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The Mental Militia cannot possibly overstate the sheer brilliance of the mind of James Corbett. His contribution to the world’s awareness of vital knowledge is extensive and stings the global elite like a swarm of hornets.  To James’ credit, he also works closely with Sibel Edmonds, who is another highly respected and sincerely appreciated fountain of hidden truths.

Editing this video into this page on May 13 2017.  Please congratulate James Corbett on his upcoming 10th Anniversary of the launch of the Corbett Report. Awesome!

How Big Oil Conquered The World

The Biometric ID Grid: An Open Source Investigation

A Corbett Report Classic: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

From 2013: Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

Corbett Report: War of Terror CIA Sponsored PsyOp

A classic Corbett Report from 2013 —

Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

James Corbett With Jeff Berwick of Anarchast

From Conspiracy to Anarchy: James Corbett on Anarchast

April 10 2017: 72 Hours After Trump Dumps On Syria

The Secret Life Of Timothy McVeigh


One thought on “Corbett Report

  1. Heh! Can’t resist. This was too much fun, so I want to keep it from being buried under hundreds of other comments over at James Corbett’s YouTube channel, where he made the announcement regarding his 10th Anniversary of the launch of Corbett Report. I posted this comment under the video, but am sure it will fade into obscurity within the hour, so am re-posting it here.
    Here is the link to the above posted video (1st vid from top of this page)

    And here is the comment I composed to help James celebrate 10 years of awesome reporting and analysis —

    (Elias Alias posted 5:12 pm MTN May 13 2017)
    When I think of “Truth Movement”, I think of Corbett Report leading the way. As an old psychedelic anti-war beatnik (who got that way by serving in the Viet Nam war as a U.S. Marine and then managing to wake up), my good word to you James Corbett is just this — You Pass The Acid Test!
    And I should add, you pass the acid test with flying colors! Please know —

    1. that you are deeply appreciated
    2. that your work with Sibel Edmonds is excellent
    3. that your agreement to skype into the Red Pill Expo is a blessing to everyone
    4. that your perception (and the perspective on which it is based) rings the bells of Heaven
    5. that your devotion to truthful reporting is a gift to all moral human beings
    6. that, as far as I can tell after considering 360 potential but inferior reasons, your analysis of, prognosis upon, ascertainment thereunto, and spiritual conceptualization of
    THE TRUTH is uniquely peerless and fated (by a divinity found only in the Well of the Uncreated), to be the quality mark for 21st Century journalism.
    And 7. that you have my undying Salute!

    Everyone I know loves you, Mon! Will toot your horn gratefully. Congrats on 10 outstanding years, and Thank You!
    Elias Alias, The Mental Militia dot Net (under construction)

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