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american-underground-network-steve-harrisSteve Harris


9/11 Truther Extraordinaire

Dede Farrell

Dede  hosts our weekly broadcast in Fred’s absence.

Dede was also the Host of our weekly National Radio Broadcast “Retrospect”

(click link below to play archived show)

american-underground-network_jim_condit_jrJim Condit, Jr.

Jim was also the Co-Host for our National Radio Broadcast “Retrospect”

Jim Condit, Jr., with the legendary Red Beckman. Archived show from 2009 (Windows Media Player needed for this show – Don’t miss this one!).


Fred Smart

America, Freedom to Fascism (full length professional film)

Produced by: Aaron Russo

Screened & distributed nationwide in Movie Theaters by: Fred Smart

Nationwide Volunteer Network set up by:  Fred Smart

Here is the MP3 file for the American Underground Network’s show with Elias Alias —

Fred Smart with Edwin Crosby of VCCVeteransMedia

on PIN mischief on Veterans’ DD-214s

The Guilty Parties unabashedly celebrating Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom To Fascism”

Pictured is the core group which facilitated the nation-wide dispersion of Aaron Russo’s film and thereby gave the Department of Homeland Security a headache. We know that this parrot-packing band of Constitutionalists created angst in the offices at DHS because their spearhead  (Russo’s America: Freedom To Fascism documentary movie) was pictured in the leaked MIAC Report of 2009 as a sure sign of subversion. (Use browser’s back arrow to return to this page).   miac_modernmilitiamovement_feb20_2009

Left to Right

Steve Harris (blue shirt) (founder and wife Darlene with our office parrot (Double-Yellow Head Amazon) “Sweet-Pea” on her shoulder

Linda Hunnicutt, Granny Warrior and her husband Tim in back holding their monkey “Buddy” (Linda Hunnicutt on CNN Video link below)
Bette Smith, (co-founder Granny Warrior and her husband Al in back

Ilona Blakeley, Press Secretary to the Late Aaron Russo and husband Paul in back

Watch Aaron Russo’s

“America: Freedom To Fascism”

full length free online:

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