News Alert: Tor joins the fray over Rule 41 Internet Control

Cyrellys Geibhendach, September 26, 2016. I broke into the morning Mind Mix Mashup radio show on Mind Mix Radio today (10 minutes in for a 10 minute interruption) to share an alert passed to me by Gray Wolf, an associate member of Manticore Group who is a savvy researcher on the east coast and a P.I. by profession. It seems the Liberty advocacy groups out in the broad expanse of the Mind War have been missing the boat on this one about Tor and Rule 41.

Tor rises against changes to Rule 41The Merkle, in their Darknet Encryption News section ran a low and fast piece with a gloss about the fight over Rule 41.  Tor is weighing into the fray with all fists swinging.  Read it at The Merkle.

But they also note that this is a fight largely untouched by the liberty community and internet freedom and sanity advocates.  This piece of tyranny is getting a free ride to establishment.  See Rule 41 at Cornell U.

For those unfamiliar with Rule 41, Private Internet Access (Privacy Online News) fills in the skivvy effectively.   In a nutshell, this rule legalizes the government or any of their proxies to legally hack anyone they please, whenever they please.  As if we don’t have enough issues already with corruption and criminal-ism in the halls of power!

A proposed amendment to Rule 41 of United States Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure could grant blatantly unconstitutional rights to American judges. The proposed new powers would allow US federal judges to grant search warrants for remote access of a target computer in cases where“the district where the media or information is located has been concealed through technological means.” That is to say, if Rule 41 isn’t shot down in Congress, law enforcement will be able to find American judges that are more than willing to issue warrants for any computer whose IP address is hidden by Tor or a VPN service. The Rule 41 update is so ambiguous that law enforcement could use the rule to go after those of us that deny location data to certain smartphone apps. If that weren’t bad enough by itself, the second part of the Rule 41 update allows for law enforcement to use malware on a botnet infected computer with the purpose of finding the botnet operator. Instead, what is likely to be found is a bunch of private information which we can’t trust the government to delete. We must do all that we can to avoid such a dystopian, Orwellian future.  — Caleb Chen, June 21, 2016.

Reminesjoseph at reported:  The changes specifically state that computers that use technology to conceal its data, such as encryption, of tools like Tor, would fall into the range of the changes. This means all VPN users, Tor users, and any and all encryption and privacy software users will, almost 100% guaranteed will be spied on.

He also astutely noted a comment by Senator Ron Wyden that stated flatly, “If the Senate does nothing, if the Senate fails to act, what’s ahead for Americans is a massive expansion of government hacking and surveillance power.”

We know that the government has been seeking the ability to curb resistance to the illicit globalism called by elites, “the new world order” coined after the 4th Reich version if you read the research of inquiring minds like Jim Mars and Joseph P. Farrell.  Resistance-based hacking to expose the contents of the corruption’s own documents on this movement that espouses a 95% planetary depopulation agenda is currently at an all-time high.  One of the latest and most notorious hacks now as of this writing is the hacks of the correspondence between the current administration and Black Lives Matters leaders who were apparently tasked with fomenting a race war between african-americans and caucasian-americans.  Researchers currently speculate that this activity was a attempt to cover up the grabbing of privately owned lands in the American West to obtain access to the strategic materials beneath where pre-arranged sales of uranium and thorium to foreign organizations have been exposed in the alternative media resulting in the death of a protesting rancher in Harney County Oregon this spring, effectively laying wide open the corruption of the D.C. leadership and the Clinton Foundation.  The hacking was followed by a leak of commentary by the FBI, of how the investigation of Hillary and the Foundation revealed a vast network of interconnected parties involved in the activities therein.

Read More on how the FBI is even involved… 

No  small wonder nothing has been done and Clinton, the Council on Foreign Relations, and others still roam the landscape like an untouchable-Mafioso cabal, while civil protesters rot untried and without  conviction in Oregon and Nevada in order to hide high-order treason from the rest of the marginalized general population.



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