Mind Mix Radio 9-29-2016 Week Review and Guest Michel M Deschamps NOUFORS

Cyrellys Geibhendach 9-29-2016.  The Thursday September 29, 2016 Mind Mix in the Evening show on Mind Mix Radio will be segmented into the first 2 hours featuring the week in review and a follow up on Tuesdays show with Russell Bonner Bentley of the Donbass.  The 3rd hour will feature our special guest Michel M Deschamps of Ontario Canada to discuss his online free archive NOUFORS.  The archive is loaded with ufo and contact casefiles and documents.

We will be taking questions in the chatroom: http://mindmixradio.chatovod.com

A embedded player will be provided at The Mental Militia :

Updates to this page will be posted after the show.


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