Jeanette Finicum Family, The LaVoy Brand, and TMM

G. Edward Griffin and Co. knocked it out of the park at Bozeman, Montana, on June 23 and 24, 2017. His Home Run will be known by historians as the first Red Pill Expo. While acknowledging that no one article could possibly convey the psychological gravity and the spirited electricity which gripped the entire conference during those two days — I must say that it was certainly more than my mind could register.

However, amid so many stellar moments given by various speakers at the conference, one presentation shall forever burn brightly in my soul. The video below carries some of the gravity, but cannot match the reality shared by those who witnessed the closing presentation in person, right there at the Red Pill Expo.

That immortal moment was the finale of the conference. It occurred on the afternoon of Saturday, June 24, 2017, when a nervous but remarkably brave woman took the stage and brought the house down. Her name is Jeanette Finicum.  She brought tears to the eyes of hundreds of men and hundreds of women who were in that conference venue. I have written about it under the video I filmed of her presentation. View it HERE

I would like to include that comment about her indescribable achievement at the Red Pill Expo, here in this article for readers’ convenience.

Mrs. Finicum brought the house down with a voice filled with a sweet and lovely thunder which reached into the heart of everyone in that convention hall. With more than five hundred souls in seats in the convention center venue known as “The Commons” at Bozeman, Montana, Jeanette Finicum wrapped every soul at the place with a rhapsody of innocence. There was nary a dry eye in the whole house. The beauty and dignity of one cowboy’s stand for freedom galloped around Bozeman’s proud new convention center, swirling like four strong winds in all directions, invisibly yet with felt presence. Everyone was moved. LaVoy Finicum speaks from beyond the clouds through the love of his noble and courageous wife….

For the moment I’ll just say — I am overwhelmed by having witnessed Jeanette Finicum’s touching presentation first-hand. The woman made me cry. She made everyone cry, either openly or silently inside their private minds. All eyes were moist, most were outright wet with tears. She tied all the presentations of all the speakers at the convention into one unified living symbol. She did it in a way which uplifted old-fashioned American family values, such as personal responsibility and property ownership and sweet liberty for every individual. And she immortalized LaVoy Finicum into the shimmering and volatile hallways of American history. She is the only person who could do that. He will always live on in her, and her love for him will spread his word.

TMM And The Finicum Family: The Video Project

The Mental Militia is going to do what we can to help Mrs. Finicum and her family.  At the Red Pill Expo I got the opportunity to sit with Mrs. Finicum and have a casual conversation throughout the closing hours of the Expo. I shared this idea with her and she liked it. I learned much from her that day. She inspired me to do something, anything, to help with her legal battles made necessary by a very belligerent government at State and national levels.  She is suing, as you can see in the video of her presentation. But she also is being blocked by government agencies, to the point that she cannot even graze her cattle on her ranch. Her legal bills are adding up, so she needs our help. Here is our plan —

Our friend Curt Kruse has created four videos which are very analytical and also are very beneficial toward convincing potential jurors that something is amiss in LaVoy’s murder-by-government. Perhaps Curt’s most impressive video is the one titled “LaVoy Finicum Assassination Forensic Study Released”.  All four of Curt’s videos are at TMM’s site,  HERE

However, for convenience, here is that video for those who may not have seen it yet. This one is vitally important, so I urge all TMMers to view it carefully.


What I have proposed to Mrs. Finicum is that The Mental Militia shall  build a DVD containing all four of Curt Kruse’s videos and also containing three other videos — one of LaVoy on his ranch in a lovely blue-sky day explaining “Rights”; another being the song by the two daughters, “Will You Stand With Me For Freedom”; and the other being that video I shot of Jeanette’s presentation at the Red Pill Expo. (See her video above.)

The video will come in a plastic case with front-cover and back-cover imagery and text. The DVD disc will be professionally labeled. The message contained in the included videos on the disc will preserve with clarity much important facts about LaVoy Finicum’s message to America. It will be a hard-hitting and emotionally-charged composition which I feel will be popular among individualist/Constitutionalist/patriots across our vast lands.

TMM will build this video and ship the first hundred copies of the video to Jeanette Finicum as our gift — totally free to her and her family. The purpose is to provide her with another item to sell through their website.

One of TMM’s videographers, Adam Ruff of California, has volunteered to create the master disc for the DVD, package the copies of the video and ship to the Finicum family, at no charge to either TMM or the Finicum family. He, like many of you reading this, simply wants to do all he can do to help the Finicum family meet their financial demands of their legal battles.

We do however need to buy the plastic cases, do the color printing for the back and front of those cases, buy the discs and some ink, purchase some packaging materials, and pay the shipping to the Finicum home in Arizona.

TMM will pay those costs up front and provide the Finicums with one hundred DVDs ready to sell through their website. As the Finicums sell the DVDs, they will re-order from Adam Ruff in California for $3.00 each, which will include his shipping costs to the family in Arizona. Note — TMM will bow out of this project after we get it launched. All TMM will do is make it happen, and then turn the entire project over to the Finicum family.  All sales money will go through the Finicum family’s website.

But what I need from readers here is to raise the initial money to produce this DVD, so I am inviting all who wish to help the Finicums simply go to the side of this page (or if you are reading this elsewhere, just go to the latest Finicum article at The Mental Militia dot net) and type into the donation bar in the right-hand menu column the amount you want to contribute and take it from there. Your support will be deeply appreciated.  You will love knowing that you’re doing something very beneficial for the Finicum family. It is my hope that in coming months DVD sales at the Finicum site will bring in thousands of dollars for the family.

You can help The Mental Militia do this. You’ll be proud to know you’ve done something helpful for your country, for States’ Rights, for private property ownership in America, and for the Finicum family’s ongoing legal costs as they fight a reluctant government to save their ranch and all western ranchers’ way of life.  I am personally grateful, and I know Jeanette Finicum and her family will deeply appreciate your care and concern. So please click into that donate button and do what you can. Thank You!


Elias Alias

Updating December 19 2017 — Happy news! It appears that the DVD project is drawing to a close. We expect that we are only a few weeks away from delivery. Here is a photograph of the outside covers for the DVD case.

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