Mental Mysteries: Thinking About Thinking

Mental Mysteries: Thinking About Thinking

We are going to look at some scientific questions for which answers have not yet been recognized. We have interest in such nether fields of inquiry because much of the science which is probing consciousness, brain waves, and a “quantum universe” is actually funded or facilitated by the U.S. federal government. We note that ominous fact because that same U.S. federal government has an intent, a purpose in collecting such knowledge, and that purpose is now demonstrably cloaked as “national security”. The people who are inside government offices and agencies and departments which direct the funding or facilitation of such science are themselves of a mindset which holds that the U.S. federal government is “America”.

Because of that mental error, (or call it a mis-perception if you will), such government employees and their lobbying friends in the military-industrial complex presume a second mental error, which is the concept that for some un-explainable reason the U.S. federal government is responsible for the security of the individual citizen, singularly and in mass. And because those two mental errors have in recent decades become  conjoined into the appearance of a discernible “attitude“, our beloved U.S. federal government is now hell-bent upon regulating what each citizen thinks, perceives, knows, and “feels”. Their idea seems to be to control human behavior by monitoring and regulating brain-wave activity, and all related neuro-scientific peripheries, in each citizen’s personal life, and in all citizens’ personal lives. We may call it “MindWar”. Further, they see through science a quantum reality which can, they hope, at some time in the near future, control all citizens who comprise the collective public mentality, so that regulation of personal consciousness can co-exist with regulation of the collective consciousness.

Frame of Mind series. Backdrop design of human face wire-frame and wave elements to provide supporting composition for works on mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness

The foregoing sounds a bit bizarre, yes? We agree that no employee of any governmental office or agency or department, or private-sector contractor with same, should ever seek to monitor and control a citizen’s mind, one’s mental states, which constitute the living expression of one’s inherent soul.

But there may be a problem. One of the stronger symptoms of the potential problem was revealed in the Spring of 2015 during all the hullabaloo surrounding the military’s announcement of an “Unconventional Warfare” training exercise of massive proportions to be conducted across a number of southwestern States. Unconventional Warfare involves PSYOP (Psychological Operations). Mental stuff, mind stuff, personal stuff.  From the midst of the hysteria in the alternative media emerged a mystery lady named “DJ”, who had taken time to delve more deeply into the Psychological Operation lurking behind the military exercise. DJ appeared on J. B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight show and wowed the nation with insights into the Geo-spatial Intelligence community which is working like a hive of busy little Psychegenic genius Bees on applications of neurology to government objectives. DJ’s show with John B. Wells raised the bar for all who heard it. She successfully presented details of the relationship between government PSYOP and quantum computer networking.

So let’s look into the matter by first listening to DJ, of Level 9 News, as she reveals the “Neural Net” of a quantum computer network which is being constructed to control the entire human population on planet Earth by manipulating the collective consciousness of the human race.  This insight reveals our own government’s objective. The objective has a target.



Neural Net?  You Bet!


So here is an interesting point aside — the scientists who delve into life’s mysteries are generally dedicated to seeking truth for the advancement of science, not necessarily for the advancement of the government’s capability in controlling citizens’ perceptions and behaviors. Yet they become unwitting (and sometimes consciously witting) contributors to the madness of governmental arrogance when they are dependent upon grants to fund their labs and research projects. An example of that is Oppenheimer, the brain behind the Atomic bomb.


Arguments of logistics and lives saved aside, we can only guess at the magnitude of subsequent guilt which smothered the once-bright flame of scientific accomplishment in Oppenheimer after delivering this Earth into the Atomic Age.  Did he do it for Science? For only Science? Was it for patriotic concerns? Whatever his motive(s), the guilt smote his soul in ways most people will never contemplate. So he is a rather extreme example of science advancing the power of government. We know that the U.S. government-funded Manhattan Project was successfully kept secret for years during its fulfillment, and that it changed our world in a most dramatic way. The human world was astonished to learn overnight what government had wrought, for it was done behind the people’s back, a glaring feat of secrecy.

