVoy’s body after the law-enforcement agents murdered him.  If I recall correctly, various witnesses (who were with LaVoy that day) have indicated that he did not bring his gun with him on the trip.  There are questions about the gun claimed by the government to have been in LaVoy’s jacket pocket, including the question of ownership of that particular gun. I will verify two items of interest and enter my findings here after verification. Please keep in mind when viewing video number 3 that serious questions are involved, which is why our friend made the video

In video number 4 we find an anomaly in which two bullets penetrated the truck LaVoy was driving while passengers were inside that truck, but only one entry hole is observable in videos or photos.  Our friend has raised several points to ponder.

The Mental Militia is very fortunate to have a good working relationship with the individual who has produced all four videos on this page. We send our thanks and a respectful and grateful Salute!

The Foam Bullet Used to Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum



Editor’s Note: As of 5:30 pm on March 27 2017 I am unable to get the wordpress software to post the two videos, numbers 3 and 4,  on this page.

In the meantime, I’ll just type in the titles and link to the videos on my YouTube channel and will also attempt to post them in a new “stand-alone” page and if successful with that will link that page here.

Editing In at 5:20 pm Mtn Time on March 28 2017:  I have been able to post the two newest videos on a stand-alone page, so please view them here at The Mental Militia’s national website —


Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum 2nd Page

The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (3) The Planted Gun

See video HERE

The Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (4) The Two Shots That The FBI Lied About

See video HERE

11 thoughts on “Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

  1. Some amateur detectives had put this together the first few days after the incident, but none so technical and this current breakdown includes more footage and sound. What can be done at this point to punish the blood thirsty FBI, or the State Police. We can’t bring this good man back, and the rest of them are going through the sham called a Trial. This is a warning from the feds, anyone that tries to take a stand, will be taken down.

    1. The shooters included both FBI and Oregon State Police. I do not have the shooters’ names, yet.
      It should always be kept in mind, however, that the shooters on the ground were executing protocols established in the Governor’s office and by statements made by two Oregon Senators, concerning their insistence that the FBI stop the occupation of the refuge center as quickly as possible, and that the FBI should do whatever would be necessary to prevent LaVoy’s “Virus” from spreading out of the County. So the murder is equally on the hands of leadership at the State level and at the highest levels of the Federal Department of Justice.

      In a nutshell, the “Virus” which concerned Oregon’s Governor and struck fear in the hearts of a pair of Senators was the message about jurisdiction inside the boundaries of the States which comprise the United States of America. The cowboys out west realize that the Federal government has very strict limitations placed upon it by the very document which created the Federal government. Those limitations are found in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and in the Bill of Rights. In Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution the parameters for Federal activity within the States’ boundaries is made quite clear, is delineated precisely, and in simple language tells the Federal government the lawful ways in which it may “own” or “manage” lands within the States. Postal roads, postal offices, military installations, etc. are to be bought from the States by the Federal government, and must be bought with the consent of the States’ legislatures. The Federal government is authorized to manage public lands in “Territories”, but once a Territory is brought into Statehood the Federal government is to begin a timely process of handing over the management of said public lands to the States within whose boundaries those lands exist. The Federal government, now corrupted through and through, asserts today some authority it does not have, and the cowboys are challenging the government on that error. The government will not stop at anything to bully American ranchers, farmers, loggers, and miners off their traditional lands, shutting down family incomes which have been an American tradition for many generations.

      Ammon Bundy, his brothers, and LaVoy Finicum, along with other friends decided to make a public stand to get this message out to the American people by moving into a wildlife refuge which is not operated by Government employees during winter months. They were peaceful, but their powerful message threatened corrupt motives now recognizable in political circles, and in the business sector, such as the Clinton Foundation’s interest in making uranium deals with Russia on Oregon properties. The State-level government of Oregon flat-out called the message of States’ rights in public lands management a “Virus”, and pushed the FBI to bring the occupation to a swift close, while at the same time preventing LaVoy and Ammon from getting to the next county over to meet with that County’s Sheriff and about four hundred citizens who were waiting to hear LaVoy and Ammon speak at a public gathering that fateful day.

