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Patina Corrected Adam Ruff Feb 11 2016TMM Note –  This website is an extension of an idea by Elias Alias, who in 1999 created a Yahoo Club online discussion group and named it The Mental Militia™. The Mental Militia™ is a Montana licensed LLC authorized to promote educational activities and engage in retail sales. This website exists to promote the “Militia System” as a cultural heritage of the Constitution for the united States of  America.

Presently in its development state, this website is to be a growing directory of sorts. We select sources which we feel are potential factors in TMM’s Psychological Operations on the battlefield of MindWar. The fact that we are promoting a wide diversity of various but unrelated groups, journalists, organizations, authors, musicians, radio broadcasts, researchers, film makers, videographers, artists, etc, does not in any way imply that any one such source is in agreement, or is in disagreement, with any or every other source referenced here. Each stands on its own and our readers are encouraged to discover each at the respective websites as we link them. (See Allied Camps and our Resource Page.) This website exists to “Affirm The Militia System”, and, in harmony with the spirit of the Constitution for the united States of America, is for all Americans.

The Mental Militia is a Psychological Operations network which will be executing pro-active “psy-ops” on behalf of the Constitution’s required Militia of the several States, and “Freedom” in general. We do not, however, limit our work for freedom to the confines of any man-made government. Mankind was on this planet with natural unalienable rights before governments or corporations existed. The creation of governments and corporations occurred within the human mind first.  Governments and corporations are projections of collectivist ideation, as America’s Founders realized. Our operations will therefore target the propaganda mechanism which promotes deception and misperception in the human mind.

We will be collecting substantial and verifiable knowledge and information regarding the Constitution, that we may help strengthen the individual minds which comprise the collective consciousness of “America”. The Mental Militia will offer perspectives which lead to direct acknowledgement of the Founders’ original intent and the moral culture of their times. We seek to renew the Founders’ vision of the Militia System within today’s societal matrix and cultural consensus by first mirroring that system in full ownership of each human being’s mental states by the awakened and aware human “Will”. We are here because the Federal government has forsaken its own founding legal charter and is operating outside the limitations imposed on government by the document which created it.

We are posing three general questions and offering material with which each individual reader may discern one’s own understanding of the three most-prominent problems confronting America.  We call the paradigm of our premise a “Triptych”. Definition:

Triptych: (Noun)

1. Fine Arts. a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, or the like.
2. a hinged, three-leaved tablet, written on, in ancient times, with a stylus.


The Mental Militia Triptych


Three Answers, With Backup


Technocracy Rising

Patrick Wood’s

Technocracy Rising

tells us “who” is doing it.

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‘DJ’ of Level 9 News
shows us “how” they use
quantum science to do it.

Edwin Vieira Three Rights

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

tells us “what” can be done about it.

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Reinforcements For The Above TMM Triptych

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… to find valued and respected resource organizations which add original content while nourishing the above-listed three panels of The Mental Militia’s Triptych.


Welcome To All Militia

The highest uncontested law of the land in America is the Constitution for the united States of America. I would like to share with you some phrases and passages from three parts of the Constitution and one passage from the Bill of Rights which is permanently attached to the main body of the Constitution.

Militia Clauses

Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 & 16:
[The Congress shall have Power To…]

Clause 15: [ ] “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”
Clause 16: [ ] “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

Article II, Section 2, Clause 1:
“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States…”

The Second Amendment

[Taken from Wikipedia]


As passed by the Congress and preserved in the National Archives, with the rest of the original hand-written copy of the Bill of Rights prepared by scribe William Lambert:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, then-Secretary of State:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

(end quoted passages from Constitution and Bill of Rights)

The disappearance of our State Militia, due in large part to “The Efficiency in Militia Act of 1903“, also known as the Dick Act,  is something we the people may change. We can reinstate the Militia system into our daily routines and re-establish the State Militia office in each State in the Union. That is not only possible, it is required by our Constitution. It does, however, appear that most Americans are not informed about this opportunity, this duty, to regain control over our berserk national government.

The lawfully required Militia of the several States would instantly evaporate the need for any Hitlerian-styled Big Brotheresque “Department of Homeland Security”, and at the same time would largely eradicate the burgeoning police state in our communities. To look into these notions at the best possible source, please enjoy our landing page for Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

In my most confident understanding of the need, duty, and pleasure in reinstating the Militia of the several States, I, Elias Alias, owner of The Mental Militia LLC, have realized that before we will ever see the return of our rightful Militia out here in real time across our lands, in every “Sovereign Nation-State Republic” in the Union, we as a people must first create in the group mind the concept of a Militia. (The “group mind” was a term coined by Edward Bernays in his 1928 book entitled “Propaganda”, available at Amazon. The “group mind” is another term for “collective consciousness” and/or the “national psyche”. The group mind responds differently to stimuli than does the individual mind, as we see clearly by reading Bernays’ book.)

That concept must be a mental vision, and it must be harmonious with each individual’s desire for personal freedom and the responsibility from which such freedom springs naturally.  In other words, the concept must be born first in our minds as an idea; as a “mental image”. That is one of the objectives of this website. I am calling for the necessary State level legislation in every State to create the State Militia office so that rosters of volunteers can begin and the organizational structure of our long-lost Militia can finally be returned to We The People.  I am hopeful that many reading here will begin to envision in their individual minds the mental imagery of a culture-based society which assumed responsibility for itself and broke the addictive reliance on the Federal government to manage our affairs in our own States.

While the States have let this part of our heritage decompose in a river of apathy, yet even today many Americans are taking renewed interest in the Militia system and are forming un-official Militia in their respective areas. That sort of organizational activity is not incompatible with the Constitutional requirement of State governments’ Militia, and can co-exist.  I, for one, am glad to see all Militiamen and Militia-women standing even now without State or Federal support. I truly hope this website helps your Militia develop and grow in ways you’ll enjoy and find to be beneficial to your goals.

That is *my* idea, as a gift to you all.

As the first “Militia of the Mind”™, The Mental Militia appreciates all Militia across America. You are doing it for real, out there in life’s material theater, and in real time.  The Mental Militia salutes you. We thank you for your service to the American people. We congratulate you for seeing through the maze of the “popular” (public) consciousness of today’s “group mind” and for grasping the most basic concepts of personal responsibility which must precede freedom in any society.

The Mental Militia shall volunteer our services to the Militia movement in general by organizing and executing psychological operations in the public mind.  One of our premises:

Everything happens first within the mind.  We “Mind” our business.

As more minds “out there” across America are awakened to the beauty in the Militia System, the movement shall grow.  In that work, The Mental Militia can help. We will furnish materials useful for your outreach in your respective communities. We will also be introducing memes which will assist Americans in regimenting their own mental states toward a more militia-oriented structure, beginning with Constitutional provisions for personal responsibility, self-defense, duty to oversee all activity of all government on all levels, one’s duty to one’s community and culture as an extension of one’s duty to oneself and one’s family. We are after all Americans, and we want to work our way back mentally toward a goal of once again being “Free Americans”.

We thank you for being here. We hope you find valuable resources, info, and intel here on the Psy-side of the battlefield.


Elias Alias, owner/editor, The Mental Militia LLC

Courtesy of the National Rifle Association here is a classic example of the Militia system in action  *if* all these customers were actually registered in the State Militia Office of their respective States.  TMM is hoping to see every State in the union re-establish its Constitutionally-required office for the Militia. Until that happens, we salute independent militia groups everywhere and we especially enjoy seeing this restaurant’s smashing success with the “Open Carry” principle. It’s good Americans going out in public armed, at a restaurant featuring armed waitresses and staff. Awesome!

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