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Why the NRA Should Support a Constitutional Militia

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MAINSTREAM: How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting The Globalist Agenda

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James’ Progress Report for October 07 2017

James’ Progress Report for February 2017

James’ Progress Report for December 12 2016


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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Anthony Wile – July 07, 2013
James Jaeger on His Documentaries, the Danger of Hollywood Blockbusters and the Reality of Snowden
Introduction: James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Productions, which has partnered with Cornerstone Entertainment to produce a series of political documentaries. One of the first was “Fiat Empire” about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul, which garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months. Matrix Productions continues to develop, produce and market motion pictures. Currently in production is “Molon Labe.”
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Anthony Wile – Dec. 13, 2015
James Jaeger: MIDNIGHT RIDE – When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law

James Jaeger: MIDNIGHT RIDE is the sister film to our previous film, MOLON LABE, which explains what the Second Amendment and Militia Clauses are about and why they are “necessary” in order to maintain a “free state.” MIDNIGHT RIDE explains what could happen if we ignore the advice of the Second Amendment and the Framers.

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How the 2nd Amendment guarantees America’s freedom.








Constitutional issues with Martial Law


Cultural Marxism


Cultural Marxism


The Corruption of America


Corporate FascismCorporate Fascism


How the Corporate Dynasty changed America





Inspired by G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”.




How a third political party could win.



MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist  Agenda

by James Jaeger

and Matrix Entertainment

Progress Report with commentary by Elias Alias for February 2017: HERE

Progress Report for December 12 2016: HERE

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Selected notes from James’ biography —

James Jaeger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker (FIAT EMPIRE, featuring Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan) with over 25 years experience writing, directing and editing features, documentaries, TV commercials and multiple-camera live events. As a producer he has experience developing and packaging screenplays, private placements, public offerings and network licensing arrangements. Mr. Jaeger is also a pioneer in broadband distribution of motion pictures over the Internet and a founder of Pay-Per-View.Com. Influenced by his late grandfather, producer of the first medical training films in the United States (and the founder of the Department of Neurosurgery at Jefferson Medical College/Hospital), Mr. Jaeger began his career in entertainment around 1973 with employment at the Valley Forge Music Fair working on such shows as THE CARPENTERS, THE DAVID BRENNER SHOW, THE PEGGY FLEMMING SHOW and THE SONNY & CHER SHOW…

Relocating to Hollywood, California in 1977, Mr. Jaeger worked on about a dozen feature films in numerous capacities over the course of 11 years. Specific positions held in rough chronological order were: production still photographer, set carpenter, best boy, camera operator, assistant editor, music editor, 35mm editor and director.

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