      We now have a judge in Portland, Oregon, conducting a “trial” against a group of the occupiers, which includes Ryan Bundy and Ammon Bundy. You will note with horror that when Ryan Bundy, last week, asked permission to hand each of the jurors who were hearing his trial a free copy of the Constitution, the judge denied his request, thereby preventing the jurors from holding in their hands copies of the very document which created the Federal government. You will also be learning very soon about a very recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which has prompted Ammon Bundy’s lawyer to file an emergency motion to drop all charges against his clients, based on that new ruling by the 9th Circuit. Two key words you will want to keep in mind are 1) Adverse, and 2) Possession. Adverse Possession is going to rear its head and expose the federal fraud which this un-Constitutional judge is vainly attempting to keep cloaked, just as the FBI tried in vain to hide the fact that FBI shooters actually fired on LaVoy’s truck. Just as they got caught in their lie and subsequent attempt to cover it up, even so is the court which is right now trying the cowboys going to be exposed as fraudulent and oppressive violations of the highest law of the land. Note that I called it, the highest “law of the land”.

      Thank you for reading this, and for leaving your comment. Please feel free to spread this page around to your friends and contacts.
      Elias Alias, editor

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. I will attempt to share it with others who will understand what happened and why the FBI behaved as they did. they had ulterior illegal motives. I have been told that some of the so-called officers were foreign mercenaries…..and the bottom line of the whole scenario is that there is uranium beneath the Bundy ranch and federal lands and there are certain people who obviously will commit murder to acquire it….which requires removing the Bundys by whatever means possible. Please share this and review whatever information shared in the past can be accessed…..this Federal terrorism is being carried out throughout the West by different means for different purposes…but which combines to remove ranchers all across the Western states …the national and local press obviously will not do what they are morally required to do.

  3. Posting this link on September 29 2016.
    Here is a brief update which reveals judge Brown’s adamant refusal to let the truth come out.

    The die is cast. Our government’s systems, including what we used to call the “Justice” system, is largely infiltrated with statist servants of oppression. This is one small part of why I’m making the movie on the life and times (and trials!) of ernie-wayne: ter telgte. Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Thanks for viewing.

    Elias Alias

  4. The only question that still remains for me is: if this foam bullet was premeditated and the agent was hiding from the camera, how could he predict that LaVoy would get of the truck and walk into view. I don’t think they could have predicted that. And if they can’t predict that, then his positioning is called into question. I just thought this agent shot him, but since there is no entrance wound, the foam bullet makes sense.

    1. It is my belief that the events did not go according to the FBI plan. There is evidence both from officers statements and from officers actions that they expected LaVoy to crash into the roadblock in his lane. This would have had a very different outcome. To understand this, first assume the foam bullet theory, and look at what would have happened if LaVoy had done as the FBI expected. The foam bullet theory is that the foam bullet shooter would take the first shot causing LaVoy to appear to reach for a gun, and once that happened, any officer was free to kill him. If LaVoy had crashed into the roadblock in his lane, and then got out of the truck, the foam bullet shooter would have been in the perfect position to shoot LaVoy immediately as he exited the truck. LaVoy would never have gotten the chance to put his hands up. It would have appeared as if he exited the truck and immediately went for a gun. Any other officer would have been able to make the kill shot. If LaVoy had done as the FBI expected, it could have worked so flawlessly that nobody including the person who created this video would have questioned it. The only reason that the FBI plan was discovered is because several things went wrong.
      1. The foam bullet shooter was nearly hit by LaVoy’s truck.
      2. The foam bullet shooter was out of position and could not make the shot until after LaVoy had walked for several seconds with his hands up.
      3. Seeing that the foam bullet shooter was nearly hit and was out of position, FBI agent, W. Joseph Astarita, tried to compensate by firing two shots at LaVoy in an attempt to get him to bring his hands down or react in some way. Astarita missed on purpose, the shots were intended only to get LaVoy to bring his hands down. These shots were an attempt to compensate for the foam bullet shooter, because Astarita believed that the foam bullet shooter would be unable to complete his task.
      4. Astarita’s attempt to get back on the plan failed because LaVoy had nerves of steel and continued to walk with his hands up away from the truck. Had LaVoy not done this, Astarita might never have been caught.

      When I look at the actions of agent Astarita with respect to the foam bullet theory, his actions were very logical. Although his attempt did not work, he was quick thinking, and his actions were logical (although not very moral). He did not panic. He is not insane. He was doing the most logical thing available to him to get back on the plan to murder LaVoy, and make it look as if it were LaVoy’s fault. Astarita is clearly good at making quick decisions in the heat of battle, although in this situation, it did not work as he hoped.

      When you examine what would have happened if you assume the foam bullet theory and also assume that LaVoy would have done as the FBI predicted, you end up with a situation which looks like the perfect crime, in which the FBI assassinates LaVoy on video and everyone would assume that LaVoy was at fault. To me this validates the foam bullet theory even more, because the FBI plan was actually a very good plan from a strategic point of view. It is only because LaVoy is mentally tough that he messed up their plan and exposed it.

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