Live from the East Ukraine, Russell ‘Texac’ Bentley on Mind Mix Radio

Russell Bentley

Cyrellys Geibhendach. On September 27, 2016 Mind Mix Radio will interview Russell Bonner Bentley, known in the Ukraine as Texac. This will be a landmark interview at 8pm Mountain Time running for 3 hours to 11pm. Russell is one of the ONLY sources reporting from the fighting and war torn East Ukraine in the Donbass. We will have the opportunity to hear the story from the perspective of the people there who are ‘standing against facism’ as the American created and backed Kiev government wages genocide on the ethnic Russians of the east side of the country.


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Mr. Bentley is both observer, journalist and participant on the ground defending the civilians as the Western forces bomb schools, hospitals, homes, and anything civilian. He’s providing video documentation of crimes against humanity that implicating the American administration in international war crimes.

Russell is an American Arborist from Texas by trade and a harmonic folk musician by hobby.  Manticore Group’s international expert Quintus Dias who is also the resident researcher for Mind Mix Radio’s Mind Mix in the Evening with Cyrellys Geibhendach, has found Mr. Bentley relates very well one on one and fits in with the closed russian cultural community in the Donbass.  “He has all the hallmarks of a good ambassador,” says Quint.  Quintus Dias also noted that the mainstream media is not doing what Russell Bentley is.  Mr. Bentley’s youtube is filled with top quality raw footage of the reality in the Ukraine right now.

The show airing on Tuesday Evening for Cyrellys and early Wednesday A.M. for Russell in the Ukraine will not be scripted.  Both Quintus and Cyrellys feel the report and message Russell carries to Americans and the world as he strives to intervene, in what may be the outset of World War 3 according to knowledgeable analysts, is too important to shove into a digestible box…it needs to be delivered organically as Russell has experienced it first-hand.

The alternative media is requested to assist with follow-up interviews on every type of medium by forwarding their contact information to Cyrellys at to add to a list of media willing to flesh out further the information that will be presented in this ground-breaking interview.

The show will archive and be available for 128 bitrate stream via Awdio’s online player here:


Notices have been posted at Facebook, Twitter, Open Minds Forum, and here at The Mental Militia. Over 600 invitations to listen have been sent out, along with requests to forward to all social media lists. All of us speak thoughtfully about hindsight being 20/20. Here is an opportunity to prevent any need for hindsight over a world war starting from an internationalized conflict in the Donbass of Ukraine. Hard research has been done on the situation and Quintus Dias has confirmed he will be joining the conversation via cell phone to internet connection to assist with conveying the associated content.

The experience of the Donbass militias has profound implications for the stand against the new world order movement world wide. Observers note the successes of the east Ukrainian forces against the western backed forces, the inclusion of women on the battlefield, the equal effort to help and support survival of the civilians in the region, battlefield technology and methods of local militias, and the arrival of international militia volunteers from around the world to prevent further genocide carry fundamental lessons for community defense and militia groups world wide.

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