Today we notice that scientists of good intent are busily furnishing new knowledge in the arena of consciousness, mentality, mental states, brain activity, awareness — and we also notice that the Corporate Dynasty and the U.S. federal government are scarfing up the science before we the little people even know that the research is being done. The Mental Militia is looking into this because we are interested in understanding the mind and how the Soul can maintain ownership over one’s individual mind in a turbulent world in which about two hundred nation-states are juxtaposing their varied powers and economies in a world-wide competition to survive as nations.

But we must also consider the beauty in science before it is gobbled up by governments to be used against the governed. Science is keenly interested in consciousness since the advent of quantum physics and its spawn. The query of the Ages wants yet to know whence cometh man, and the biological base of the corporeal Newtonian world is yielding to questions about active quantum physics and parallel spiritual roles in the mind of man.


Let’s now look at one of our favorite consciousness experts, a truly noble scientist and a pioneer in the science of “quantum consciousness”.  Readers will want to be aware of the source link for the following video —

Before stunning ourselves with realization of the seriousness of such queries, it may be fun to set a sort of balance by enjoying a smile with Iris DeMent. From our point of view here at TMM, Iris DeMent may have a better answer than science itself can offer — “Let The Mystery Be”.

Don’t forget to smile —

2 thoughts on “Mental Mysteries: Thinking About Thinking

  1. Heard that years ago on WRSI radio out of Greenfield, Mass…. they played a few other Iris DeMent tunes, too….But “Let the Mystery Be” was always my favorite. There’s just something so, so, um, INEFFABLE about her voice and phrasing…. So it’s such a JOY to stumble across this video and comment section. Looks like I’m the first and only person to comment here?….
    So let me add my truth: We don’t have mind, at least individually, as individuals. Our minds are not separate. Yes, we do have individual, distinct physical bodies, and we can assume that our minds are to *some**extant* a function of our physical brains,
    but “the mind” itself is the ONE MIND, the HUMAN MIND. We all share it. It is a field, so to speak(write-LOL)…. Therefore, so-called “mental illness” is either something NONE of us has, or else something that EACH ONE, EVERY ONE of us has…. Either we’re all crazy, or else none of us are. But, I think I’ll let the mystery be…..(c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr.,*NON-fiction

    1. Hi Tom! Glad you found this page and enjoyed Iris DeMent. Thank you for reading here and posting your comment.

      Regarding “mind”, may I offer a suggestion which would be a variation of your thesis? I whole-heartedly agree with you that there is the “One Mind”, which I also call “universal consciousness”. Dr. Carl Jung referred to it as the “collective consciousness”. Madison Avenue, back in the early 1900s, referred to it as the “group mind”. My personal take is that each individual mind is plugged into (or connected in some way) to the collective consciousness, and that is good news, considering TMM’s assertion that “Consciousness Works!”. As each individual mind receives input from the collective consciousness, each individual mind also contributes to the collective consciousness. That is where/how Mentalitians can be effective simply by holding certain thoughts foremost in their subjective (individual) minds. A thought held in more than one individual mind, in unison, begins to have an effect on the universal consciousness, wouldn’t you agree?

      Regarding the individual mind, I maintain that the “id”, or as most commonly referred to today as the “ego”, is that part of an individual’s mind which is directly sourced to brain activity, hence the connection to the body as you stated. The “higher mind” has, I would postulate, various levels above the level of ego consciousness. Because the ego associates itself with its “body”, it knows that it is transitory, that it will die. The higher self knows, either consciously or unconsciously, that it lives on, past death of the body, as an element in the collective consciousness of the human race and/or “cosmic consciousness”. Thus the ego part of one’s mind at the individual level fears death and utilizes the mentality of “fear’s thought system”, while the awareness factor of one’s higher mind dwells in universal consciousness, as you point out, and utilizes “love’s thought system”.

      One purpose of this website is to cause people to think on such things, so I’m glad to see your comment here and hope you enjoy more reading experiences here.
      Elias Alias, editor

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